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  1. Arthur's Bavarian Bakehouse in West Gordon. They have a german restaurant next door which I have'nt eaten at yet but have heard some very good reviews from friends that have eaten there. Arthur's Bavarian Bakehouse 9 DUNEBA AVENUE, WEST GORDON, 98802242. Open Tue-Fri 6.30am-5pm, Sat-Sun 6.30am-1pm. Website http://www.bavarianbakehouse.com.au/
  2. Hi Abra, I bought a non commercial Sunbeam food slicer 6 months ago and absolutely love it. I use it to cut my own slices of boneless ham, salami, tomatoes, cheese, bread and so on. I have a food dehydrator as well so it'd very useful when you need to cut fruit and vegies to the same thickness ready for drying. http://www.sunbeam.com.au/products/product...d=520&sec_id=61
  3. Alrighty then I will chip in with my 2 bobs worth. I love the Summit bar on level 47 of the Australia Square building on George St Sydney. It opens a 5pm and closes late and has the best view in the city for a bar. There is a restaurant up there as well which looks good but I have'nt had the opportunity to dine there yet. They do a great range of cocktails, muddles, mocktails, martinis and have a good bar snack menu........and the wait staff are as attractive as the view. http://www.summitrestaurant.com.au/
  4. Or are you talking about cutting up bodies and storing them in freezers?? I am quite worried about the reply. Edited to add: After looking at your homepage maybe your freezer conspiracy theories have to do with the melting of your wonderful dessert creations. They look delicious and I am sure any outer space alien would appreciate them.
  5. Quote Somehow snout and lung sound more appetising;) Burp - I think I am going to be sick. Yes but blood vessels - Burp eeeewwww yuk. Never again unless they're are home made. I have become so cynical of processed anything now that I make my own mince.
  6. There is a great article on the Australian CHOICE website regarding meat pies. http://www.choice.com.au/viewArticle.aspx?...title=Meat+pies Now I have always loved a good meat pie but now I am totally put off by what is considered MEAT under the food standards code. What has really turned me off is the definition of meat, which can include parts of the animal many people might not normally eat, such as: • snouts • ears • tongue roots • tendons and • blood vessels. For some reason only offal (such as brain, heart, kidney, liver, tongue, tripe) must be specified on the label. The definition also includes body parts from animals you might not expect to be eating: • buffalo • camel • deer • goat • hare • rabbit. What are your thoughts on this article and will you ever eat another MEAT pie? Maybe there is a reason for calling them dogs eyes with dead horse [Pie and Sauce]
  7. I always pretent to photograph my dining partner but move the aim of my camera at the last minute and I alway use the flash. Nobody seems to mind me snapping off one or two shots during dinner at least I have'nt had any complaints so far. Happy Snapping
  8. Taubear

    Sea Beans

    What on earth/sea is a sea bean??
  9. I thought Jason’s freebasing comment was a great reply. I got a laugh out of it anyway. You could try mashing them up and injecting them for something different.
  10. I lived in Ackland for a few years and some of my favorite place to dine are. PASHA http://www.thenourishgroup.co.nz/pasha/intro.htm THE FRENCH CAFE http://www.thefrenchcafe.co.nz/ Coromandel PEPPER TREE RESTAURANT http://www.coromandeltown.co.nz/peppertree__restaurant.htm They make amazing mussel fritters. Ask for them as they are not listed on the online menu. Enjoy
  11. It doesn't, however, have to be the perfect cup of joe just a good one. I never return to a place that serves average coffee.......there are plenty of places that serve average everything. I think it would be better to purchase or lease a better quailty machine and provide training to your staff. Customers will return to a place that serves a great coffee.
  12. I know we are getting off the suject of food but I also have a friend who cannot touch cotton wool balls.......can't even talk about it without him getting all quivery. Phobias are weird.
  13. Oh I have just thought of another issue that I have in the kitchen. I cannot tolerate unwashed potatoes, the ones in the shop that have not had the soil brushed from their skin. The thought of picking up a dirty potatoe stops me breathing until I can get it under some water. It’s the dryness and the smell of the dirt that gets to me; needless to say I never buy unwashed potatoes.
  14. It's a beautiful website and it's nice to see that they have been willing to share some of their recipes. I had a memorable meal there in December and would reccomend it to anyone. I look forward to the recipe book.
  15. How about lightly coating them with 5 spice powder and searing them in a hot pan and then rest in a warm oven. Serve with white rice, bok choy with oyster sauce. Simple quick and tasty. Choose a nice reisling or chardonay to go with it if you like white or a decent pinot noir if your going for red.
  16. Anything served on a stick. {{{{ Shudder. The feeling of the wood either being pulled out of the food or biting down onto the stick through the food makes my teeth turn to jelly.
  17. I love corned beef and onoin friters. My nana made them for us when we were kids and I still love them to this day. Make a corned beef raost an use the leftovers for fritters......serve with mash, beans and tomatoe sauce.
  18. What would be an appropriate stuffing for roasted poohbear? ←
  19. chocolate-covered spiderman absolutly cracked me up I have been thinking about such things as Dwarfs - covered with moss and deep fried Elfs - ground and sauteed with pixie's Mermaids - in a sea broth Other Super Hero's - coated, rolled or logged Sauteed, grilled,deep fried and so on. I personally find this thread very funny
  20. Cyclops probably tastes like burnt electrical wire with a firm spongy texture. Best to brine first followed by boiling for two days. Slice and eat with magic mushrooms.
  21. Lamb stew with mashed potatoes. Edited to add BEER. I love BEER and BEER loves ME
  22. Taubear

    Warm foams

    May I ask how one makes a cold foam??
  23. How about "Mr Silver at your service"
  24. There is something sublime about a good peice of toasted bread spread with Lescure Salted Butter from Charente. Plain and Simple
  25. I have to agree. I can't eat corn chips because they smell like.......well mice. All that running around on the little wheel must make their feet/claws smell. Corn chips = Mice feet Call me mad but that the way it is for me.
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