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  1. Haven't been to Ansel's place early enough for the Cronut- but it is a fave pit stop of mine. The made to order madelines and tarts are incredible. The place was crowded with people who asked for cronuts and left without buying a thing. I don't know how they could see all that incredible pastry and leave without being tempted. Fools!
  2. Are you suggesting people should feel guilty about not supporting or enriching those whose behavior absolutely disgusts them? I don't know why anyone would. If she is down now, it is all her own doing.
  3. What is the secret to gettting a nice puffed up but crusty pretzel? BTW, I had a great one last night. That's the fourth bar that I have been to in six months selling fresh baked pretzels. They should ALL have them.
  4. Do you know any of the math calculating the top executive compensation? Or how many grossly overpaid CEOs they went through in the past ten years? How they almost doubled their salaries (in the middle of a losing streak) before this happened? Or the concessions bakers had already made because the company promised to use to modernize facilities and turn the company around- none of which actually happened? Seems you've only familiar with half of the equation. And not the half where management sucked the business dry, instead of making any attempt at a turnaround.
  5. They are on sale w/ free shipping at Sur La Table.
  6. Easy- Smoky Bacon Flavoured Crisps!
  7. Jacques Torres makes a spiced pecan brittle that is awesome. Not sure what kind of hot pepper but I think there are other spices in it too. It's amazing, Wish I could recreate it.
  8. No. It's just eggs, and most people ask if you want eggs, or how you like them. A lot of people squirm at wet eggs. Try not to take it personally, guests are never 100% what you want them to be!
  9. Muji sells a mold for them at home, too. They melt a lot quicker than I imagined.
  10. you should check out this weeks "best of" issue of the Village Voice. They list tons of great - and mostly cheap- places to eat all over the city
  11. Bonte? You never forget your first croissant.
  12. I remember being shocked at seeing how popular Corona was a summer about 15 years ago I spent in Ireland. All the young successful people were drinking gallons of it it back then. I think it nailed those customers on a spring break vacation, and they never went back. I think it's the worst beer ever made!
  13. I think a number have people have hit on the basic issues here where were you reaised Lower to middle class NYC (with dried salt cod and fish sticks) can be a whole different world than close more coastal areas where really great fresh fish is abundant, and people know how to prepare it. This can be mitigated if you are the truly adventurous type. And that in turn might not turn out well if what is largely available is not good quality. The people I know in NYC how are into fish go to great lengths- and great expense- to get the truly good stuff. They wouldn't touch 90% of what is in the local markets. So, it doesn;t seem like such a simple or easily affordable thing to do, especially if you don;t have a lot of time and money to experiment and learn how to cook it properly.
  14. Thanks Mike! I found a nice unused one for 3 bucks with no instructions! Just what I needed.
  15. Anyone here have good experiences with the Aeropress? From what I understand it;s better than drip filtered and not as much sediment and oil as French press.
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