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  1. 37 second review: Sausage King 811 W. Washington San Dago ---- Great smoked meat. Good selection... but somewhat limited palatte. Loved several salami variants, but did not find the garlic sausages or the Hungarian "BoyScout" sausages I was craving. What I did try was good. Beware that the prices are by the HALF Pound... and not too cheap. Interesting selection of mustards, sauces, garnishes, breads &c. If you haven't been, it's worth a look. If you've been, let me know what you think/thought about it. Howard
  2. About the Boll Weevil- Had lunch at the Boll Wevil on Clairemont Mesa about a month ago. It is what it is. Feh. That one, and the one on Miramar are still open for business--- if that's your thing. Still haven't found the ULTIMATE San Diego burger. Like Bully's, Hodad's... and chain burgers like Red Robin, FatBurger and Tommy's... but still haven't found ANYTHING to really rave about. If you have any ideers.... tell me. I can only cheat on my diet about once every month or so... and this is what I'd like to cheat with.
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    I've loved snails for decades. But it seems nobody brought up another excellent way to do them. If you use canned snails, put them in mushroom caps with a little butter, a lot of garlic and parsley and some seasoned bread crumbs. At the last second a touch of shredded parm to melt on the way from oven (or broiler... or toaster oven) to the table. Serve with LOTS of fine crusty bread, a nice red and some great jazz. (Add in a spinach salad and a strawberry crepe for dessert and life is ... bon!) hvr
  4. One more... In Los Angeles... there's a place called OkiDog. Only get to do it now when I drive thru... but I used to go twice a week with a newspaper and my cell and pager turned OFF. Imagine a 24 inch flour tortilla, 2 footlong grilled hotdogs, 1/3 pound of grilled pastrami, shredded cheese, chili sans beans and some onions, done burrito style. Add in a small mountain of golden fries done in gen-u-wine MANTECA (that's LARD gringos) and served thermonuclear hot. By the time you hit the sports page you had need of 12 tums, a pepcid and a zantac. Worth every bite... and they had strawberry soda. Only took about 3 minutes from order to service and it was always a hoot to watch the gangbangers and cops and hookers and punks. My favorite comment about this place is that Chef Tony B. refused to eat there on one of his original shows. He just said it was "wrong". If he only knew.
  5. One of my favorite fast food joints opened a location here in San Diego last year. For a breakfast that will stick to you ... The Original Tommy's breakfast sandwich is fantastic and more nearly unique. On an English muffin or hamburger bun add a sausage patty, a grilled egg, a thick slice of beefsteak tomato, a slice of cheese (okay, it's American cheese), some diced white onion, pickles and a healthy dollop of their thick & meaty (and beanless) chili. The closest is about 3/4 of a mile from where I'm doing overnight shifts--- and about every other week I succumb to one of these. Perhaps not the best thing to go to beddiebye on... but OH MY GOODNESS type of yummy. http://www.originaltommys.com/
  6. Too horrible to contemplate? A few of my least favorite things- UNI (I've tried it in every season hours fresh... Still tastes awful!) Thermonuclear hot sauce (It should taste like something, not licking the sun) Lutefisk (Stark white awful) Mexican food over 200 miles from the border Seafish anywhere more than a day's drive from the water Chinese food with a Chinese population of under 50 in the town (from life on the road... ever had sweet and sour sauce that's just ketchup?) Gar.... Catch and clean the gar, nail it to a wooden board. Roast at 350 for 8 minutes a pound. Remove nails. Eat board. (Feh-- awful fish, yukko!) Those chemical orange "Circus Peanuts". There isn't enough money in the world... hvr
  7. I live in San Diego, lived in Los Angeles and San Francisco (for a while both at the same time)--- In San Diego I would go to George's in La Jolla for a good menu and great view (not the George's on Fifth Street), I really liked Viggilucci's in Encinitas, and would send you to Pampas Do Brasil for a mainly meat dinner in Tijuana. Don't forget that there are some good buffets if you do that sort of thing attached to the Indian casinos on the East Side of town (Barona, Viejas and Pala are very nice). Los Angeles has many, many places. If you want a very "American Experience", I love taking my guests to "Dr. Hogly Wogly's Tyler Texas BBQ" on Sepulveda just south of Roscoe Blvd off the 405. This is probably the best BBQ outside of Texas, and it is exactly what you describe-- a place for locals. Save room for the sweet potato pie for dessert. For another locals only type experience you might have breakfast (although this is a 24 hour operation) at The Original Pantry on 9th and Figueroa, there is almost always a line 24 hours a day, but the food is very much the typical American fare, great streaks and chops for dinner, perfect pancakes and other cholesterol busters for breakfast. In San Francisco set some time aside for Chinatown, and I usually go to New Asia for Dim Sum, on Pacific off of Stockton (take the 30 bus). I echo most of the choices alread made for the city- and want to add one-- take the Ferry to Tiburon and there is a wonderful place named "GUYMAS" right at the dock. Very good Mexican food and Tiburon is a cute little (EXPENSIVE) community with wonderful views of the city. Even though I like McCormack & Kuletto's in Ghiardelli Square, you can do better. Avoid eating at Fisherman's Wharf at all costs. It's tourist food at tourist prices, and also at tourist quality. If you go to wine country do check out Dean & Delucca's, and I like Tra Vigne. I really hope this helps... Have FUN and take pictures. Edited to remove SpelIng Errorz
