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  1. I went to a presentation over the summer by Ramon Morato. He did a few chocolates, but mainly pastries. If anyone wants me to post some pics, let me know. Luis
  2. exactly as tammy says. It's difficult for the wine flavor to come through. It's not strong enough to stand up to the chocolate.
  3. Wine is a totally different than using a liquor. It's much more difficult. Luis
  4. Another issue you might want to take a look at, which I just came across. When looking at packaging, make sure the box is free of chemicals. My box manufacturer told me some companies use paper board from china and when they were tested had fertilizer residue in the paper. I know I try very hard not to put any preservatives or chemicals in my chocolates, and of course don't want any chemicals in the box itself. I'm sure others feel the same. Luis
  5. You can also have them made out of polycarbonate which is what clear chocolate molds are made of, but it will be a bit more expensive. Luis
  6. Ok, acording to my secret formula, a good starting point would be 150g chocolate 44g butter 56g wine This should give you close to the consistency of 150g chocolate/100g cream. If the consistency is wrong it can be remelted and adjusted. Since the emulsion is fragile, it's best to let it come to room temperature on its own (if it's been chilled) and then warm it very gently in a double boiler. once melted, more of any of the ingredients can be stirred in. ← oh oh, did someone say a secret formula. lol What percentage chocolate? Luis
  7. I'm in the same boat as you. A winery wants me to make them a chocolate with their wine and it's proving very difficult. To make matters worse, it's a dessert wine, so not as robust as a regular wine. I'm sure it can be done, I've had a red wine truffle by a company in San Francisco and it was very good. Luis
  8. It really depends on what flavor your trying to use. I've gone as low as 1 part chocolate to 1 part (butter and liquid or puree etc added together). Luis
  9. sote23


    I'm in Northern CA as well. Try qzina www.qzina.com, and marque foods www.marquefoods.com In terms of chocolate, it's a very subjective and personal choice. Try some out and see which ones you like best. It's a process and you will eventually find the ones you like. If cost is an issue, try the brand Cacao Noel at www.gourmail.com It's decent with a good price. Luis
  10. I can only speak from my experience. I've used them for years and have never had a problem. Luis
  11. I buy mine here. http://www.lepicerie.com/catalog/category_...omy_page_1.html The quality is excellent and the pricing is much better than nutrifruit or just tomatoes. Luis
  12. congrats bill, you've come a long way since the shotts class. Luis
  13. If you ever get a chance, take a few pictures next time you use this techinque. Sounds interesting, but i'm still a little confused. Luis
  14. yes, as was mentioned above. See if you can pull the shells out with your fingers. It should pop right out. That way if they don't come out, then you shouldn't fill them. Redo the mold again to make the shell, check again if they pop out and fill as usual.
  15. Here are the sheets I use. It's item #47621524 which is listed as clear sheets. I use the 24 x15, which is a little short of my boards which are 26x16, but it still works fine. they are fda approved for food use. http://www.papermart.com/templates/47-0-15.htm Luis
  16. Kerry beat me to the pic, but you get the general idea. Kerry, is that frame solid? I use acrylic bars that aren't attached, so I can make various sized slabs. I don't have any pic currently, but I can take some next time I make ganache. Luis
  17. Let us know how it turns out. I saw a demonstration in july with Ramon. He's very good. His pastries were some of the best tasted. I can post a few pics if you want. Luis
  18. I get them online at papermart. Let me look up the exact item number for you tomm. I always put a thin layer as a foot down before I pour in my ganache. You can apply a thin layer with an offset spatula, or better yet go to an art supply store and get a roller that is used to lay down ink, it works well. As far as the metal, I went that route, but never much cared for it. I use acrylic boards and acrylic bars. My boards are 3/8 inch thick, and 18x26, then I have acrylic bars with different thickness (1/2 inch height, 1/4 inch height etc) each about an inch wide. I can do side by side 2 different ganaches per board. You can also get them made out of the same plastic that is used for molds, but it costs more. The way I use it, I get a towel and wet it and and put a thin layer of water down on the acrylic board, then I put the plastic sheet down and smooth out all the wrinkles with a dry towel. The water makes the plastic sheet stick to the board so it won't come up. Then I put a thin layer of chocolate down on the plastic sheet (the foot), once that is spread out, I lay down the bars, to make 2 frames, once the chocolate sets, you have a foot and it also hardens under the bars so they don't move either. Then make your ganache as usual and pour into the frames, I use a raplette to even it out, let it dry overnight and your in business. Luis
  19. I use a food grade plastic sheet, which I believe is much cheaper than a guitar sheet. Luis
  20. your welcome. I've never priced out the square cups with either company. Let us know what you find out. Luis
  21. I think this company also does. http://www.qualitapaper.com/html/Products.htm Luis
  22. sote23

    Paper liners

    I use it occasionally for weddings. I don't have the chocolate touching it directly though. In the box the chocolates are in paper cups, then I usually have glassine on top of the chocolate, then the printed velum on top of that. Luis
  23. sote23

    Paper liners

    I suggest you use velum. It comes in sheets, the same size as paper and you can print with any printer. You can usually find it in office supply stores or specialty paper stores. Here is an example of vellum. http://www.paperandmore.com/cat-vellum.html Luis
  24. thanks kerry, I will give it a shot. Luis
  25. I've got one - Hope this is enough detail, let me know if you need me to e-mail some other pictures. ← Thanks kerry, that's perfect. Luis
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