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  1. Bern's Steakhouse has a strong following. Known for its wine list, it is a huge restaurant. I am always cautious of restaurants that are this big, but I have friend that swear by this place. www.bernssteakhouse.com
  2. NewYorkTexan

    Quick Pasta

    "I used the pot to sterilize my dog's Nylabone and Kong toys." Your dog must have the most highly seasoned Kong and nylabone in Manhattan.
  3. NewYorkTexan

    Quick Pasta

    How would you use the pasta water? Sometimes I add a little to my sauce if it has become too thick. Are there other uses for the pasta water?
  4. NewYorkTexan

    Quick Pasta

    Steven - you alluded to, but did mention what I think is the most important step in making good pasta. Drain the pasta slightly before it is al dente and finish cooking it the final minute or so it in the sauce. This way the flavor of the sauce is absorbed by the pasta, instead of just coating it. I learned this a few years ago and it makes all the difference in the world.
  5. NewYorkTexan

    Quick Pasta

    If you have some fresh herbs around, a brown butter sauce is an option. There are few things I can make faster than a good brown butter sauce.
  6. Diners are one of the great intuitions that have never really taken root outside of the northeast. I am not sure why. I tend to agree that your favorite diner is usually one that is close to you. I had spent many Saturday and Sunday mornings at the Colonial Diner and Seville diners in East Brunswick and the Somerset Diner in Somerset. Before that it was the Bay View Diner in Bay Ridge when my wife and I were living in Brooklyn. I probably had some of my best high school memories take place in the Scobee Diner in Little Neck Queens. Interesting how a single type of restaurant can weave a thread throughout ones life.
  7. I think Epi Dupin was already mentioned, but it is worth repeating. My wife and I had a phenomenal meal at this tiny restaurant. Creative menu, friendly service and a small but well-priced wine list. Definitely one of the better meals we had in Paris last year and the bill was under ๥.
  8. Steven-How much did you have to pay Grimes to review the restaurant Bid the day after you highlighted it in your newsletter. Excellent timing. http://www.nytimes.com/2001/10/05/dining/05JOUR.html
  9. I had a very good meal at Christopher's Fermier Brasserie in Scottsdale. I am still not completely sold on going to a fine restaurant located in a shopping mall, but that aside the food, wine list and service were excellent. This is not related to your question, but I love Harlow's Cafe in Tempe for breakfast. My friends who live in Scottsdale swear by Rancho Pinot Grill and Restaurant Hapa as their favorite for a speal night out.
  10. I have been surprised at the quality of the bulk extra virgin olive oil at whole-foods supermarket. Most of the whole-foods markets do such high volume business, their inventory turnover is excellent and the oil is usually very fresh.
  11. NewYorkTexan


    A Costco warehouse just opened near my home and I felt obligated to see what all the excitement was about. Walking past the tower of a lifetime worth of toilet paper in shrink-wrapped packaging, I went straight for the wine section. The crowd was 4 deep by the wine bins and everyone was raving about the great values. People where grabbing wines, as many bottles as they could hold. In some cases I do not know if they even looked at the labels. When I finally got close enough to see the wines, most were selling for the same retail price you would find in a local wine shop. There were no discounts or promotional sales that I could see. Am I missing something?
  12. NewYorkTexan

    Using Up Old Wine

    That is a rough problem to have, I wish I was in your shoes. The classic food pairing is roasted meats, like lamb or beef, medium rare. I had a great early 1970s vintage burgandy (thank you Uncle Charles) with my Thanksgiving turkey last year and it was a great match. Outside of serving a delicate fish, you almost can not go wrong. Good friends, a corkscrew and enjoy.
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