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  1. alanamoana, I'm assuming the chocolate was in temper right.
  2. very cool. i've orded from that site before. i also see these on their site. would these work as well? http://pastrychef.com/Catalog/confectioner...mes_3152850.htm ← ←
  3. very interesting. you think that would work with ganache, instead of caramel? i've been thinking of getting a frame, something like this http://pastrychef.com/Catalog/confectioner...mes_3152850.htm i was thinking of getting that same transfer sheet. do you not recommend them. is this happening to you on just this one pcb tranfer sheet, or on other pcb sheets you have used?
  4. i'm in CA, and it's not the desert here, but it's pretty dry humidity wise. I wish i had a basement, not many homes here have them. i will look into the book. i was in a few chocolate shops over the weekend, and most of them are just storing them on trays, covered losely with plastic wrap. the chocolates i did open up, some had mold on the cap part of the mold. some had mold on the outside of my enrobed chocolates. i had them stored in a kitchen area and it did get up to about 87f here last week. i was very surprised that some got mold, and the others that didn't lost all flavor.
  5. i know it probably varies, but what is the general guidelines on how long they can be frozen. what qualifies as an airtight container? is regular tuperware air tight?
  6. glad to hear it worked out. i've been thinking about basil myself, ever since i tried a joel durand chocolate with basil in it. is the basil subtle? what is the flavor like?
  7. i went with the meweigh 7001. measures in grams, ounces, pounds. up to 15 lbs, and only cost $35 us.
  8. I use Cacao noel noir 72% and felchlin 64%. try different ones until you get one you like.
  9. very nice chocolates. I can never get mine to look so good. what are you using to pour the ganache in to get the shape? i've used 8x8 cake pans and a expandable cake ring, but they don't come out quite right.
  10. thanks for the reply. i've heard of some chocolatiers freezing their product. any ideas on that?
  11. Hi, I went a little crazy a few weeks ago and made alot of chocolates. i made the ganache and enrobed some, and put others in magnetic chocolate molds. My question is, i'm not using any preservatives at all. i stored them in tupperware containers. after about 2 weeks, some chocolates got white mold on the outside of them. some have mold on the inside. i'm pretty sure, storing them in tupperware is not the right thing to do. how are you supposed to store chocolates, once they've been enrobed or molded? also, what preservatives would your recommend? thanks
  12. your chocolates still look good. I can never get mine to look that good. yours seem to be taller than mine, what are you using to get the shape? I definitely checked to make sure the cocoa butter side of the transfer sheet was the side in contact with the chocolate. I have a feeling the chocolate was just too cool. I didn't think that was possible, but with transfer sheets, i guess it is a consideration. I've looked at the dipped pieces again and it is funny...the indentations, where the transfer sheet design was, have bloomed. The rest of the chocolate seems to be in temper. I'll attach a picture in a minute to show you what I mean. I hope there aren't any more curve balls thrown my way as I have to have 300 of these done for a friend... eta: image of funny bloom! ←
  13. i have no experience with the pcb transfer sheets. but the tranfer sheets i've worked with, i don't even have to let them dry for an hour. they are done in about 30 mins. Haha well I have to tell you that I did the same thing , with my home made transfe sheets and I didnt wait so no transfer .Yesterday I tryed to wait and tada! Talking about impatience I really need to learn that soon . Anyway the chocolate somehow for me was too warm so the immage was ok but the chocolate was streaky , will try again with moreeee patiente next week after mother's day is over what I got myself into ). ←
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