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  1. BBQ KING 18-20 Goulburn Street, Sydney (02 9267 2433) BILLY KWONG 3/355 Crown Street, Surry Hills, Sydney (02 9332 3300) GOLDEN CENTURY 393-399 Sussex Street, Haymarket, Sydney (02 9212 3901) LONGRAIN 85 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills, Sydney (02 9280 2888) (Thai) SAILOR'S THAI CANTEEN 106 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney (02 9251 2466) (Thai, again) that's from the good food guide. i don't know if billy kwong qualifies. personally, i would add Ying's Seafood Restaurant Shp 2/ 270 Pacific Hwy Crows Nest 2065 (02) 9966 9182 hope this helps
  2. thanks for letting us in on the hairdryer tip - i had to leave my jelly overnight when i last made it because i realised too late that i didn't have lemon and didn't want to hit the shops again. i already mentioned earlier that i used barely warm jello for the next layer to help make them bond. the colours didn't mix, and the layers did bond, so i guess that's another method
  3. i cooked our egg noodles this way and served them quite plain - with garlic chives (gau choy). plain as they may sound, they were very popular with the family for chinese new year. so i thank you for going to the trouble of posting these pictorials, without them i wouldn't have been able to cook noodles, no matter how simple.
  4. room temperature. the only time i use it barely warm is when the jello has been in the fridge too long and has set firm (like it did for me last night because i found out that i had run out of lemon jello). i used lemon jello barely warm this morning in the hopes that it would slightly melt the set layer and bond together.....but really room temperature is the way to go.
  5. earlier on, i mentioned something about a chinese restaurant called silver spring in the city and that its name had changed. it has, and it is now called "zilver".
  6. taubear, as an aside, have u been to the food warehouse in carlotta st in artarmon? i went there for the first time today to buy this continental sharps flour (apparently the best flour for making beijing dumplings and pizza and it comes in convenient 10kg sacks - we'll probably start looking like little (or big ) dumplings after i get thru the 10kgs...). it's called oriental continental foods (no orientals in sight as far as i could see - it looks lebanese/middle eastern) and there is quite alot to look at. parking is underneath. the pide is excellent (same as the one sold at the deli opposite harris farms' in willoughby) and the lebanese bread is very fresh. i also bought a tray of baklava, which was left on the table one minute and almost gone the next time i looked (i bought the diamond shaped ones and they had a nice and generous cashewnut filling). these were just as good, if not better than the ones in chapel st bankstown - more convenient at any rate (if you ever go to bankstown tho, the vienamese pho is excellent and the service is fast. i have heard that yum cha there is also v good, but never get past the pho, so i wouldn't know....slack of me, i know...must make a more conscientious effort to eat more food). there were asian condiments as well, but i don't know whether u cook chinese (i try to avoid it cos it is messy and the smell envelops the house, but have started again because hzrt8w's pictorials are so inviting). most items are catering quantities, but there are lots of other bits and pieces to tempt home cooks and foodies in general; lots of interesting jams and condiments. a nice change from simon johnson's and jones the grocers. they also have that iranian fairy floss (or whatever it was called which was popular a little while ago) and is only a fraction of simon n jones' price.
  7. thanks for posting karen. and luckily for me, cherries are in season now (i'm in sydney) and it has been a very good season in terms of the quality of the fruit. but having read the recipe thru, i think i'll love the rice custard even without the cherries. one question, does the finished product have a quite distinct rice layer, or does it just become distributed throughout the custard during baking? however it turns out, i can't wait to give it a go - hopefully sometime this week. thanks again.
  8. they would look fabulous in a martini glass. i made some in disposable clear plastic containers with each layer consisting of 1 tablespoon of jello, so the layers were quite thin - 1/8 to 1/4". very effective and artificial looking . my girls took them to school today and their friends were fascinated and clambered around them to get a taste (a teaspoonful each, from what i hear). i really do think the coconut milk has a very complimentary flavour - not at all obvious - very subtle and slightly aromatic.
