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  1. Hope this doesn't sound like a silly inquiry..... I grew up in an era in which the parental/grandparental unit always wore an apron while preparing the meals. Generally, if not home made, they were purchased at Woodward's, Eatons or Simpsons Sears. Usually the half size terry towel type. It took me awhile, but I'm starting to think it might be a good idea to wear an apron myself while doing kitchen duty. However, they just don't seem to available in the stores, like they used to. I don't want to spend big bucks on the fancy ones and don't sew. Any suggestions where to buy a few aprons, at an inexpensive price, easy wash and wear material, in the Vancouver area? TIA.
  2. Oddly enough, they have quite the selection at Save-on Foods. Also, I think a variety of sauces may be available for purchase at Sammy J Peppers? It's been a heck of a long time since I've been there, and by no means do I recommend it beyond a place to get together to watch a game and quaff some beers, anyhow, a few years ago, they had quite the selection available. Maybe give them a call if you can't find your choices elsewhere, but I'm pretty sure the ones you mentioned are at Save-on.
  3. We were probably average spenders at Bobby's. Apps, main, dessert, a few bottles of wine around the middle of the list. It seemed to me the server kept the whole 100. She did tell us to take care of the doorman and escort though. Definitlely talent (or maybe just watching enough movies and reading threads like these), not beauty! Note: In the cab on the way to the airport, we told the driver about our experiences tipping people (this was all new to us). He mentioned that what we were practicing was not called tipping in Vegas, but "Toking." It seems a tip is for services already received, while a toke is an advanced payment for future services. Found that to be interesting. ← Oh yes indeed, a C note would be advantageous to the practice of toking.
  4. Ok, so, basically none of the six of you had to pay the cover charge to get in? Plus didn't have to wait in line? This begs the question, did the server get to keep the C note or did she have to share? Perhaps you were high end spenders at Bobby's so the word was spread that this habit might extend at Pure? Sure sounds like a good technique though, I'm jealous of your talent and/or beauty.
  5. Ouch. A harsh lesson learned, I'm sure. Bet he never tried that practice again.
  6. After reading your technique , do you really think any of us would readily admit to it? No, really, I've never tried it, honestly, I haven't.
  7. Darn, I wish I could remember where I read something about this, it was just a couple of days ago, I think some kind of newspaper publication. Anyhow, it said that palm greasing, aka slipping the maitre d' cash is definitely an ill-mannered behaviour and highly frowned upon, well in most establishments I would imagine anyway. Definitely not recommended.
  8. The Vancouver location has been eliminated from the Tony Roma's website, only Coquitlam remains out of the two Lower Mainland locations. I'm guessing that they probably were no longer profitable in that location, it certainly wasn't that convenient to access and all the new CFD's to the north probably get most of their intended type of business. As for the other place, a google search indicated they are looking for staff, not sure if the wages offered are very enticing.
  9. Organic blue gouda cheese (Dutch imported) is on sale this week at Save-on Foods, locally anyway. I can't claim to be a connoisseur of fine cheese, but I found this to be very delicious, I wish I bought more, and I will! Highly recommend it if you are interested. (don't know how it compares price wise, but is $3.79/100 g until Saturday midnight.)
  10. are we talking about the Canuck's? No, but unfortunately a certain trade sector is dominating the interest of many concerned in B.C., and all others are getting short shrift. Surprised to see that some companies that would never have to advertise for staff are, and some were even advertising in publications that they have absolutely never in the past done so in, and I'm quite sure that it's because the people that they'd normally expect to be queing in a huge line up for an application (which happened in the past years), have found employment in the other trade sector, at higher wages. God forbid what's going to happen to all those enticed by those T.V. ads for culinary education, et al, in another few years. I am interested to see what those in the know, or those who are in control have to say about what they expect to see as of March 2010, in B.C., not just the south-west but overall.
  11. Your post piqued my interest, I searched out some online info. I would seriously check out some of these names and send correspondence accordingly. I cannot believe (well I believe you), but $350.00 plus is supposed to an affordable counter service experience? Yikes! I'd copy appropriate personnel outside of the catering establishment itself, such as the hotel manager, etc. There is no excuse for shoddy or ignorant service, especially at that price and at a place that advertises itself as providing quality and attention to detail in a casual dining atmosphere. Hope you get a response, and you indeed should if you copy MGM Hotel management.