  8. Love to be of help, but-- WHICH Chinatown? San Francisco? New York? Los Angeles? Vancouver? HONG KONG? Lots of Chinatowns to go to... hvr
  9. Sign over my desk: The two most common elements in the universe are Hydrogen and Stupidity, but not necessarily in that order. This sign is over 20 years old. I used to have another sign: "Beware of stupid people in large groups" but I took it down when I got over 300 resume's (accent, not apostrophe), none of which could meet the basics of being able to write a desk reference to the job of computer operator. And now you know the rest of the story! HVR
  10. EVERYBODY has missed my favorite topping! Take the prebagged popcorn (less butter is better) and carefully open the edge. Put in 1 to 4 tablespoons of sugar based Jell-o . Seal with a couple staples. Pop as usual and you end up with a fruit flavored pseudo-carmel corn. You can give the rest of the Jell-o to your teenager to color their hair with. This recipe comes with a double-your-hunger back guarantee! HVR
  11. Speaking of square bagels, wasn't the original bread of the Jews in Egypt under Pharaoh square as well? ← Actually, no. If you get Schmura glatt kosher matzoh, it's round. Tastes like matzoh, but it's round. (At least it ought to taste like chicken....) hvr
  12. Wow! With a nice beer batter? I gotta try that!! Mmmmmmmmmmm donuts! MMMMMMMMMMMMM
  13. Feh! It probably is good in a community where you can't buy REAL bagels, but--- it's like having PopTarts and calling them Danish pastries. hvr
  14. Wow---- only 5? Postrio (had wedding reception there...) Fleur de Lys Faralon Mc Cormick & Kuleto's Seafood Izzy's Steaks and Chops hvr
  15. Just a canolli in a gallon drum. Ricotta cheese, pistachio nuts (chopped) and pieces of fried shells. Okay, maybe a small chocolate swirl. Maybe some rum soaked marscapone too? That's quilding the lily. Now I gotta go to ColdStone and see if they could make something like that..... Drat. hvr
  16. I dunno... just how many times did you have to eat chocolate? Ice cream? Cake? Chocolate Chip Cookies? Sorry--- I think that it's most important that you try it. I've tried UNI at least 30 times. I still don't like it. But that's my perogative, isn't it? HVR
  17. The "there, I've fooled you" concept I find troubling. I once had a girlfriend who was allergic to onions. We would go out to dinner and she would GRILL the waiter without mercy about the menu, and what could be made sans bulb. She would get very strident about it (to the point where I'd be embarrased and want to crawl under the table), but the few times where the chef/waiter would do a "there, I've fooled you" her throat would close and she'd go into convulsions. I got fairly good with the epipen in the arse, but it always was frightening to me, painful and humiliating to her and caused a scene every time. I've had similar problems with a friend who couldn't tolerate black pepper, and a friend who was allergic to crab. The whole reason for this minor diatribe is simple... don't try to fool people about their food sensitivities! I eat almost everything... but I avoid uncooked green bell pepper. I like it. It doesn't like me. If you serve it to me I'll eat it. But for the next 12 to 24 hours (urp) it can (urp) repeat on (urp) me. Urp . So-- If I shy away from bell pepper you'll give me a break? Try my roasted multicolor bell peppers. They'll make you a convert. But the raw ones? Nope! (Urp) hvr
  18. Last 3 places I et? Sure, in reverse order, Frankie's Italian and Pizza in Mira Mesa (San Diego)... for an aenemic pizza and an all iceberg antipasto salad. One and a quarter stars Pho Ho Hiep- a great big #1 bowl of everything. Always great when the head is clogged. Three and a half stars. Tommy's- for a breakfast sandwich while the wifeoid is sleeping. A fried egg and sausage in a hamburger bun with chili (to die for/from), onions, pickles, a huge tomato slice, american cheese, and mayo. Don't tell my cardiologist! Four and nine tenths stars. It makes me cry I'm so happy to eat such junk after being good far too long and often! Darn-- I have no high class places. BUT off to the San Francisco / Sonoma area for WineSonoma's memorial this weekend. HVR
