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  1. Asparagus with Biodynamic Hens Egg 60 versus 65 Theory, Croutons and Warm Herb Vinaigrette $24.00 Anyone know what the hell they are talking about? I assume they are refering to the size of the eggs, but what's the theory?
  2. I prefer fresh for all uses if you can get it. As for how much, well that all depends on how strong you want it but maybe 1 tablespoon of chopped rosemary for a cup of cream? Or a subtler approach may be one sprig the length of your hand in 2 cups cream. I think you will have to experiment, which is, of course, the best bit.
  3. Now, I haven't read through all 22 pages of this thread so I hope I'm not repeating a question, but what is chicken fried steak? I've always imagined it has a coating on it like fried chicken, but I really have no idea.
  4. polly


    I'm pretty sure that cherries are very low in natural pectin, the lemon would help but you'd need to make sure you had enough of the pips and pith to gel it.
  5. I agree totally. Forgive me for continuing off the topic, but what a lovely description of a cook. It is about the making; the smell and feel and the creation and definately the pleasure you give to others.
  6. Could you describe the flavour and aroma of camphor? My only knowledge of camphor is "moth balls", but i assume they have nothing to do with the edible stuff.
  7. polly

    A boiling point...

    I have no idea how much water you would need, but is it really necessary? The water may stop boiling for a few seconds when you add the broccoli but it will still be very hot and won't negatively affect the cooking of the broccoli. I may be missing a point here, but it doesn't seem like too much of a problem.
  8. polly

    Radish consomme

    I second angrykoala's radish water idea. I think cooking them would dilute the fresh hot slightly bitter flavour that makes radish what it is. Adding veal stock would make it more palatable as a soup, but less of a palate cleanser IMHO.
  9. polly

    Braise then Grill

    I do it with pork belly all the time. Braise it in a chinese master stock till the fat is like jelly, cool it, then slice and grill. Soft and crispy.
  10. It's absolutely lovely! One of those things that tastes so much better than you would think from the recipe. It's really good with white fish and grilled or roasted chicken.
  11. polly

    Carrot Tops

    One of the loveliest salads I've made came straight from a friends vegetable garden and contained carrot tops, baby beetroot leaves, snow pea tendrils and nasturtiums. Who throws away their broccoli stalks? the shame...
  12. polly

    Curing olives

    I've got two olive trees in pots and last year I cured my own home grown olives...It's such a nice feeling for a city person like me to be able to grow and cure my own food. I think my olives are verdales, they are small like nicoise and very tasty. I also bought some large green olives last year and tried a shorter cure using lye, but they didn't taste good so this year I think I'll stick with the longer brine cure. How do you marinate yours? Any tips for a begginer?
  13. Thanks for that skchai, All the wonderful things you learn on egullet... I must have been eating NZ Marmite all those years ago. As for using it in cooking, the vegemite jar used to have recipes on it for all sorts of meat stew/pie type dishes. I've never done it myself, but it can't be too different from a stock cube.
  14. Interesting, I always found Marmite to be sweet. Vegemite is very savoury... And, as everyone has said, you only use a little, preferably on hot crusty toast dripping with melted butter...
  15. Yes, the market! The queen Vic is one of my favourite places in the world. Whenever I've been away from Melbourne I wander around for hours to centre myself and gain inspiration. I grew up on doughnuts from the 'American' doughnut van at the market every Saturday and It's been part of my professional and private life ever since. Markets anywhere are usually the best places to go...
  16. When In Melbourne I cannot recommend highly enough diningromm 211 in Fitzroy or Mrs Jones, it's cheaper sister restaurant. Momo in the city for luxurious modern middle eastern food.
  17. OK now I'm not from Sydney, so this may seem like a stupid question, but where on that list is bel mondo? I thought it seemed like a place to get a hat. Has it gone down hill? Has it closed?
  18. Hey there canadiancook, In restaurants what usually happens is that the mash is made beforehand and left to cool. When a portion is needed, it is either microwaved (in a covered container so you dont develop a skin) or re heated in a saucepan over low heat. Hope this helps.
  19. I love mustard oil, but I've found that some brands are really pungent and obviously mustard tasting (which I like ) and then others are bland. Which sort is used in Bengali cooking?
  20. polly

    Summer Chicken

    Here is one of my favourite sauces to go with grilled chicken. Can be served with hot chicken, or pour it over hot chicken and leave to cool to room temp. SAUCE BOIS BOUDRAN 1 tbs finely chopped chervil 1 tbs finely chopped chives 4 tbs finely chopped tarragon 100g finely diced shallots 150 ml veg oil 50 ml white wine vinegar 85 g tomato ketchup 1 tsp woscestershire sauce 5 drops tabasco salt and pepper Whisk everything together, et voila. Also really nice on fish, bread, grilled beef, potatoes etc
  21. polly

    Salmon Tartare

    Here is a simple recipe. I agree with suzanne that for large amounts you may want to put at least some of it through the mincer. Diced salmon 2/3 Brunoise lemon flesh and cucumber 1/3 Yoghurt dressing: Yoghurt Pastis Lemon juice Salt and pepper Combine enough dressing to coat salmon lightly. Serve as a tian, garnish with chervil and crisp bread OR: There is an absolutely divine and simple recipe for salmon kibbeh nayeh (raw salmon kibbeh) in Greg Malouf's book "Arabesque". I don't think I'm allowed to post an entire recipe, but you can PM me for it. This recipe has the bonus of actually putting the salmon through a mincer, so it would be easy to do it in bulk.
  22. How about making pistachio chilli praline and sprinkling it over grilled chicken or calimari? I have never actually done this but it's been in my head for a while... Pour toffee (with a pinch of salt in it) over lightly toasted pistachios and slivers of red chilli. Then break apart the toffe and pulverize in the food processor. I think the sweet/hot/nutty flavour would be really good with smokey grilled calimari and a bit of sharp lime dressing.
  23. I use all the leaves, blanch till bright green, and then puree them with a little olive oil. Keep the puree in a jar in the fridge and then you can use it in soup, risotto (delicious), pasta etc. It's got such a lovely flavour..
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