  9. i'll keep that in mind for when i make this for a cocktail party or somesuch. my nieces and nephews were thrilled when i made the jellies on the weekend and are hoping that i will make alcoholic ones next time.
  10. actually, what we get is what we call "jelly", and it isn't the kraft brand, but aeroplane (there's a jingle which goes "i like aeroplane jelly....aeroplane jelly for me....and so on and so forth" - it's quite cute). the blue i use is also called berry blue. we don't have grape. i used blackberry for the purple, and that is actually a very nice shade of purple. tonight (yes, i'm at it again), i thot i'd try port wine; it isn't as nice a colour as blackberry, so i might just stick to blackberry in the future. i'm just having a bit of fun experimenting with the colours, but i think the ones i have been using have been the best - they look very artificial and plastic (crazy, i know, but really fun). the grape flavour u mention sounds delicious - i might investigate whether we have an outlet here which has it. i just want to try it more for curiousity's sake than anything else. i was asking cos in some of the photos i notice the first layer is sometimes of a different hue. the coconut milk i am using is quite thick, thicker than whipping cream, and thicker than the one i have used in the past - i think it is a new product. officially, it is called "rich coconut milk". i haven't tried using it for anything else, but i think if it is heated, i'm sure it will separate and alot of the fat will rise to the top. i can't remember the fat content in the can, but it was significantly higher than that of the regular coconut milk and higher still than the fat reduced coconut milk (obviously). but having read the can, what they reduce in fat is replaced by water, and i am hugely adverse to paying for water unnecessarily. we just use regular coconut milk to make pina coladas. thanks again.
  11. i've made this for the second time now and have used very rich coconut milk for the cream layer and it gives the jello a lovely flavour. also, i have been making them in 1/2 cup size individual molds, and also in clear disposable containers, with a tablespoon of each colour for each layer. this looks very effective with thin layers and definitely not at all like food, and i mean that in the nicest way possible. i wonder about the jello flavours you use because of the colour combinations you get, especially for the purple and blue as the other colours are pretty standard (i've been using blackberry, blueberry, lime, lemon, orange and raspberry). this has been a great dessert for the novelty value, and it tastes pretty good too. thanks, i've had alot of fun with it.
  12. if u r going to work by train and r looking for somewhere not too expensive and new, waitara isn't bad. there's a glut of apartments all close to the station and shops. i think it is about 1/2 an hour or a bit more to the city by train, and if food is mega important, it is not crows nest, so that would be the downside. however, what you save on rent, u can spend on food. and don't forget the apartments are new, and the kitchens tend to be your average gourmet kitchens. 2 br, a/c, security car park, bathroom, ensuite goes for 320-350$ in a security block, i think. my cousin has a 1br apartment for 280$ (with a pool), 5 mins walk to the station, n 10 min walk to westfield in hornsby, which is huge. chatswood is probably the next place i would consider. again, there are new blocks close to the station, but the blocks are much bigger than the ones in waitara (which tend to b no more than 8 levels cos going over eight levels is a whole new ball game wrt fire regulations etc), so the car parks are bigger etc. 2 br etc, i think goes for abt 550$. to me $200 is significant, but it depends on what u r looking for. chatswood is definitely closer to everything. if chatswood is your thing, let me know, i know someone with a place with 2br. if u r looking at the city which is almost my idea of heaven, an apartment in circular quay, 1 br,pool, gym, concierge, luxury fittings....ummm....have i forgotten anything? yes ...view of harbour n bridge...will set u back abt $1000, if not more. (no, i'm not an agent - i just listen to what everyone has to say) hope this helps
  13. torta di zucca is the best tuscan dessert i've had - everytime my friend makes it we are all killing each other for another slice. served with thick rich cream, it is heaven.
