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  1. Here is my favorite Chicken cutting video!
  2. Or maybe dip the marshmallow in white choc then sprinkle as a garnish on the outside. In any case I thought I'd put it out there as it's an interesting product.
  3. Fresh Origins the microgreen company makes some great herb crystals that I think would work perfectly for this application! http://www.freshorigins.com/our-products/crystals
  4. AAQuesada

    Cuts and scrapes

    Working too many hours opening a new restaurant in I was shaving large bunches of chives and as I always keep my Japanese knives super sharp (sharper than my mind at the time lol) let my thumb stick out a bit and took off a good nickle sized piece. Didn't really feel it at first -just saw it on the side of my knife and thought 'oh, that's not sanitary and flicked it in the trash bin. Luckily the Chef Consultant was more on it than I was and by the time I figured out what was going on the thumb was wrapped up (she really was bad ass). I refused to go to the hospital (sigh). It took a good month and a half to heal and every time I bumped it wrong.....
  5. Why do you think it needs to be pasteurized to be safe? Why do you think sous vide is better / safer than the way it is done traditionally? Do you think maybe there is a reason you aren't allowed to use sous vide for food service with out a HAACP plan?
  6. That's what I'm saying by candying the ginger. Raw ginger like raw garlic is just too 'hot' If you don't want to go through the trouble of candying the ginger I would at least triple blanch in cold water to get rid of the heat .
  7. My instinct would be to try candying the ginger first then infusing that into your base liquor by whatever method.
  8. Duvel, correct me if i'm wrong but i'm guessing the regular quality HK chicken available to restaurants is a freshly killed chicken. Wearas here in the states the generally available chicken is a factory farmed bird -my experience is that they cook differently. Freshly killed chicken have a bit more assertive flavor and a firmer texture to the meat.
  9. If that's the recipe it's the original home version the restaurant version was based on. Which makes sense if it was meant only for a direct family member.
  10. Love David! just wanted to share my goto recipe from Fanny Zannoti's old website foodbeam. Really excellent, This time of year plums are good in clafoutis, been getting some excellent ones this year. http://www.foodbeam.com/2008/03/26/hoping-for-happy-accidents-le-clafoutis-de-ma-grand-mere/
  11. That e-book looks great! thanks for sharing!
  12. AAQuesada

    Tomato leaves

    I think a few leaves really do perk up a tomato sauce but I'm not quite ready to make a tomato leaf pesto
  13. I learned soo much from Richard Bertinet books with accompanying videos. I went from knowing hardly anything to having the confidence to make very large batched of brioche with out a mixer to make slider buns for work. Demonstating the technique along side the book was huge for me.
  14. I don't think i've ever used whole dry milk before? I would think the fat would cause it to go rancid faster if not kept refrigerated.
  15. I did see a product called desiccated coconut that was a not too fine powder next to the regular dried coconut in the korean market. I suppose I could run it through the vita prep and add this at the end
  16. That is a sad story! Serve it with some buttered egg noodles, minced parsley and add a heavy dose of update your resume and look for a new place to work
  17. Fanny has great technique and has worked at some quality places. I was a big fan of her old blog, some fantastic posts on explaining basics of pastry
  18. I was not denigrating making hollandaise in the micro. I would never make that way only because that is a sauce I only make at work or for something like Easter when I am going to do a lot. Just pointing out that there are a million ways to do it and it's more forgiving than it is often portrayed.
  19. Oh and this question so remindes me of Brooks Headley's (Del Posto 4* NYT) book 'Fancy Dessert's'- decidedly not fancy but good technique and ideas
  20. Lol! It's all about the robot coupe for hollandaise. I can make several quarts in the time it takes me to melt butter.
  21. Chef Bob is Awesome and a great, chef, teacher and person. I wasn't in the baking program but went to LATTC where he teaches (to give props to an excellent community college program) http://robertwemischner.com/
  22. I am in Los Angeles, I have very good Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese markets around although usually I end up in the Korean or Japanese markets. That is a product I have never heard of before (everytime I think I know everything ... Will look for it, do you know what section it is usually in.
  23. Thanks everyone, I have been working on other menus. When I have a chance to test it, I will post here and update!
  24. I want to make a coconut italian meringue/ coconut marshmallow fluff to pipe on top a black sesame pudding. Can I make a standard italian meringue and finish with coconut cream? (sweetened/or not?+?) What do you guys think..
  25. Double stocks and base liquid for a natural Jus
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