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  1. Congratulations PCL and Shinboners Looking forward to your new topics with an Australian and New Zealand flavour.
  2. I thought I would add an Australian perspective to this great thread. Neither! I had a mate that liked to impress overseas visitors by cooking breakfast on a spade and yes you heard right. He was a plumber during the week and used his spade to dig holes. On the weekend we would often have a Barbie and if we had any guests from overseas, Ross would get out his trusty spade and place the base of the spade over some coals from the open fire. He would take great joy in telling said guests that, that’s how we have a Barbie in Australia. He would then start telling stories about how kangaroos can surf using their long feet as surfboards and their tails as a guide. Usually he would only put an egg and a rasher of bacon on the spade and it was never eaten but always amused the guests. Once the joke was realised out would come the cast iron skillet which would be used on the same bed of coals. It was always alot of fun having a Barbie with Ross
  3. I made my own stock pot with a tap out of a food grade plastic container [Hols 5 litres] and I bought a plastic tap to go with it. I cut a hole close to a corner [The corner is stronger] and about 2.5m from the base of the containers which was slightly smaller than the tap. I then fitted the tap to the container into the containers and tested it with some warm water to ensure it was leak proof. Make your stock as you usually do and once complete cool let stand to cool slightly before pouring the entire contents through a sieve or colander into the plastic container. Leave it on the bench to cool and let the sediment settle and the fat rise to the top. Pour off the beautiful clear stock into manageable containers ready for freezing. No fat, No sediment and the whole thing cost me about $5 dollars to make.
  4. This is a very funny tread I have been chortling and gfawing all morning whilst sitting at my office desk. I even managed a snigger which turned to some very loud snorts. Made my day.
  5. The word "punnet" was new to me! THANX SB ← We call them a Punnet in Australia. You go to the supermarket or fruitier and buy a "Punnet" of strawberries. In New Zealand they call them a pottle. I am from Australia but have spent the last 6 years living there. I always found that a strange word. "Pottle" weird
  6. Cherries Roll them around in your mouth and then rip them apart with your tounge and teeth. Delicious and not too sweet.
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