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  1. I actually make these in bulk and freeze them so when I come home from work a little late getting dinner ready isn’t a problem. Some of my favourites are: - White fish, olives (black or green), sun dried tomatoes onion and olive oil. Chicken (I use boneless thighs) fresh garlic, lemon juice and olive oil. Chicken, garlic, ginger, light soy sauce, shitake mushroom slices, sesame oil. Take them out of the freezer and put in a hot oven for 20 mins. Meanwhile cut up a few vegies, parboil for 5 mins rinse and toss in a hot wok with a little butter, salt and pepper. These are extremely quick meals and they are healthy and delicious.
  2. Why don't you try asking your local fish monger to get it for you. They will have access to the fish auctions
  3. Balmain would be the best option out of your list. It has a very good range of restaurants and specialist food shops including butchers and green grocers. Good luck with your move.
  4. Sounds like an excellent reason to plan a trip to Western Australia and the price including the accomadation seems very reasonable. Thankyou for sharing your experience with us Julian.
  5. Well I give up .............. a sandwich as a national food. How proud I would be...................
  6. OK so you decided to pick on a cuisine that you may have no idea about. Have you been to NZ and have you experienced their cusine. One must ask these basic questions before making generalisations about a counties food. Mind you I do not hail from NZ and am instead an Australian......but i suppose you would like to put us all in the same box. A little research goes a long way when trying to answer a global question from a neibourhood base. Regards Mark
  7. OK first post for the new year. Happy New Year to all. I have been going to Kuali in Lane Cove every week for the last few months. The restaurant is not so much of a hawker joint as it can be expensive [The signature dish is mud crab with curry sauce] but it has a good range of hawker dishes. I absolutly adore this place and highly reccomend going if you get a chance. Here is the link http://www.kuali.com.au/ Cheers Mark
  8. Taubear

    Fat Replacements

    What does one mean by the quote above? I would be worried about ingesting anything that gave me anal leakage
  9. Hi Adrian, I have several Scanpan Copper/Stainless steel pots and pans which I would highly reccomend. They are very well made and no where near as expensive as the French made copper pot'n'pans. They are called "Scanpan Fusion CS5" Here's the link http://www.scanpan.com/main/summary.aspx?id=5 Cheers Mark
  10. Pleasures: Collecting fresh mussels off the rocks in a remote part of the New Zealand’s south island west coast. It’s a wild a remote part of the world and the rocks were laden with large green lipped mussels. I took them back to my unpowered cabin and cooked them with some white wine, herbs, garlic and cream. Pure pleasure. Hazards: Driving into a Westfield’s car park (Large shopping mall) and taking an hour to find a car park before I can even start my grocery shopping. A hazard I now avoid like the plague.
  11. I just bought one of these last weekend from BBQ's Galore. It has enamel plates which are easier to maintain and won’t go rusty. I paid $800 and it has a 10 year guarantee and it cooks beautifully. I have cooked a traditional BBQ, roast chicken and pork all of which have been cooked to perfection. I initially went into the store to buy a Webber but decided that it was not as convenient as a gas BBQ with a hood. It has options to add a wok element on the side as well as a rotisserie option. http://www.barbequesgalore.com.au/products...productid=17298
  12. Nigela Lawson always uses the term "Voluptuous" when referring to cream sauces. I usually like the word but I really can't stand the term when it's used to describe food. Quiver
  13. Over here in Australia we like to drink our beer when there are ice crystals forming amounst the liquid. I love to crack open a can on a hot day and take a very large drink. Mmmmmm freezing cold beer....so cold your teeth turn to jelly.
  14. After reading this quote "... and it's bloody great. Just sometimes life takes one too far from Hunter Arcade.." I walked down there for lunch today. I went to the Malaysian place on the lower floor and ordered their chicken curry. To put it simply it was bloody delicious.
  15. Taubear

    Peach problem

    I make peach chutney with my excess peaches and it’s beautiful with curry and rice or any other spicy dish you can think of. In your stock pot Cut peaches into reasonably small cubes (Doesn’t really matter as they disintegrate with cooking). Cook a few onions and some garlic. Add the peaches and combine. Add as many chillies as you like. I like quite a few. Add some sultanas or apple if you have any. Add a cinnamon quill or powdered cinnamon. Add some coriander (cilantro) leaves. Add some black pepper and some sea salt. Add some (1 cup) apple cider vinegar or whatever vinegar you have in the cupboard. Taste and add some sugar if required. Heat some jars in your microwave to sterilise and bottle your peach chutney. Save some for yourself and give the rest to your family and friends. You will be the talk of the town.
  16. Thanks for your great reviews I really enjoyed reading each days restaurant review and will keep them in mind on my next visit to the land on the long white cloud.
  17. I am surprised by the number of dishes that are surrounded in foam. Seems a little overused to me. Did you think the meal was value for money or more of a theatrical play with food as the main character?
  18. I loved Pasha which is located down in the Viaduct just near the Hilton. Beautiful pork dish there and the cocktails are great as well. http://www.thenourishgroup.co.nz/pasha/ Enjoy
  19. Uuuggggghhhhh I am doing a Homer Simpson dribble reading this thread. Lately I have been making Prawn cocktails [i cannot get enough of them] Steak Dianne [ Ahhh that beautiful garlicy sauce] Osso Bucco [Comfort food] Cup cakes with lemon curd and butterfly wings coated in icing sugar. I love retro food, it makes me feel unrushed and refective. Great topic.
  20. Yeah we're a pretty crass lot down here. Here's a lesson. Block your nose and say. I have a glass of Shiraz before I go for a dance. Over pronounce the A in both words and you will fit in no worries downunder.
  21. I suppose the strangeness of broccoli is that it is normally considered something eaten at/with dinner, salad, blue cheese combined with scrambled eggs which is traditionally a breakfast dish. The broccoli trees were sitting atop the scrambled eggs and were cooked to a mushy type consistency and the combination of all the ingredients didn’t really work as a breakfast meal. As for truffle oil I am one diner who is completely over it. It seems to permeate every restaurant menu who wants to up their prices by adding oil infused with a hint of truffle. Whisks – We did wander over to Fratelli Fresh. It’s a large space filled with A grade fruit and vege’s and a good selection of premium meats, cheeses and various other imported goods. It also has a fully equipped training kitchen used for cooking classes and a café upstairs.
  22. We went to the Danks St Depot last weekend for breakfast. We had Creamed eggs with truffle oil, chives, mushrooms & tomato. With a side of Bacon Hash Slow cooked broccoli served on scrambled eggs and toast with fetta & parsley. The service was good but I found the flavours in the creamed eggs overpowering. My partner found broccoli for breakfast a little strange. At this stage I don't think I would be going back in any hurry.
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