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  1. My wife will have a long layover at the Dublin airport. Are there any interesting lunch (or shopping) options close to the airport? Flexible on price and cuisine, but casual is preferred. Maybe something a 10 to 15 minute cab ride??? Thanks
  2. Hell, I would be up for that. Maybe we can hunt down the best Migas in Vegas.
  3. As someone who travels almost weekly, it takes a lot to surprise me when going through the Austin Bergstrom airport. This morning I noticed a waterloo café between Harlon BBQ and Auntie Anne's Pretzels, on the east side of terminal, across from gate 7(?). The counter is tiny, about 6 feet across. I think it used to be the Armadillo café? With time to waste before my flight, I checked out the menu. There was a nice selection of breakfast tacos, pancakes, omlettes and migas. So of course I go for the migas. It was a good deal, $5.75 for migas plate with a choice of sausage or ham. The migas were very good, lots of cheese, hot jalapeños, tomatoes and onions. The plate came with 2 juicy sausage patties, good refried beans and 2 hot flour tortillas. It was a nice way to start the morning, unless you were sitting next to me on the flight...
  4. Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth is also worth going to and is right across the street from the Kimball. The Modern In the Modern, there is a great cafe, Cafe Modern (couldn't they come up with a more original name?). They menu is kinda basic, salads, pasta, etc. but it is excellent. It may not fit your criteria of "only in Texas", but is a good option if you want to stay close to the museums. article about The Modern
  5. Those pictures suck , I am now craving white castle and it is 8 in the morning with the closest white castle hundreds of miles away. After watching the episode of Good Eats I was struck by inspiration and made a batch. It is incredible how many of those suckers one can consume. I added sliced serrano chiles to my grilled onions for a little kick. It was balanced by the sweetness in the rolls I used. These worked well......perfect size rolls
  6. I wonder if their south location ---183, between 35 and 290--- is as good. They changed owners several months (maybe a year) ago. Sounds like they stepped up the quality if the Q. Now I can not wait to go back.
  7. Interesting experience last time I was there. Two tables away from us was Dennis Rodman eating dinner in a bathrobe.......It was hard to focus on the meal. I consider it a Nobu-lite experience. The LV location is a great way to experience the Nobu menu if you do not get to the other locations. Service and decor are not in the same league as NY or London.
  8. Bagel update In Austin, the south Central Market is carrying frozen H&H bagels. They are a little more than buying them Manny Hatten's, but you have more options. I saw garlic, everything, cinnamon/raisin and plain. There were a package of 4 for $2.99 I have not looked yet to see if they carry them at the North location.
  9. Once again, very cool pcitures. Did you take any pictures of Hunt's Point market itself?
  10. For breads, one of my favorite places is Bread Alone Bakery on South Lamar (in Austin), which is owned by Schlotzsky's Deli. Their brick oven down wonders for the crust. Upper Crust and Central Market are also very good. I have never been a big fan Sweetish Hill. I know it was covered in another thread, but I still like getting the H&H bagels at Manny Hatten's deli. For about 60 cents a bagel, it is a great value. The bagels are cooked 90% of the way then frozen and shipped from NYC. The Central Markets in Austin used to sell a pretty good bagel from the Dallas area along with Jumbo bagels (what a joke, their bagels are puny) but stopped a few months ago.
  11. Dinner can work. I'll pm you with details. Anybody want to join?
  12. My flight does not land in Austin until 5:00pm on Thursday afternoon, so it is probably too late. There are some wonderful options for you in East Austin, maybe 15 minutes from the airport. I'll let whoever can join you fill in the details.
  13. Your book Legends of Texas Barbecue has been my bible as I continue to immerse myself into the wonderful world of smoked meat. Two (somewhat) related questions.............. There has been some debate on eGullet involving fine dining in Houston (and I guess Texas overall) regarding if it is provincial or not. I would enjoy hear your views about that. How have your global travels and eating adventures affected your perspective of Texas cuisine?
  14. Should the water used to simmer the eggs be salted? Besides affecting the temperature that the water would boil, would it add a flavor component? Out of habit, I usually add the same amount of salt as I would for pasta, but am I wasting salt?
  15. Funny clip (for those sensitive souls, there are some off color words) starbucks marketing strategy it takes so little to make me laugh in the morning....
  16. The power of egullet. I have a last minute trip down to SA next week and was looking for a restaurant suggestion. Tom's Ribs looks like a solid suggestion and it is one exit away from the hotel. Will report back....... Client meeting ran incredibly long so dinner consisted of Taco Cabana. Not bad, for fast food, but it was still fast food.
  17. There was a coyote café but it closed...a few years ago. Here is a list to start with list of top Austin places There could be a lot of debate about the rankings, but this should provide you with a quick overview of the Austin scene.
  18. This past weekend I found myself at the City Café in Elgin and we were discussing what constitutes a great CFS. Located in a small town about 30 minutes outside of Austin, City Café opened in 1910 and is supposed to serve some of the finest CFS in Central Texas. Ordering the “small” CFS still provided a piece of deep fried meat that was hanging off the sides of the plate. (I assume the large portion is a full primal cut). The crust was wonderfully crispy, with a nice touch of pepper, providing my mouth with an excellent and substantial crunch. Unfortunately the crust/steak ratio was off and there was too much crust for the thinly pounded steak. I assume that they use a wet batter. What restaurants are serving some of the best examples of Chicken Fried Steak????
  19. NewYorkTexan

