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  1. When the kids were little, my wife was just leaving for work one night. I needed to make something for dinner. We had ground beef so I was thinking some burgers on the grill. No burger buns, only hot dog. "Kids, tonight we're having burger-dogs." Kids loved 'em, my wife said they looked like something the dog left in the back yard. 

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  2. I did some "fried" zucchini in my NFG. Did not come out very well.

    I sliced it into sticks, flour, egg wash, bread crumbs. Into the NFG with a spray of PAM.


    Came out pretty dry and just not very good. The breading was hard. Zucs were fine. 


    I think I'll stick to good ole fashioned oil. 

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  3. 55 minutes ago, Anna N said:

    Is there only one setting? If so do you know the temperature of that setting? Thanks. 

    There is an Air Crisp button. By default it is 390F, which is what I used. The temp can be set up or down from there. 

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  4. Pretty basic. Seasoned flour (paprika, Lawry's, a lot of cayenne, white pepper, black pepper thyme. Egg wash. Flour, egg, flour. Then in the preheated Foodi set to air crisp for 23 minutes.  Turned once at the 8:00 minute left mark. 

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  5. I bought some at Krogers over the weekend. Roasted in the Ninja Foodi and then peeled. They will be going into green chile cheeseburgers.


    I did see a case of them, the label on the case said, "Hot House Grown". I bought them anyway and they smelled delicious when I roasted them, not sure why they would need a hot house if they are gown in New Mexico. 

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  6. My wife is a nurse at one of the local hospitals. I was attempting to get dinner ready before she had to leave, but of course I was running late. Took the chicken off the the smoker and finished it in a hot sauté pan, seared some pre-cooked Yukon gold potatoes in the same pan, and did a piece of corn on the cob for 3 minutes in the IP. 

    All came out fine and she left for work on time. Corn came out really, really good.

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  7. On 7/22/2021 at 2:30 PM, Duvel said:

    Thanks, @Anna N. You may have already noticed a slight hesitation to answer your first call …


    Problem is: Kartoffelsalat (potato salad) is huge in Germany. There are at least as many recipes as households, with vast (and religiously defended) variations across areas, towns and families. It is very difficult to me to sort & categorize, even more so to give guidance. I will try my best to write something up 🙏

    I'm probably late on this but here goes anyway.


    My Mom's family is from Dresden, she has a bunch of Hummels from before the war. 

    There was an earlier thread on which recipe you you will be remembered for. She will definitely be remembered for her German potato salad. She says she got it from her aunt and that made it sound like the only potato salad ever served in Germany.  Every time I've had it other than hers, it's been in a sweet syrupy dressing. I really don't care for that. Her recipe is below:

    5 pounds russet potatoes, boiled then pealed and diced.

    1 dozen eggs, hard boiled and diced

    1 white onion (when I was young, getting an onion was a big deal. I only remember having one when Mom was making GPS. Dad would dice it, his only ever kitchen job.)

    1 pound bacon, diced and cooked crisp

    Apple Cider Vinegar. Probably 1/3 cup not sure why she never measured this, every other recipe she cooked, she measured everything. 

    Salt and lots of pepper.


    The bacon was cooked until crisp, then add the diced onion. When it was translucent, add the vinegar and turn off the heat. Mix, serve. 


    Still one of my favorite thing ever. 

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  8. I just finished off a pound of Alubia blanco. Most were done for barbecued beans and some was for a puree with olive oil, garlic, rosemary and lemon juice. Both were outstanding. I still have another pound of them.


    I think I've tried the midnight black beans. Everything I've ordered from him has been really, really good.


    I don't think they have grown/packaging dates on the package, but freshness has never been an issue.  

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