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  1. 2 hours ago, Shelby said:

    Deer season opens Wednesday--and duck, goose, pheasant, quail etc. is going on.  


    I usually put a little Christmas tree in there with lights.  My extension cords got up and walked away so I had to buy some today--I'll get to that tomorrow. ....maybe lol.

    If the population there is anywhere near what we have, they will be very successful. We saw 30+ dead deer on the side of the road driving to KC and back this weekend. Dang near added another one in Southern Illinois. Nice, big buck ran outta the woods in front of the car.

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  2. We are headed to my Mom's in Kansas City.  She's 91 and has claimed since the 1970s that this will be her last Thanksgiving.  She probably has 10 more in her. 


    My daughter, son in law and 2 year old granddaughter are driving down from St Paul.  She is expecting her second daughter in January and will be holing up inside for Christmas.  I'm looking forward to seeing my two yesterday old granddaughter, it's been a few months and she's just a blast to be around. 


    My brother and I will Smoke the turkey.  There will be sausage dressing, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls etc. Mom's favorite is French silk pie. My daughter loved pumpkin. 


    Here's the kid.




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  3. The first thing that came into my head was burgoo. I did a quick google search to find recipes and pics.

    The first thing that came up was the wikipedia site and the first thing that said was see British Royal Navy. So maybe it isn't so local.

    Seems there is a burgoo festival in Lawrenceburg, KY


    Recipe here



    Kentucky Hot Brown is served at the Brown Hotel in Louisville. Basically a thick slice of toasted white bread topped with ham and or turkey. That is covered in mornay sauce and topped with sliced tomato and bacon.


    I have read online about something called a chili bun that is served out of convince stores and gas stations in Southern Kentucky. It's basically a chili dog without the dog, but people seem to search out the best.  

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  4. I hid upstairs switching between football and baseball while my wife and daughter passed out candy (and the dog freaked out and hid in her crate). We ran out of candy less than an hour into the two hour window the city set up. 

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  5. When the kids were little, my wife was just leaving for work one night. I needed to make something for dinner. We had ground beef so I was thinking some burgers on the grill. No burger buns, only hot dog. "Kids, tonight we're having burger-dogs." Kids loved 'em, my wife said they looked like something the dog left in the back yard. 

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  6. I did some "fried" zucchini in my NFG. Did not come out very well.

    I sliced it into sticks, flour, egg wash, bread crumbs. Into the NFG with a spray of PAM.


    Came out pretty dry and just not very good. The breading was hard. Zucs were fine. 


    I think I'll stick to good ole fashioned oil. 

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  7. 55 minutes ago, Anna N said:

    Is there only one setting? If so do you know the temperature of that setting? Thanks. 

    There is an Air Crisp button. By default it is 390F, which is what I used. The temp can be set up or down from there. 

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  8. Pretty basic. Seasoned flour (paprika, Lawry's, a lot of cayenne, white pepper, black pepper thyme. Egg wash. Flour, egg, flour. Then in the preheated Foodi set to air crisp for 23 minutes.  Turned once at the 8:00 minute left mark. 

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