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  1. Puerto Ricans make a coconut ice that is out of this world. Back in my day, the old Latino men used to come to the street corners in Alphabet City, with their carts of the frozen treat. Look on Latino websites to see if there's a recipe for it. Theresa
  2. A silicone candy mold in a shape you like would also work. Theresa
  3. Awww, gee, now you're going to make us do math! Just kidding. Is your intention to change the caramel to something more pipeable, without losing flavor? The first thing I thought of, and this is just a guess, but maybe decrease the sugar and add more corn syrup? Candy Experts, I respectfully ask to be corrected if I'm wrong. Theresa
  4. I have cleaned up my fair share of spill-overs while boiling pasta. I think that gadget in the photo might be a worthwhile investment for me, as I tend to get distracted and forget to take the lid off the pot when it gets back to the full roll. By the way, Steve, I saw that watermelon knife featured on TV the other day. Have you tried it yet, and does it really make cutting melons and cabbage as easy as cutting butter? Theresa
  5. There is also a recipe for pipeable meringue on the Martha Stewart website that was used for her chrysanthemum cake. I have used it as a chocolate candy filling, and found it stays soft but not slimy. http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/223948/italian-meringue Theresa
  6. Did you test the precision of your thermometers before using them with boiling water prior to use? In the classes I took, the chef taught us two things - 1 - always test your thermometer to measure the temperature of boiling water, prior to use, and 2 - use a thermometer that registers internal temperature, not surface temperature, when making chocolates and candy, as heat rises, and the surface temperature will be hotter than the internal temperature. Theresa
  7. chefrubber.com sells individual colors. Theresa
  8. A wet, then frozen, kitchen towel, wrapped around the mixer bowl, helps cool the meringue down faster. Theresa
  9. Don't knock yourself out searching for a small round cutter. When we make fondant pearls for cakes, we roll out the fondant and cut circles with a round pastry tip. It gives us uniform size, then we just roll them into the pearls. A size 12 round or a 2A should do nicely for your purposes. Theresa
  10. tmriga

    The Chew

    I watched it all last week. I liked it, but wouldn't reschedule my routine for it. I was drawn to it because of Carla Hall, who is my all-time fave Top Chef chef, and Michael Symon, whose skills I respect but also enjoy his laugh. I found that it's difficult to focus on, because there's so much activity and so many people talking at the same time, so you don't know which is the background noise. I would prefer that Daphne Oz, who is probably a very nice person, and obviously learned in healthy eating and lifestyle, earn her own credibility, instead of she and the other hosts constantly referring to her very famous father, in order to validate her expertise. Theresa
  11. The thought of three flavors, none really adding texture, makes me want to shy away from the pumpkin caramel chocolate, so I vote egg nog. Theresa
  12. This sounds like an enterprise I would outsource to someone who already has the necessary equipment, and then be there to monitor quality control on my recipe. Theresa
  13. I would think that the hand crank sausage stuffer that our corner butcher used generated a lot less heat than a motorized one. When you first looked at it, were it not for the nozzle that the meat came out of, you would have thought it to be an hand-crank ice cream maker. Theresa
  14. Wegman's has a great 90% ground beef, which I use often, because they use a coarse grind, which I prefer. I find there's more beef taste in a coarse grind than fine. When the whole top or bottom rounds are on their annual sale, I buy a couple of them, then ask the butcher at the market for some beef trimmings to make my own ground beef. One for ground beef, one for steaks and cubes. I prefer a coarse grind for most purposes, but when making vast amounts of meatballs or meatloaf, I prefer a medium grind. I use the Waring Pro meat grinder. Theresa
  15. tmriga

    Frying Tomato Paste

    I learned this as a child - one of the few things I learned from my mother's kitchen (she didn't have a widely varied menu in her kitchen, but what she did make was fabulous). I was surprised to see it, years later, in The Godfather, when Clemenza was cooking sauce for the crew while they were hiding in their safehouse. Theresa
  16. I remember seeing threads here on the Gullet that involve the use of powdered veggies. What about using them? Theresa
  17. Sounds more like a buy-out than a partnership. Proceed with caution. If anything smells fishy, it's probably bad. I agree about the attorney. I have a colleague who went into a partnership with an already established business. She was star-struck, thinking she would have autonomy. Instead, she ended up being handed her hat within six months. Because she did not seek legal advice, as we all begged her to do, she ended up losing her recipes, half the equipment she brought into the partnership, and in bankruptcy. Good luck. I hope all works out well for you. Theresa
  18. We've seen whoopie pies emerge and fizzle out, too. Pie, yes, but it will be pie on a stick. As soon as they perfect it. The ones I've seen so far are gravitationally unstable. Theresa
  19. I love pound cake - the old-fashioned, pound-o-this, pound-o-that, cake. Occasionally, I add vanilla extract, citrus zest, or chocolate chips. I lighten it just a bit by beating separating half the egg whites and folding it in at the end, before baking. Theresa
  20. What I've found with cookies, especially shortbreads and spritz, is that the floury taste subsides, leaving all the other flavors to shine. Theresa
  21. The acetate sheets can be bought at many art/craft stores. I know Blick sells very large ones that can be cut down. Colored cocoa butter can be bought from ChefRubber.com I do not know about printers, and I do not forsee a regular printer working without clogging as the cocoa butter cools. I know you can use the clear silicone stamps sold in craft stores. I used some to do monogrammed cookies for my grandson's wedding. Theresa
  22. Taco Bell sauces are good on eggs. Theresa
  23. What is this 'extra heavy' of which you speak? I've only ever seen regular Hellman's (and all that modified stuff, low fat, lite, etc. which doesn't count.)Sounds like a good thing to me! Extra Heavy mayonnaise is a deli-type of mayo. I've only seen it in the gi-normous gallon or 5 quart size. A couple of years ago, I went to a grocery outlet and saw the gallons for $4.00 each, so I bought a few. We have a large family, so with all the birthday/etc. parties, it went fast. This last gallon I bought at a restaurant supply store that also sells to the public, and used wide-mouth mason jars to split it with my sister. Here's a link to a post on Serious Eats, which describes what it is - http://www.seriouseats.com/talk/2008/11/extra-heavy-mayonnaise.html It's denser in taste and texture than regular Hellmann's. For use on sandwiches, you can spread a little less on the bread and get the same flavor as a normal portion of regular mayo, but it's best use is for salads. Theresa
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