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  1. As an extension of using a pasta roller to roll out crackers, I’ve been using my electric pasta and noodle maker to extrude the cracker dough using the lasagne die. Really easy!
  2. After reading about taste comparisons between the two, I went out and bought a bottle of the imitation. I’m sold! I use it in all my baked goods, now, but still use the good stuff in things that aren’t baked.
  3. The first time I tried dragon fruit, I thought it the most boring fruit I had ever eaten; all looks and nothing much else to recommend it. Since then, I’ve come to terms with it, and eat it quite happily for its refreshing nature (I can’t say “taste” or “flavour” because it has neither). It is easily and readily available when in season where I am (Sydney, Australia), I assume because of the Asian population, and their striking looks.
  4. anna, i'm glad someone else suggested the thermomix - it's something you might want to consider because it covers so many bases, and it covers them really well. I'd be inclined to bring everything over as well. nothing like having the things you love with you so you feel more at home. good luck with the move.
  5. whisks


    i have a thermomix (tm31) and it's the best thing ever - it's the most used appliance in my kitchen. i use it to knead all my doughs, and find it invaluable for making all my egg based sauces and custards without the egg curdling because i have temperature control. it is also the best blender i have ever used - great control and power. i could go on for ages about what i use it for (soups, risottos, pasta, sorbet...), but i think it is something which should be revisited before it is judged.
  6. thanks again, snadra! i rang them today to find out if they would allow me to do wholesale (yes...yay!), so i'm going to go and have a look as soon as i get the time.
  7. thanks, snadra! i'l try santos and plateau - i used to get my flour from oriental, but they are inconsistent and last time i called they didn't sound like they would stock it anymore. i've been to martelli's and dijon - both a bit of fun to shop at.
  8. my preference is for flathead. my local F&C shop does a pretty good job - nice batter and the chips are treat if i don't have to drive them home with me. snadra, where are your F&C places of preference?
  9. does anyone know some wholesale grocers which sell bulk (over 10kg) bags of strong bakers' flour and oils? my regular supplier has stopped bringing in strong bakers' flour, which is my favourite bread and pizza flour and i need to find somewhere else to purchase it. all other bits and pieces would be lovely, too. thanks
  10. the only electric stove i have ever tried stir fry with is an induction hotplate. mine is just a portable number, which i use outside as fumes and smells disperse quickly. also, i much prefer this to gas, of all things because temperature control is so responsive. mine wasn't anywhere as expensive as the one mentioned earlier - it was about AUD250. if finances allow, i wouldn't mind another one.
  11. when we were going through our heatwave earlier this year, i did my cooking outside. i have an induction hotplate and a turbo oven which i take outside - i do all my prep inside, then take what i need outside to cook. keeps all the heat out of the house.
  12. definitely - and you can't buy anything like that, and that's better than anything you can buy; funny how things have come full circle now, homemade being more treasured. ahhh, the healing properties of chocolate....
  13. i like the loose look - has a certain charm - not too structured....lucky friend
  14. hasn't the 5 star gourmet in crows nest now become macro?
  15. What's a lumberjack cake? MelissaH ← it's a cake with dates and apples in it and a caramel/coconut topping
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