  14. taubear, if eastwood is not too far a trek, there are lots of hole in the wall places to eat. one place, next to the fish shop, i think, has set menus which are really inexpensive...in fact, most of the places in eastwood are far more inexpensive than anywhere in the north shore. the korean food there is also excellent - i always just go into one which has alot of ppl in it - i use that as my guide of food excellence. korean bbq and hotpot are v good if u like spicy food. also, b4 i forget, there's the two bbq king type places in chatswood on victoria avenue, one opposite victoria plaza (I like the swei gow lo min there, and don't forget to ask for fresh chillis), and one a few doors away from victoria plaza (i like the bean curd hot pot there, which is saying something cos bean curd is not a favourite of mine).
  15. hmmm....there are tons of honky type restaurants, but really, everybody has difft standards of what is excellent. i guess if i wanted to take o/s chinese to a chinese restaurant here, it would be ying's in crows nest cos it is a "boutique" chinese restaurant with lots of new twists on traditional dishes which are not too far fetched, and with some dishes, ying really pares down the flavours so you can taste what u r eating. but i guess the purists like the ones in china town like silver spring or whatever it is called now. personally, i am not overly fussed, cos in alot of cases i don't know what authentic chinese food it supposed to taste like (scary thot, considering that i am contributing to this thread). one thing tho, the one meal i had in china was so delicious incomparison to anything i have tried here; so if that's what u r looking for, sorree, i haven't quite found anything like it here.
  16. golden syrup, or a combination of golden syrup and treacle (the treacle makes it darker). i guess you could use straight treacle, but i find that too overwhelming. a cup of golden syrup with a tablespoon or 2 of treacle is the combination i like best, and the substitutions have been very successful. hope it works for you.
  17. went to to's today with my cousin, who's more in touch with all things malaysian than i am. told her if i had been more organised today, i would have done the place in castlereagh st or king st, to try out their laksa. her opinion was that to's was better n the reason why some ppl like the ones in castlereagh n king sts is because they r cheaper, n to's charges more n yadda yadda yadda. methinks that her reasoning is valid, but to be fair, i still think i shoud give the other 2 places a whirl just to make sure. anyone else with an opinion? if i ever get the opportunity, i would love to line them all up to taste test them..... btw, pcl....which is the post that is "bloody funny"?
  18. thanks for that - i'll give it a try. somehow tho, i suspect that i have made "full" cupcakes as well, but didn't pay full attention to the paper problem. have to now line up an opportunity to make them. thanks again
  19. too much sugar is often a culprit. look at the batter - is it runny? if it is, then add a bit more flour or use less liquid. if the batter looks fine, then it is most likely because there is too much sugar.
  20. does anyone have problems with the cupcake paper separating from the cupcake after it has cooled? does anyone have a solution to this? this happens to my cupcakes all the time - they're fine when they come out of the oven, but on cooling, they lift off the cake, which does not look particularly attractive. it doesn't matter which recipe i use, it still happens. my friend also has this problem; it was funny, when she started to mention her problem, i finished her sentence. at least i am not alone. thanks
  21. honestly, pcl, i can't win with you!!!! i don't know the addee for istana either. it is in the apricot pink complex in between pennant hills road and another road parallel to it. if you go along the commenarra parkway heading to thornleigh, go across pennant hills road, turn first right past pennant hills road, it's a little way along.... this is getting complicated......it's upstairs next to video ezy...if u get to maccas, you've gone too far.....just tell me where u will be coming from when u r next in sydney n i'll give u better direction....
  22. honestly, it wasn't a problem. also, need i tell you it was a sure fire hit? definitely steals the show!
  23. i made this last night after my sister told me we were going to a party today - i started at 10pm and i won't say what time i finished. i really do think it is worthwhile making purely for the look. i showed it to my brother in law this morning after he had just fiished his shift at hospital - he said it looked radioactive!! i think the molds i made were worth the effort. next time though, i'll start making it earlier. this is something you can do during ad breaks on television, or when you are busy cooking other things in the kitchen. really fun and the colours look fantastic -psychedelic, more than radioactive!
  24. whisks

    Salty Snacks

    Pão de Queijo (brazilian cheese bread) are my all time favourite, and would have them all the time if my waistline could bear it. everyone who i have made them for loves them too, and also claim that they are addictive....yum yum
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