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  1. Haven't been to Ansel's place early enough for the Cronut- but it is a fave pit stop of mine. The made to order madelines and tarts are incredible. The place was crowded with people who asked for cronuts and left without buying a thing. I don't know how they could see all that incredible pastry and leave without being tempted. Fools!
  2. Are you suggesting people should feel guilty about not supporting or enriching those whose behavior absolutely disgusts them? I don't know why anyone would. If she is down now, it is all her own doing.
  3. What is the secret to gettting a nice puffed up but crusty pretzel? BTW, I had a great one last night. That's the fourth bar that I have been to in six months selling fresh baked pretzels. They should ALL have them.
  4. Do you know any of the math calculating the top executive compensation? Or how many grossly overpaid CEOs they went through in the past ten years? How they almost doubled their salaries (in the middle of a losing streak) before this happened? Or the concessions bakers had already made because the company promised to use to modernize facilities and turn the company around- none of which actually happened? Seems you've only familiar with half of the equation. And not the half where management sucked the business dry, instead of making any attempt at a turnaround.
  5. They are on sale w/ free shipping at Sur La Table.
  6. Easy- Smoky Bacon Flavoured Crisps!
  7. Jacques Torres makes a spiced pecan brittle that is awesome. Not sure what kind of hot pepper but I think there are other spices in it too. It's amazing, Wish I could recreate it.
  8. No. It's just eggs, and most people ask if you want eggs, or how you like them. A lot of people squirm at wet eggs. Try not to take it personally, guests are never 100% what you want them to be!
  9. Muji sells a mold for them at home, too. They melt a lot quicker than I imagined.
  10. you should check out this weeks "best of" issue of the Village Voice. They list tons of great - and mostly cheap- places to eat all over the city
  11. Bonte? You never forget your first croissant.
  12. I remember being shocked at seeing how popular Corona was a summer about 15 years ago I spent in Ireland. All the young successful people were drinking gallons of it it back then. I think it nailed those customers on a spring break vacation, and they never went back. I think it's the worst beer ever made!
  13. I think a number have people have hit on the basic issues here where were you reaised Lower to middle class NYC (with dried salt cod and fish sticks) can be a whole different world than close more coastal areas where really great fresh fish is abundant, and people know how to prepare it. This can be mitigated if you are the truly adventurous type. And that in turn might not turn out well if what is largely available is not good quality. The people I know in NYC how are into fish go to great lengths- and great expense- to get the truly good stuff. They wouldn't touch 90% of what is in the local markets. So, it doesn;t seem like such a simple or easily affordable thing to do, especially if you don;t have a lot of time and money to experiment and learn how to cook it properly.
  14. Thanks Mike! I found a nice unused one for 3 bucks with no instructions! Just what I needed.
  15. Anyone here have good experiences with the Aeropress? From what I understand it;s better than drip filtered and not as much sediment and oil as French press.
  16. More baking: I cut in cold butter finely to my dry waffle mix, store it in the freezer. i think it lightens it up alot, and if I'm lazy or don't have time to fold in the eggs whites that day it's pretty much as easy as shake and pour. But much better.
  17. Not seeing a link, so here is one. http://mobile.latimes.com/p.p?a=rp&m=b&postId=894398&curAbsIndex=7&resultsUrl=DID%3D6%26DFCL%3D1000%26DSB%3Drank%2523desc%26DBFQ%3DuserId%253A7%26DL.w%3D%26DL.d%3D10%26DQ%3DsectionId%253A6931%26DPS%3D0%26DPL%3D10
  18. In a box? With holes? Wrapped separately? Not wrapped? As long as you don;t stack them too deep (no huge containers like garbage cans) or cut off air circulation they should be fine in two weeks. No need to wrap them.
  19. baskets or paper bags or boxes with holes punched for air circulation, out of the sun, somplace cool and dry.
  20. butterscotch

    Cold pizza

    Did you miss the thread where we spent four pages trying to get the pickle smell out of the jar lids? Some people just like to puzzle things out- find the best way to deal when something new comes up. Helicopter parents? Ha! They believe they already know the best way, about everything, all the time. Couldn't be more different.
  21. butterscotch

    Cold pizza

    Bummer! I forgot all about the allergy thing these days- I guess Nutella is off the menu till college! But if I was in that classroom, I'm sure I'd be eyeballing whatever your kid brought to the table, and hard. Oh well, I can't wait to see what you end up doing with this!
  22. butterscotch

    Cold pizza

    Thinking further, I think there's a lot you could do with topping combos that will be better than, but could be employed to look like classic take out. Kids like to fit in (hence all the advice to just give him the cold pizza) but at this stage they are copying all this adult social interaction they see, so maybe you impulse to step it up could be an opportunity in encouraging a bit of generousity and leadership to the all too lemming like cafeteria setting. To that end, I think some creative and sharable toppings could help him become a lunchroom superstar! Kids always like to swap, and who hasn't peeled off or stolen bits of someones slice? Anyway, please forgive me for treading onto the parenting territory here, but I really love that you want to add something to the same old same old for your kid and I'm thinking some easily shared toppings would give the kid a chance to emulate his Dad in the best possible way. Maybe throw in a few little nutella (or dulce de leche) and mascarpone crostini bites to seal the deal.
  23. butterscotch

    Cold pizza

    Hmm, Im thinking the kid wants something that looks pretty much like his friends lunch, so I think you need to have a cheese topping at least, and follow the shape. What about subbing coarsely shredded parmasean? I love it on toast, even a day later..
  24. After hearing one rave after another, I finally got around to trying this place out last week and was just blown away! I bought a plain small pie (10$ / no slices/ byob) it had a perfectly bubbled and charred (wood fired oven!!) thin crust, very fresh and nicely balanced. It is a very light pizza in terms of toppings, not gloppy at all- which is exactly my preference. Hoboken is glop city, I cannot take all the drips and blotting for so so pizza. My only complaint was the sauce and cheese could have been spread a bit closer in spots to the edge of the pie. And I wish they had a bit of good grated (or any) parmesan for the pie. But it didn't need it- and the crust is pretty awesome. I wanted pepperoni because a friend claims it's incredible, but there was none that day. If you are a big eater you'd probably want one of the combos with more meats and cheeses added, but for me the plain was perfect as is. My little green salad was fresh and nicely dressed too with balsamic vinegarette. The portions are smallish, but I'm okay with that. The fresh mozz is a winner, and their limited menu says they use only top notch imported or artisinal meats and cheeses. Their concept is limited hours till they run out of their ingredients each daya. They seem obsessed with mortdella, I'm thnking they'll never run out of that at least! It's only serving from 7- 10:30 or so five days a week, which is why for a long time, I wasn't sure it was actually open. They seem to close for a lot of private events too. Definately check with their twitter feed first if you're making a hike over there. They bake their own bread for savory and sweet crostini too, I noted a couple swooning over them at the next table. Maybe next time! Totally recommended for you pizzaphiles. http://dozzino.com/
  25. Almond waffles with red fruits/ cointreau syrup and waay too much bacon.
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