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    Blue Smoke

    I tried Mike Mills restaurant in Murphysboro, 17th Street Bar and Grill. My understanding is that Mills consulted on the opening of Blue Smoke. The ribs compare favorably with Blue Smoke. At 17th Street you get a better value and the ribs are definitely meatier, but the flavor is very similar between the two.
  2. You might check out Grilled Cheese down on Ludlow for a little research. They're already doing this and they basically do it quite well.
  3. The Hungarian Restaurant was two doors down from the Hungarian Pastry Shop. That Sour Cherry Soup was my favorite thing in the world when I was a kid. Unfortunately, the restaurant seems to have closed sometime in the late 80s. There is a place on the Upper East called Mocca (I think) that serves a pretty nice Cherry Soup, if you are looking for some.
  4. Something ghetto-FABULOUS!
  5. Supposedly some people can't eat mangoes because they taste like turpentine, but I've never met anybody who didn't like a mango. They taste somewhat piney to me, but I kind of appreciate the taste. Anybody can't eat mangoes?
  6. I like it, often. My favorite is with some nice smoked bacon, but mushrooms and onions will do. I had suffered through too many overly eggy or overly cheesy quiches during the early 80's. It was a food that I never appreciated until I tried a custard-filling version with a crust made from scrath. That was a revelation. Also, I've noticed that some people don't get that you need to cook the water out of vegetable ingredients before you put them in a quiche. I've had a fair number of quiches that were soggy. Soggy=nasty, at least to me.
  7. kjohn

    @SQC (Closed)

    You mean wife of the owner?
  8. Seen in the Berkshires this last weekend: From Ketchup to Caviar. My old favorite was Snail Thai, in Hyde Park Chicago. I avoided the place for at least three months based on the name. Turned out to be a decent Thai restaurant.
  9. When I was a kid I loved liver in any form. Then something happened, which I still cannot recall, and I couldn't eat it anymore. For most of my childhood I had violent heaving reactions to liver in any form. I didn't even have to know that what I was eating was liver, the mere taste of it was enough to set me off. A few years ago, the reaction suddenly vanished and I could eat it again. At first, it wasn't exactly enjoyable, but now I love it. It's the only real food aversion I ever had.
  10. I'm a big fan of the Taste Cookbook by David Rosengarten. His personal enthusiasm is infectious and his "criteria for quality" listed after every recipe is a helpful guide when you are covering new ground. Of course I was a big fan of the show as well.
  11. I don't really think you can go wrong there, as everything is at the very least, decent. If you've been there a few times, I'd recommend trying something that isn't steak. There are a lot of good specialties on the menu. That being said, when I go there for brunch, I tend to go for the Boudin Noir. It's really a thing of beauty, it's incredibly savory, the most savory thing I've ever tasted. I've had it several other places, but it's never lived up to the LH version. It's served on a bed on an bed of buttery (very buttery) mashed potatoes with apples. That's my personal fave. Also, if you don't want beer or wine, they have a pretty good dry cider there, which I usually order.
  12. kjohn


    The benriner rules so much, I put up an appreciation page several years ago at http://www.jillyboel.com/members/kjohn/mis...sc/benriner.htm My favorite bit is the note to their customers, and I quote: "The most excellent keen-edge is our pride." "Benriner: Let's have daily crisp vegetables, a Fast cheerful and beautiful way of cooking." Indeed.
  13. kjohn

    Pongsri Thai

    Don't I know it. What's up with that? Does the rest of the UWS not care about good food? Seems like most are content eating just about anything. A little more on topic: The Fish Restaurant finally reopened as a Lime Leaf, Thai and Continental cuisine. It's about the blandest Thai food I've ever sampled. You can get better Pad Thai at a New York City Street Fair (cue theme music from Time Warner local ad.) Lemongrass seems to have improved recently. They also updated their menu. Pad See Ew (sp?) is now called "Fun in Black." The name change threw me - it took me about ten minutes to find my favorite noodle dish on the menu. There's also something notably darker: S&M Thai Style.
  14. kjohn

    Pongsri Thai

    I'd like to know what that soup is, can you find out? I lik the 48th St branch of Pongsri as it has a very extensive menu. One of my faves is (can't remember the Thai name) cold beef salad. You can't get that at every Thai restaurant.
  15. I ate there recently - I didn't find the food ordinary at all. In fact, the avacado fondant with tomato coulis is probably one of the most memorable things I've ever eaten at any restaurant anywhere. The lobster consomme with morels was tremendous. The potato puree, which is served with most of the meat dishes, is a thing of beauty, though "mashed potatoes" might be construed as pedestrian. I felt that each of the dishes I had there really highlighted the main ingredient, and in most cases took it to new heights - I didn't think the foie gras was anything exceptional, but it was still delicious. Overall, I think it's deceptively simple, but not pedestrian. The lunch counter style is a little weird at first, but shouldn't be a problem for people who dine at the bar often. I wouldn't go there with more than 3 people given the seating arrangements. The crowd was Japanese and French with the exception of two women sitting next to me: one American, one Australian. One thing I like about being in Paris is that I can only understand the conversations going on around me if I listen very carefully. Unfortunately, the two women were carrying on relentlessly in English. This was the only displeasurable part of the meal. Choice bits: "my masseuse told me the strangest thing the other day...", "I just had the most depressing thought while I was in the bathroom..." Anyway, as for the no reservations policy, I have no problem with it. It means that the nobodies stand a chance of getting a meal. While I waited, I saw several impatient people walk away in disgust. Its their loss.
  16. The Tiki was as sleazy as a bar could get. Totally gone to seed. You could always count on meeting "interesting" people there.
  17. Thanks again Suvir. I picked up the limes at Kalusyan and made some this weekend. Tasted great.
  18. I want some lemon-verbena-ade. How do the Hot Dogs compare with F&B?
  19. Thanks for the tip. I work right in the neighborhood, but never noticed the cart.
  20. I read that ketchup was as good a source of lypocene as any other tomato product. Anybody try making their own? I've had homemade ketchup - it can be very good.
  21. kjohn

    City Hall

    The combination seafood pan roast totally rocks.
  22. Is there any genetic predisposition to disliking it? Do some people smell or taste something in durian that others do not? I ask because I've heard that some people cannot stand mangoes, for whatever reason these people detect a taste and smell like turpentine. Durian smells unpleasant to me, but not as awful as some people make it out to be.
  23. I bought butterflied leg of lamb. 5.99/Lb at Fairway. They wouldn't cut it down for me, so I ended up with 4 pounts of lamb. It was already pretty flat, but I had to cut it somehat thinner. Do you recommend another cut? Since I still have an extra two pounds of lamb, I'm planning on cooking it again this weekend, w/ghee and tomato.
  24. Thanks for the advice. I think I will try it again with the tomato puree. I'm just used to having it with tomato - it also gives the dish a really beautiful color. When you say a 'LOT' of oil, do you mean double, triple, more than this recipe?
  25. Ok, I tried it out. Overall, I was very happy with the results. There are a few things I'd like to correct/add. The spice balance was correct, but really needed an extra teaspoon of salt or more to bring out the flavors. The other thing that I thought I might change next time is to use butter instead of oil to give it a richer flavor overall. Also, I think some tomato might be a good addition, any thoughts on how to add that, Suvir?
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