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    Sam Adams Light

    It's actually heartening (to me) that they are breaking into the light market. Now that Sam Adams is almost everywhere, I can find something drinkable even in the worst bars. Now, maybe the other beer makers will have to raise their standards a little. Recently I noticed that Michelob had a whole line of 'craft' brewed beers, anybody try of them? Are they any good?
  2. How bummed are you about Dee Dee?
  3. kjohn

    Blue Smoke

    From what I've heard it's pretty obvious the staff has to do a lot of covering for the kitchen at Blue Smoke (ironic to me, because my visits have been unmarred by mistakes in the kitchen or service.) I can see the 'Danny-land' parallel somewhat in my dining experiences at the USC, but I also frequent Tabla, 11 Madison Park, and Gramercy Tavern, where I have found the service friendly, but never overly familiar, e.g. staff referring to me as 'guy' or 'mac' or whatever. Sure, there are some 'unsophisticated diners' present, but that's true of just about every restaurant in NY. I don't see it as cause to cast aspersions on Danny Meyer.
  4. kjohn


    There used to be a Hungarian place on the West Side that I adored as a kid, so finding Mocca was a treat. The spaetzle is great, and I'm a big fan of the cold cherry soup.
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