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  1. Like many of you, EG is an important part of my life - whether it be the friends, the recipes, the restaurant recommendations, or the culinary absurdia. Today, an auction I started at the eG Auction Block just raised $582.25 for the EG operating fund (it does take time and money to allow all of us to enjoy this site). Thanks for all who participated in the auction. Thanks to the EG staff and volunteers for your efforts, and I ecourage all of you to share the wealth on the Auction Block.
  2. I pulled a moist pear, lemon zest scone from my oven on Sunday morning, then reheated one on Monday in my toaster (split it) and it was still moist, and then slathered both in quince preserves...it can be done!
  3. When I told my employee about this challenge she asked if marijuana brownies would count as a smoked dessert...I told her, only if it improves the flavor.
  4. oh sure...do a Vegemite dessert right after I learned its been banned in the US Actually I have plenty at my store, so no worries...now get it up on the recipe area so we can make it! Good job on the challenge. BTW, I would have grabbed the pumpkin ice cream cake first - SLURP
  5. Aussies are never quite as reliable as the Kiwis so I guess we'll hang out and wait to see the grand unveiling.
  6. The posole already had the lime. It wasn't dry by any means, but it was hard. The hardness reminded me of when I've made posole soup where the corn was fully rehydrated, but again, with the skin. So...hard if you pinched it between your fingers, but not between the teeth - surely there's a culinary term for that description
  7. For the good of the cause I'm bringing Gabe's and my PM discussion into the thread. I did fresh masa for the Pastry & Baking Cookoff Round 2 (Mincemeat Tamales). I had previously only made tamales from the powdered masa - not even the same thing as the fresh stuff. My fresh masa started with frozen posole at the advice of a friend who lived in MX for many years. She had me grind the posole and fresh corn in a Cuisinart which gave a great consistency and taste. In my PMs I've suggested that Gabe seek out the frozen posole versus canned, and so now I wonder the difference between frozen and dried.
  8. Reservations at Jaleo are made for 10/30! Thanks for the help everyone.
  9. interesting because I've been trying to figure out how to do something that may be similar...but no picture so I don't know. I was thinking of finely shredded phyllo balls. I was going to take a roll of phyllo, cut it 1/8" and work it into a ball, then somehow bake or fry it - I want to use this as a decoration on top of a dessert. Is this idea anything like this nest? Any thoughts on how I might pull this off?
  10. Ramune! Love them...more for the experience than the taste.
  11. Gorgeous! They look so fresh and juicy. Since I've never made them I have to ask - was that too much salt on top?
  12. And I've added coconut oil instead of the butter at the same proportions. Nice play with the flavor.
  13. So, here they are: We're going to mix them in with our other potatoes for smashed potatoes and fried chicken. When we tasted them (pre-cooking) they had a nice saltiness and were very similar in flavor to pumpernickel. They were earthy and almost truffle-esque which is what inspired us to do the smashed potatoes since we were going to do truffle potatoes anyway.
  14. I am committed to using these this weekend. I'll report back.
  15. The one thing I watch most for (and I've never done an event for 300), is making sure that as food is eaten the table doesn't get destroyed and look junk-ed up. I would (if allowable) put the table so it can be accessed from all sides, and then pull partial trays regularly to the back to build new trays. Just a random thought...I've been trying to figure out a system for creating a towering phyllo ribbon pyramid. I think it has potential for dramatic flare. And following on Trishiad's idea - I like using glass blocks for displays.
  16. I agree. My spouse always talks to friends about my desserts that "take 3-5 days to make." Well...they do, but that means 15 minutes a day for 3-5 days as I build the components and then I assemble them on the last day which takes minutes. And for the record, if I have 2 free hours a night I'm lapping in the luxury of free time
  17. I don't "get off island" much from my small town, but I'm heading to DC for 3 days next week. I'm looking for a nice meal ($50-100 per person) that would be fairly convenient (if not close) to the Hyatt Capitol Hill. Not looking for snooty, but rather good food. And I'm open to absolutely any type of food. BTW, its very hard to browse previous posts for this type of info...I tried. Thanks in advance.
  18. If you're in the market for a new espresso machine, I have put up a Capresso Jura Impressa E8 machine to benefit EGullet. Its a brand new machine that has been on our display for the past year - never used. It retails for just under $1000, so you know it will go for a good price on EBay. And, of course, this is a great opportunity to support EG.
  19. gfron1

    Smoked Paprika

    I sprinkle over olive tapenade on crackers at parties.
  20. My store carries them - I do the ordering and I'm trying to up my S. American products. Thanks for the info...I'll have to do something with them and repor back.
  21. I've seen independent bakeries do just fine by themselves, but in a smaller community diversifying the products is important. In our town, the bakeries that have done best are the ones that established wholesale accounts with local restaurants and hotels...because none of our restaurants have the time or staff to do that work themselves.
  22. As if one dessert wasn't enough! We should have waited until the 7th round for this one
  23. I can't stop talking about your dessert - great job Mette! What I really like is that I can practically taste it in my mind, and if I can get the ingredients, its definitely something I'd like to make. Thanks for doing the challenge, and I like your challenge to Shalamese. A toast to Mette!
  24. The short reply since I'm heading into a nap...BRAVO Mette!
  25. Here's the recipe. I modified it by grating the dough to make it easier to eat for this dessert, but it actually called for the dough to be rolled to 1/8 inch. And yes Ling, those are the curry marshmallows. The last batch I added much more turmeric to make them more yellow, but since I was coating them anyway, I didn't bother this time.
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