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  1. I recently got involved in making up some screens for a pastry chef at Niagara College - he will be competing in competitions using 'dead dough' where he uses unleavened bread dough to make figures. Really something. The screens were a beautiful mill wheel and a baker putting a loaf of bread into a wood oven with a peel. I've asked for pictures when he's used the screens. Here is an eG link to decorative bread using dead dough. ← thanks for the update. sounds interesting Luis
  2. Hi Kerry, I was just wondering the other day, what happened to your silkscreening adventures. Luis
  3. I found another company in canada that has mec3 products. http://www.ravensbergen.com/ Luis
  4. Thanks, I will try one of them. Luis
  5. Luis, Just this morning I got a reply from their NA sales manager. She can tell you who the distributors in your area would be. Her name is Andrea Acciario (a.acciario - at - gmail.com) 1-562-852-8480 ← Whoops, I've got to correct this. Andrea is a man not a woman, and the e-mail is a.acciaro@gmail.com Sorry about that. ← Thanks kerry. I will email him. Luis
  6. after seeding it usually doesn't take very long, maybe 20-30mins. How long did it take to come into temper after seeding? ←
  7. sote23

    Water Ganache

    I was thinking about trying a water ganache. Has anyone successfully made one? Luis
  8. How much chocolate did you have in it? How long did it take for the temp to get down to 88F while seeding? Does anyone know if you can put 2 half size pans in this unit so you could set up 2 kinds of chocolate? ← I have about 13lbs in it at the moment. It took a couple of hours to get down to where I can seed it. Good question on using 2 pans, but I don't think it's possible. Maybe someone will know better than I. Luis
  9. I've been thinking of getting some mec3 products to tinker with. Anyone know where to get mec3 in the US?
  10. I have the 12kg unit and I'm still getting used to it. I turned it on last night and let it go overnight. It's been on approx 12 hours. When I looked at it when I got up most of it was all melted, so I just gave a little stir. I checked the temp, and it's at about 100.5 f. My question is am I setting it too low? Shouldn't I bring up the temp to between 113-122f? Any advice from those that have a melter out there? Another question, once I do get it in temper and it thickens I just bring up the temp gradually right? I think I made the mistake of bringing it up in much higher increments, which of course brought it out of temper. Thanks Luis
  11. John, I am looking for the proper pan that fits, just wondering if anyone sold them cheaper than $100. thanks Luis
  12. while we are on the subject, anyone know where to get an extra pan for one for a dece nt price. They want $100 for an extra pan for my 12kg unit. Luis
  13. Have you been playing with it yet? ← Not yet, I'm low on chocolate and have a shipment coming in soon. Luis
  14. Just keep an eye out on ebay. They don't show up very often though. I just got a 12kg Mol D'art on ebay for a pretty good price. The seller was new and listed it under chocolate warmer, that is why I think I didn't have any competition in bidding. Luis
  15. Hi Yes, one of my concerns was that it was toxic, and looking at the link, looks like the blue one possibly is. I really like the mini dehumidifier, but your right it might be too big, and we don't know if it has that blue dessicant in it. Luis ← ←
  16. that sounds interesting. Any idea where to pick that up? Luis
  17. That is helpful information. Thanks Luis I googled it and found this site http://www.agmcontainer.com/desiccantcity/ Hope this helps some. When you do find out let us know ←
  18. I just picked up a wine fridge for temporarily storing my chocolates during the summer. I know you should use dessicant in the wine fridge to control the humidity. Does anyone have any experience on much too use and what kind of deissicant is best? thanks Luis
  19. I've replaced my scale multiple times (regular light duty scale) and was wondering if anyone had a suggestion on a good heavy duty commercial scale that won't break the bank. thanks Luis
  20. If you are going to rent a commercial kitchen they usually require insurance. Mine came out to about $500 a year as well. Luis
  21. sote23


    I also recommend chocolate world. http://chocolateworld.be/ Luis
  22. I've bought from Qzina, Marque foods, gourmail, in the past. I also recommend village imports www.madeinfrance.net , they carry callebaut, valrhona, cacao berry, cacao noel. If you order from Gourmail, keep in mind they take about 2 weeks for the order to arrive ( for me in CA anyway), so if you need quickly I would avoid them. Luis
  23. can you explain the differences in the size of the base? I know about the frames, but didn't know about there were different size bases?
  24. I haven't verified it but I heard it is Callebaut. Luis
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