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  1. They closed about a year ago and I just doubled check that the listed telephone number does not work anymore. OSF Steakhouse had a reputation of being family friendly, but I never heard great things about the food.
  2. Went to The Belmont last night for drinks and really like the place. It was a nice evening to hang out at the upstairs patio bar (kinda reminded me of the LA bar scene). I see myself becoming a fixture at the retro bar downstairs. I think The Belmont is comprised of 4 different bars. The menu looked like classic comfort food.
  3. Anyone tasted Alcina Cellars wines, either their Pinot or Syrah? I have a deal to buy either a half case or a whole case, but have never tasted their stuff. Thanks!
  4. NewYorkTexan

    Indoor Smoking

    Did you ever try the smoker bags these The cooking school I volunteer at used them this weekend to finish off andouille sausage and they imparted a nice smokey flavor. I bought two bags and now want to start experimenting with them.
  5. Heading to the airport with time to waste, I stumbled across the Standard Diner. It was one of those places that just emanated a "good vibe". Located in a former gas station, it had a upscale, retro dinner decor. It was accomplished without going overboard as retro theme restaurants often do. The waitress said that they opened about 5 months ago. This place really nailed the little touches, especially considering it is a casual place. While perusing the menu they brought plate of mini-muffins to the table. I do not remember exactly what kind of muffins they were, but I do remember inhaling them...damn they were good. I had the chicken fried lobster Cesar salad. The name of the dish is misleading, it was a tempura batter on the lobster. The lobster nuggets were lightly cooked, leaving them moist and tender. The rest of the brunch menu look good with items like red curry hash & eggs and breakfast casserole (challa bread custard with green chili, asparagus and cream cheese). The overall menu was comfort food with twist. Service was friendly and personable. their full menu
  6. One of my favorite places, Cooper's BBQ in Llano has a mail order business. Cooper's BBQ
  7. This is the Mandola sub, one of their signature cold sandwiches. It might be my favorite sandwich in Austin. It is huge, a meal for two easily.
  8. On Friday and Saturday CB is open until 3am.
  9. Awesome blog...thanks for reminding this native New Yorker how much fun the city can be........ I would vote for Pax Whole Foods because I used to hit a Pax all the time when I worked in Midtown.
  10. You might try Grapevine Market, probaly your best bet in Austin to find Campari.
  11. Nice mention about Laidback Manor in the Wall Street Journal today. It was in the "Chefs Gone Wild" cover article. (no free link for the WSJ online version). foie gras rolled in almond cookies....yum
  12. Best Cellars is a chain of wine shops that has a strong selection of wines under $15 and a friendly staff. If you do not have a local wine shop that you like, you might check out Best Cellars. Best Cellars Dupont 1643 Connecticut Ave., NW Washington, DC 20009 202-387-3146
  13. My architect found a soupstone distrubtor in Houston that happens to be one of the largest in the country, The Slate Company I will probably use them for soapstone couterntops as there are no options in Austin.
  14. We have selected soapstone for our kitchen remodel, mostly due to the looks and durability of it. Neither of the two contractors we have bidding on the project are excited about that selection. One of them gave an excellent analogy, he compared soapstone to a cast iron pan. You have to invest the time to oil it, especially in the beginning...but if you do it right, you will have practically an indestructible surface for a lifetime.
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