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  1. Couldn't I just post a "We're meeting at such n'such for Offal Outing 2 on such date, etc" in the ISO Friends thread? Herb, how about coming back this weekend or next or perhaps conspiring with your old cohorts on when a good time w/be? I noticed a couple of the places from the first outing are no longer open (as far as I could tell) La Lunchenette and Foccaceria. Anyone know what happened/if they moved/changed names, etc? Any suggestions on the latest Offaly eats? I had Pig's ear, beef brain and tongue tacos at Tehuitzingo a couple weeks ago. Wouldn't mind going back for the Goat tripe
  2. I stumbled on this sleeper and found myself salivating on the key board. Wow, what an amazing post (1st pg) by Slkinsey. Was there ever an Offal Outing 2? If not, can we plan one?
  3. Nice Review Rich. Sounds like it's worth a trip! Did you happen to notice it was Meehan's $25 and Under pick in the Times yesterday? http://events.nytimes.com/2006/04/05/dinin...ews/05unde.html
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    Geez, they had all the warnings in the world about this stupid lighting. How could they not have known (esp with a culinary simpleton like Bruni in office) that they'd get shelled for distractions such as these come review time? So easy to fix/adjust! I remember when we were there I mentioned to her (Alex's wife) that a lighting adjustment would recreate the room for the better. She agreed and cited a semi incompetent, unreliable electrician. Crazy! The review is bitter-sweet. Fantastic they got 2 but to think the difference for a third might have been a couple of dimmers (for the most
  5. Hmm, that's a pretty tight budget esp for Soho. How about the counter at La Esquina for tacos and beers? You can watch and rate the no-reservation-having-B-listers sweet talk (or try to) their way into the not-so-secret basement dining room
  6. Went to Queen of Sheba last night and can concur it's one of the better of the bunch. We shared the Vegie and Beef combos. (Passed on apps and were happy we did as the combos are sizable and injera ((sponge bread)) can really fill you up) Our fav of of the veg combo was the Ater Kik Alicha; split peas w/onion, garlic, olive oil. and tumeric, -creamy with a sweet accent. The others were solid too, well seasoned varied renditions of greens and beans. The meat combo (lamb and beef tibs) also offered varied tasty stews with good qlty meats (not fatty or tough as can be the case in this cuisine)
  7. Tried the pig tails the other night. (I'm sure they exist in Chinatown but I haven't come across them anywhere) Interesting, crunchy texture but not very meaty, a bit too much fat and cartilage). I wouldn't try them again with all the winners I've prveviously sampled. If you want something funky go with the spicy tripe. Also, they recently added sweet breads.....can't wait to try them. I also like the assorted pickles (which really isn't pickles but marinated veggies and seaweed in a sweet rice vinegar sc).....refreshing and a nice way to start. Steamed buns are great too....(chicken w
  8. The short answer is, no. ← The long answer (given the aspirations of the flagship) is no-way-in-hell-can-this-pub-vie-for-top-spot. Several defeaters come to mind, the likes of Bobby Vans, Delmonico's, Mark Joseph and Bayard to name a few. -Sure, these are pricey (somewhat boring) steak houses but they blow away the PJ's in all categories.
  9. My bad, re the burgers; "plump and tender, though not exceptionally so". -such are the details we've come to accept. (Then again, this is pretty descriptive for the count). The TGIF and RL refs were obviously exaggerations but really, landmark or not, PJ's is barely glorified pub food. It doesn't merit to be 1 out 52 reviews per annum.
  10. My thoughts exactly...before I even read the review this morning, I saw the headline and thought, "Why?" Why on earth would he review this restaurant? I don't get it. Sigh. ← Not to mention he didn't even detail the burgers which have (as long as I can remember) been their biggest claim to fame. Oak said it so well, whata waste o'space. I hope Friday's or Red Lobster doesn't open another branch.
  11. This place sounds very interesting. Anyone know if they offer a lunch/brunch buffet? (I'll give them a hollar later).
  12. I'm no Bruni fan but I thought the Blaue Gans review was more explanatory, interesting and less cliché-ish than usual. Though, I don't believe the 1 star bestowed was fitting. The review is glowing. He had far more negatives for Al Di La and a host of recent others yet they received 2. Why? Blaue has been on my list for a while so I hope to form my own opinion very soon.