    Quail How to

    I usually see the quail sold as semi boned, where the cavity is deboned and perfect for stuffing, but the legs still are perfect little drumsticks. My favorite method is stuffing them with a jalapeño then wrapping that little bad boy in bacon and throwing it on the grill. Not very romantic, but damn tasty. a few interesting recipes I found: Quail Wellington Grilled Quail with Pomegranate Molasses and Horseradish Glaze with Spicy Walnuts and Tangerine Vinaigrette PAN-ROASTED QUAIL WITH PORT SAUCE
  20. The power of egullet. I have a last minute trip down to SA next week and was looking for a restaurant suggestion. Tom's Ribs looks like a solid suggestion and it is one exit away from the hotel. Will report back.......
  21. Not to stray too far off topic, but the Penisula hotel in LA offers poolside massages for your pet. I think the costs runs around $75 for a 40 minute session. Please do not ask me how I know that
  22. NewYorkTexan

    Superbowl Wine?

    How about a big pitcher of Sangria?
  23. I travel to Houston 4-5 times a year on business and stay at either the Four Seasons or La Columbe d'Or. Although it's been awhile since I have had dinner in either hotel, on past occasions both have been very good. Regarding non-hotel restaurants, I recently ate at Aries and would definately recommend it. Mark's and Cafe Annie are 2 other favorites. Which hotel do you like better? Last time I was at the Four Seasons was maybe 20 years ago. I assume it's been renovated at least once since then. Robyn I think the current Four Seasons is a relatively new property? Wasn't there a Four Season that was near the Galleria that since changed management companies? I am thinking a starwood property. The restaurant at the Four Season, Quatro is OK. It seems to be a little sterile, a common issue in hotel restaurants. Even worse, at lunch it is wall-to-wall lawyers There a few nice hotels near the Galleria like St. Regis, Inter-Continental and The Houstonian. That would be a short cab ride(almost walking distance) to Cafe Annie and Tony's
  24. Jason, do you remember the bagel place on the corner of Union Tpk and Chevy Chase (just east of the Hillcrest Jewish Center)? I'm not sure what the name was, except it said "Hot Bagels" on the outside of the shop. We would pick them up every time we visited my Aunt who lived nearby. Are you talking about that small place had their bagel bins against the front window, causing their windows to be permanently fogged over during the winter months? One of me fondest childhood memories were cutting classes at HJC Hebrew High School to get a piping hot onion bagel from that place. The bagels were so good………… I checked a year ago or so and that bagel shop is closed.
  25. Been to the main restaurant a few times and had dinner at the bar more times than I care to admit to. I have posted in the past about what a huge fan I am of RF’s bar menu, especially their hamburgers. The cuisine is very similar to the old Star Canyon and the décor of the main dining room is almost unchanged. I think the quality is similar to Star Canyon, but Roaring Fork offers a better value. Like Star Canyon, some of the dishes are hit and miss. They had a 4 course tasting menu for $25 dollars which was an excellent value. The best dishes tend to be the most straight forward ones. Personal favorites include (in no particular order): Trout and Spinach salad Green chile stew Bone-in rib eye Grilled shrimp (honey-jalapeño?) Cedar plank grilled salmon Dishes I would not order again Pizza (wife liked it, I thought it was ok) Veal chops (ugh! they were tough) Any dessert I tried. The desserts were a major disappoint. It has been about 3 months since I ordered a dessert there, so maybe it has gotten better. They also wine pairing option that allows you to order 2oz servings (I think it was 2oz?), so you can order a different wine with every course and still be able to drive home.
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