  12. This is intriguing to me.... the spot on West 4th does not seem to be particularly busy... in fact; it seems to be almost "dead" at times. Is the spot on Main supposed to be in addition, or instead of? I have a feeling they'd be better off on Main than in their current location. ← More information and a review of it here.
  13. Sounds interesting, love to hear where. Perhaps a bit contradictory unless these were all exceptional meals that you paid for whilst dining out? If so, rather unusual for the average customer. Does one have to be a food geek to appreciate good reviews, explore the internet and find good recommendations for dining? As an average food geek/customer/earthling that requires food to survive, the Tuna Melts I ate were never, ever prepared in an Easy Bake oven. Basically, you are insulting an era that produced many of us who are now able to possibly afford the cuisines that you write about. I highly doubt however that "Easy Bake Oven Tuna Melt" would be anywhere similiar to the Rare article. PM is an option If your reveiw wasn't a total trashing, then why did you hold back? Be honest, because now, you've just left us wondering what "R" didn't like, and why you didn't report the whole truth of the experience. You know what, if you could report on politics as openly and honestly as you claim to on the dining experiences in our you might garner some interest. Restaurant review vs political election.
  14. ← Maybe it was someone's idea of an April Fool's joke, albeit a day early? It sure as heck doesn't make sense otherwise. I guess no editor reviews it before print, oh well, whatever.
  15. I tried to search if there was a thread that related to this already on this forum, but I couldn't find one. I know there's been mention of certain similiar spots such as the place on Cambie, etc., but it seems they probably weren't in a Japanese restaurant related thread, not specific to a certain restaurant. A place that I recommend in Richmond, is at Garden City and Blundell, Oyasato Japanese Food. Very, very good food, extremely good prices, nice service. Very clean, and open kitchen. The Japanese folks that operate it have been there quite a long time. A great little place. (Eat in or Take out)
  16. Oh my, sounds delicious! Any hint on the cost of a set for 10? TIA
  17. Does anyone know if this place is selling fresh halibut this year?
  18. That presumption disturbs me more than his"her" review. I must inquire, what are the three that you think are representative of national? Actually our local publications (as they were meant to be) and the inner city rags are probably more evocative of the reality of our area, as we know it.
  19. Anybody see the piece? A. ← darnit, no! I had to rush out before 7:00 and tried to make it back before the end of the 11:00 p.m. segment, they usually repeated the burger highlight again at about 11:55 p.m. No such luck last night though, they aired stuff similar to Global/Squire's Satellite Debris at that time. I was so looking forward to seeing the winner. Did you see the Feenies and Diva entree's on Thursday night. Foie gras and all! Big $'s.
  20. The Print Edition - Section Front photo (the image on the web link) seems fitting to her style musings. ← I probably wasn't clear with my original post above, so I edited it with references to the picture. I've got to question, is it appropriate in any style of journalism, food related or otherwise, to be so specific with peoples posting handles and other quite specific information when repeating it in another publication? Her latest article is the meanest spirited I've seen by her yet. READ. CHEW. DISCUSS. SPIT OUT. BLECH.
  21. The Print Edition - Section Front photo (the image on the web link) seems fitting to her style musings.
  22. I'm so glad you posted. I couldn't for the life of me remember what Dean had said the name of the operation was, when I saw him with Simi Sara, as I referred to in my above post. I had tried searching via the interenet last week for the name, to no avail. Sounds like it's going to be great!
  23. Yes, very yummy! As the wife doesn't trust how restaurants weigh them, she started buying from T&T and cooking them at home. ← They have live ones at New Chiu Yeung Fresh Seafood Co. Ltd. along with all kinds of fresh and/or live fish, shellfish and crustaceans. The king crab are huge, although I'd love to try preparing it at home, the prospect is very daunting to say the least. Do they sell you the whole crab? It's a great little store, if anyone is interested. Located at 8191 Westminster Highway, quite close to the Richmond Public Market just across the street.
  24. Are they aware of this new operation? Certainly seems like a popular concept.
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