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  1. Hi, I agree the thermomix can do many many things, but I'm looking at it mainly for making ganache and appreciate everyone's input on it's use for that. Luis
  2. yes, I'm California. Luis
  3. kerry, thanks for taking the time to do ganache. Did you not like the ganache because of the recipe or because of the thermomix? thanks Luis
  4. Kerry, thanks for the useful info. Seems the thermomix can do many things. The main thing I'm interested in it for is how it makes ganache. Let us know when you try it out in that manner. thanks Luis
  5. I'm also interested in knowing how it works in making ganache.
  6. thanks for the info kerry, but I'm interested in the TM31. Luis
  7. kerry, you talking about the t21 in the boston area? By the way, i'd love to hear your thoughts on your thermomix. Luis
  8. great to hear you got one kerry. I'm seriously considering one. I hope you got a great deal on one. Here is a recipe I found and it also tells you how to temper chocolate as well. http://www.britishlarder.co.uk/marshmallow-cardamom-and-bitter-chocolate-naughty-dunkers/
  9. When I watch the video I'm also confused on how it's tempered. Why doesn't one of us try to email either jean pierrre or janie turner to see if they can clarify. Luis
  10. Has anyone used one of these Yudu machines to make a transfer sheet yet? Luis
  11. yeah, we all want a free thermomix. Just kidding. I am seriously considering this machine, I just need to get more feedback from people who are using it for making ganache. Luis
  12. I just came across this thread. The thermomix sounds very interesting. Keep us updated on how it turns out for making ganache Luis
  13. Thanks for the suggestions. I will give it a shot and let you know what I find out. Luis
  14. Has anyone worked with a low sugar pectin. Any recommondations? I want to try a pate de fruit with less sugar. Luis
  15. you should check out www.breadtopia.com they have excellent recipes and videos.
  16. You can also contact Marque foods http://marquefoods.com/ They have custom transfer sheets done with a company in San Francisco. Luis
  17. Nope no hand dipping. They have 2 enrobing lines. I'd be happy with just one. lol Luis
  18. Your right, still using a guitar. I wonder how many pounds they are doing a time. Luis
  19. I found this video on youtube. Look at the size of the slabs they are making. It's crazy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2GlZHOlgc4 Luis
  20. It's been awhile since I tried it. I believe it was dark, but I could be wrong. Let us know how it turns out. Luis
  21. Lior, Can you post the link. I looked but I can't seem to find it. Luis
  22. I'm about to begin experimenting with wine ganache. Can you tell me which company 'pulled it off' in your opinion Luis? I'd like to try it to see what I'm aiming for! Thanks. ← Sure, Of course, I haven't tried everything out there but the company that pulled it off is xox truffles in san francisco. Everything else i've tasted including ones I've made don't taste right. Luis
  23. sote23

    Freeze PDF"s

    I've just started freezing me recently, so I don't know long term effects if any. I will keep you posted. Luis
  24. thanks I will look at both those models. Luis
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