  13. I was also very impressed with Thor last wknd. The place was mobbed but we were sat right away in the lounge area. (I'll confess, we had a connection so we were spared what looked like an insane wait in the dining room with or w/out a res). We expected to wait a long time for our food. Our terrine arrived w/in 4 min of ordering and mid courses just long enough after. The food was on a level of Walse and as creative as say Bar Room at the Moderne (w/prices significantly lower esp if you stick to mid courses). Really enjoyed every dish and our waitress was a sweetheart not to mention pr
  14. Eatmywords


    I think there was an idea that Babbo (and a few others) were revolutionizing many aspects of American fine Italian dining with gamey Tuscan creativity. The reward for this was, and still is "passes" in other areas of execution. I expected something much more refined, interesting and less "comforting" in my Babbo experience. -One of the best Italian restaurants in NYC? Maybe. One of the best in NYC? No way. Whatever the label, upscale Italian food has bored me for sometime esp compared to French, American (nouveau), Asian, etc. I'm not the least bit excited to get to Del Posto not just
  15. Or if you really want to get opulent-tacky-oldschool-Russian, the multi-level "Firebird" could be fun (food is hit or miss but it's tough to go wrong with a couple healthy spoon-fulls of beluga on black bread). I've never been to Orso or Rene Pujol but have heard good things repeatedly.
  16. I wrote to Andrea Strong today to see if she had an opinion as to how her review was being discussed. This was her reply: hi xx thanks for your note and for defending me. as far as getting online and dealing with all the fall out from the review, i dont really want to get involved with what people are saying about me -- if my credibility is on the line, i am sorry to hear that, but i know what i ate and it was pathetic, and very expensive. i was with a very well respected chef that night and she felt the same way. i realize that i made a math error in my review -- i am admittedly
  17. Ditto, very nice! Thanks for sharing. ← And yet another big ditto! Did you take those pics? Amazing! Now, was that 7 or 8 (sharable) dessert courses? (I lost count after the hedgehog)
  18. Admin: Posts on Andrea Strong merged in from the thread on Morimoto's in Manhattan. I don't recall Andrea Strong's reviews other than the posts on her site but I would find some credibility (whether she hands out few negative reviews or not) based on her credentials w/include (from her site): "The New York Times, New York Magazine, Time Out New York, The New York Post, Real Simple, Conde Nast Traveler, Crave, Paper, Food & Wine, Gourmet, Drinks, Organic Style, and a slew of other local and national magazines and newspapers." Does anyone on this thread or this site for that matter (bar Rei
  19. Eatmywords


    Fantastic pics and review Daniel! The bursting poached egg is the first "food-in-motion" shot I've seen on egullet! Amazing!
  20. Yea, I agree w/Dryden, everything more or less can be found in C-Town. I don't know if it's still there, but I remember a small store next to Fried Dumpling on Mosco St. http://newyork.citysearch.com/profile/11647403 that had all sorts of sc's, noodles, spices etc for Thai and Vietnamese cooking. I w/chk that one too.
  21. I know it's been discussed but I'm still miffed by these supposed "dining companions" -who appear to be confused at anything more elaborate than meatloaf. - "By the time the appetizers were explicated, my companions began to look less dazzled than dazed" or "Another friend could remember little but the bread" - Are you kidding me? Is it safe to assume these companions have yet to hit puberty? I understand he/the powers that be are ever wanting to reach more readers but with all due respect, shouldn't the (supposedly) most respected food critic in the country be surrounded by "friends" who,
  22. I was talking by the slice. (Ironically, when I posted, I was thinking how much I generally prefer a reheated slice over that of a fresh pie......crispier crust that holds the cheese and toppings together, more flavorful and less wet all around). Another I love is the (real) original Ray's on Mott & Prince. Perfect white and regular slices. I brought my cousins from SF and they professed it was the very best they've ever had.
  23. I live in the hood too. Have you ever had a plain slice of Mariella's on 8th Ave btwn56th/57th? I highly recommend it. Great crust and sc (slightly sweet w/the right amt of basil/oregano) Def worth a try. I also like 9th Ave Pizza's ricotta/spinach or eggplant slice. (-Even better is their chicken sorrentino but that's another story/thread)
  24. HeyJ, a similar request was discussed just last week; "First timer NY..." http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=82131 .......the starter, Magic168 had some nice reviews and pics. Also try the "Best of NY" threads http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=69849 Enjoy
  25. I've never been when it wasn't packed (at night, during the wk or wknd) and I've never been disapointed by the anti's esp the caponata, brussel sprts and cauliflower and any pizza esp the nightly specials (-finished w/a sunnyside egg ofcourse). Though, I've only ever dined at the bar, I'd say it's the best place to be should you want to sample (all the) wines or grappas before choosing. The bartenders are awesome.
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