  19. As a former Tupperware Lady (grin) and a former Orkin Man.... 1. If it isn't canned or bottled, put it in sealable plasticware. 2. If it's a large bag of pet food, get a sealable plastic bin (read trash can) and keep it sealed. 3. If it's infested-- throw it away. Go find a dumpster in the next county and donate it there. 4. Run a vacuum over the shelves after you have removed contaminated items. 5. If you buy anything in paper like sacks of flour-- run them through a sieve and then put them into smaller sealed containers. (This applies to commercial quantities.) 6. Freezing will keep insects from continuing on their life cycles, but they are rarely killed at subzero temperatures. 7. In my personal experience, nothing is worse than birdseed. Keep it in old mayo jars so you can throw it out after it has sprouted moths. This is not a plug (because I don't sell it), but Tupperware makes "Modular Mates" to do this task, and the cost of doing your pantry is about the same as replacing your pantry. If you have a second infestation--- it would have been all paid for. Don't use chemicals where you store your food! Good housekeeping procedures are far more effective, less toxic and will teach you not to buy stuff you don't need, even when it's on sale. HVR
  20. Looking for a few things in this here San Diegoland: Good BBQ (Phil's is okay, but I want something less refined) Biscuits and Gravy for breakfast (something that will make my cardiologist cry) Good Dim Sum (for sombody missing San Francisco and pining for the fjords) You wanna go too? Love to have you join me/us! Howard
  21. Very simple-- give the manager the math: "I come here x times a year and spend about y (financial units) per trip. That's (x times y) (financial units) a year. If you want to keep my business, please handle this situation. There are many other establishments who want my money and will treat me better than I'm being treated right now." I no longer go to one of my favorite Italian establishments because they chose the customers with the screaming yard apes who were running up and down the aisles... and won't ever see another dollar from me. They also won't get my referrals (I've sent dozens of people there), and I will speak ill of them at every opportunity I get--- especially when teaching customer service, to hundreds or thousands of customers a year. Math talks, as does money. BS walks! HVR
  22. So... me and "the guys" were out in the middle of nowhere on a historical trip, and the evening was the traditional cooking contest. While working hard on a Polish meal with no running water or electricity over a coleman stove the guy in the camp next to us was dunking "stuff" in his propane deep fryer. Fresh artichokes, battered cauliflower, battered snap peas, and heaven help us, bacon wrapped asparagus (both with and without batter). Then came the ultimate... tempura battered pickled peppers. My pirogies were good, as were the galumpke and the borsht... but by the end of the night everybody (all 125 of us) had dunked something in oil.... and it was a heck of a night. Only regret... I had zits for 2 days (this is at age 35 )... from standing over the 10 gallon pot and helping. HVR
  23. What don’t I like in bars? Sticky Glassware Sticky Bartops Anybody attempting Karaoke Bartenders trying to foist off port that has been open for many months and is oxidized Children running in to grab cherries by hand Bands going through set up at prime hours Finding cherry stems in the pretzels Really rowdy drunks Really depressed drunks Dummies who stand in front of the bathrooms but never go in or get out of the way $24 well drinks Call drinks made with generic stuff When you go to a pub for darts and some dummy has taken a table and put it on the toe-line so that it is impossible to shoot at all, and the dummy is drunk and aggressive Managers who don’t clear out dummies so that darts can be thrown
  24. Coffee in the morning? A ritual? Get real... this is medicine! The night before is when you put water in the Mr. Coffee. You run the Columbian Supremo beans thru the Braun. What setting? I dunno, I haven't changed it in years! You put the bean debris in the gold basket and put it in the machine. Bed time! In the morning you kick aside the remnants of the alarm clock (I hit way too hard when startled) and pad down the COLD TILE HALLWAY to the kitchen. In the dark you grope for the switch. On goes the little light that means coffee will be up in 10 minutes more or less. (Much more disgusting morning ritual(s)) Stomp down the hallway and fill your Starbucks plastic commuter mug 75% full of coffee. Put in a **splash** of Torani Hazlenut Sugar Free. Fill to top with 2% cow juice. Screw on lid. Grab lunch from fridge when you put the gallon of cow juice back. Stomp down hallway to front door. Grab keys (in autopilot), go down steps, across alley to locked garage. Put keys in wall, open garage, get in car, put on LOUD Van Halen, seat belt and drive slowly out of garage--hoping not to squish one of those little tiny condo dogs on 45 foot leashes. Close garage by button and take FIRST SIP of coffee. Realize that life is good, light cigar and drive to work sipping MORE COFFEE and puffing like a fireplace. It's a ritual. It's Zen. It is what it is. HVR
  25. Megan- I'm so happy that you're doing a guided tour of my favorite food city. If you get the opportunity to take a photo of a canolli from Ferrara's, please post it. You may not see me licking the monitor, but none my friends have brought them home yet. I've gotten greasy, empty boxes... but no canolli. On my many trips past I have never made it to Central Park near 72nd East for the Alice In Wonderland statuary. I promise not to lick them. Mostly, have fun and know that I'm living vicariously through your words and pictures. Thanks for the blog. HVR
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