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  1. I can't stand the man. I've met him numerous times in person, and he's exactly like you see him on television. He talks to you like you're retarded. I feel like slapping. He's made a huge success of his career by dumbing down food and repackaging it with a focus on "family", but I find him disingenuous. When he was the "Inn Chef", I loved his show. Now, I can't stand him. But the Alinea episode was great.
  2. Sorbet! I rarely make ice creams. That is a gorgeous plate, ludja! I'm happy to hear you share my enthusiasm for the pairing. I think it's one of those magical combinations that just "pop" with so much intensity on the palate. I'm continually shocked; and I think that's a key ingredient to creating memories within the culinary world.
  3. My vote goes to Craft, without a doubt. Craftsteak is like Craft, with mostly meat, cooking far below the left of Craft. Ingredients are always top-notch at any Collichio restaurant, though. If you're a huge meat-eater, Craftsteak is an attractive option. Grass-fed, corn-fed, 28 day, 42 day, wagyu, Hawaiian, etc... so much steak, all with varying flavor nuances. It's a fun time, and you're sure to see some celebrities with the restaurant just opening. I dined with Thomas Keller the other night (by dined, I mean, we were in the same restaurant at the same time )
  4. Carmelized pineapple and pink peppercorn. Made it yesterday. Absolutely knockout. So much so, that it has me fantasizing about figuring a way to market it!
  5. I read it as her attributing Dan Barber to The Modern, being that was the focal point for my disdain with the awards. In retrospect, it was me that improperly assumed, which I apologize for.
  6. A big-time Dan Barber fan? What does Blue Hill have to do with this conversation? I assume you mean Danny Meyer? In which case, I'd submit that you aren't really that big a fan. Have you read the other comments in this (and the other Beard) thread? The foundation seems to make their nominations on a nation-wide scale, but choose their winners based on a pretty specific geographic area known as New York City. There is no possible way that The Modern had even slightly as much impact on the American dining scene as Alinea. Alinea has impacted the GLOBAL dining scene. The Modern barely made a splash in it's own city. I could go on forever, but this is only an opinion; but it's MY opinion, and I'm certainly entitled to it.
  7. Beard has become a joke. I give the zero credibility these days. The 2006 awards just further my perception along these lines. Just silly.
  8. I've seen all the episodes, but I don't enjoy the show at all. I'm just addicted to FoodTV. The "food" they end up with is ALWAYS extremely mediocre at best. And like others, I'm left wondering what the point is. They're ambitious blokes who clearly have a great deal of engineering intelligence, but that does not make good food. And for a network that is supposedly focused on food, I'm left cold. I think this series would be more at home on the Discovery channel. I'm reminded of last year's summer flop series: "Man Made Food", which also blew.
  9. What's with NBC and it's infatuation with creating shit food-based programming? No other network has tried so many times, and failed so miserably. Don't they know when to cut their losses and move on? Emeril sitcom. The Restaurant. Celebrity Cooking Showdown. ... I mean, ffs, let it go.
  10. I couldn't bring myself to watch it. I've got more intelligent cinematic experiences to partake in this evening -- like WWE Raw. Thanks for taking one for the team, though! You're a brave solider.
  11. I've eaten at 4 of the 6. Del Posto absolutely should not be on this list. Frankly, I'm flabbergasted to see it. But then, I also disagree with Bruni's 3 stars. I think it MIGHT deserve one. Maybe. I do believe Alinea belongs, though my meal there was a travesty. I see it's potential, and my meal at Trio under Chef Achatz was superb. I also think it marks an important era in American cuisine. My meal at Providence was the best of all the restaurants listed. It's highs were otherworldly, and it's "lows" were better than most restaurant's highs. Just lovely. I hope it wins, but I doubt it will. Robuchon was impressive indeed, but I was cold to the experience. The food was divine, and extremely refined (dare I say Keller-esque in terms of perfection), but the environment left me cold. I think Vegas has an inherent stigma to make it impossible to develop the perfect setting for a meal. It just isn't condusive to that environment. Places like Burger Bar, and La Table de Joel Robuchon are better suited for Las Vegas. I think Danny Meyer is a great restauranteur, and an important figure in the culinary world [in America], but I don't believe it belongs on the list either. I don't see The Modern as being a significant restaurant by any means; neither in terms of the level of cuisine, nor in it's ultimate importance/impact on the food scene in New York. I would have liked to see The Modern replaced with Gilt. And I would have liked to see Burger King replace Del Posto.
  12. Bux didn't say Psaltis can't cook. In fact, no one has said that. You're right; I think it's pretty obvious that you need to have some kitchen chops in order to reach the heights Psaltis has in his career. The main thrust of the negative feedback towards the book has been essentially that Psaltis is a huge, arrogant, self-serving ass. And if that doesn't give you pause, great. If the fact that it's poorly written doesn't make you pause a little further before opening your wallet, that's great too. Good for you, you've got no conscience and have money to burn. Celebrate.
  13. Hi all, I'm in search of a few key ingredients. Information as to how I might obtain any (or all!) of these, would be soooooo very much appreciated. Kobe/wagyu beef. Does anyone know of a butcher that carries it FOR CERTAIN? Toro tuna. Not sushi-grade, or sashimi-grade, but real toro. I don't care how much it costs. Clearly the city's top chefs are getting it from somewhere, damnit! Heirloom tomatoes anywhere at this time of year that you've seen? I have to drive in to the city from about 90 minutes away, so I'd like to be 100% certain that the product will be there when I arrive. I will most certainly make the special trip for any of the above, so if you could help me out, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks very much in advance!
  14. Those pesky reruns and the false hope they offer, huh phlawless?
  15. And it's threads like these, and members like this, that make eGullet my favourite website in the world. Holy cow. You guys (and gals) rule.
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