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  1. On the day before we had the 3 days of 40C+ I BBQ'd/smoked a rolled shoulder of pork, with potatoes and onions in the drip tray underneath. This gave us cold sliced meat for the next 3 days which we ate with flat bread, lettuce, mayo, pickles, that sort of thing. I was tempted to wrap a chicken in foil and leave it on the bricks outside...I'll have to leave that experiment for next summer.
  2. So they are totally sweet? no salt? Are they eaten with savory food, or as a sweet preserve?
  3. Navettes are turnips. Do a search for turnip recipes and i'm sure lots will come up.
  4. Is chilli padi the same as thai prik kee noo? rat's dropping chilli? If so, you can often get it fresh from markets and asian grocers.
  5. Shinboners, they are the very three restaurants that i would reco too.
  6. Thanks for that answer alanamoana. They are yeasted rolls and maybe that's why they worked so well even though i melted the butter. nibor, your suggestion is of course an eminently practical and rational one. Seeing as i have already made them with melted butter though, I will make the next batch with softened butter and compare (bit less fiddling than splitting the dough) Thanks again all
  7. I recently made some cinnamon and cardamom rolls from Tessa Kiros' book 'Falling cloudberries' and they were fabulous. The recipe called for soft butter to be beaten with sugar but i melted my butter instead. The rolls were really tender and i was very happy with them but I am wondering what likely difference in texture would there be using soft butter in a sweet bread dough and melted butter. Much?, any?
  8. polly

    Fresh sausage problem

    Do you dry them out for a while before cooking? If the casings are a little dry it will help the crisping...possibly.
  9. I was thinking finger limes as well, they are beautiful for scattering.
  10. I have to recommened the River Cottage Meat Book too. Timing a roast has always been a bit of guesswork for me, I've never been totally confident about it; I followed H F-W's advice and it was fabulous. His writing is so interesting, intelligent and full of respect for his animals and the meat they provide him with. Also great photography and design. I know this is a bit off topic, but it is one of a very few cookbooks I've been really excited about recently.
  11. OK, 14 hot sauces puts you in a league of your own! I've got a lot of stuff but you're beating me by about 10 bottles. I have less sauces,mustard and oils but more in the way of chutneys (6), pickles (7) and various asian bean pastes and japanese sprinkles. I am trying to use them all up at the moment though. I've been holding myself back from buying anything new until I can make some room. There are always those bottles up the back, that you never use, that you get sick of looking at and have to throw away at some point. At the moment for me it's a large bottle of Hungarian black cherry syrup that tastes like almond extract!
  12. Is there any particular type of pickled gherkin that he likes? And do you mean any type of cucumber or specifically gherkins that are pickled? I usually make my own or buy them in jars from european delis or butchers. There are a few good brands.
  13. polly


    Patrick, I'd like to hear about your second attempt if you have one.
  14. You can keep it refrigerated for a few days with cling wrap pressed onto it's surface to stop a skin forming, but i'm pretty sure that if you froze it, it would seperate and go yucky when thawed.
  15. polly

    Pickles--Cook-Off 32

    Count me in. I love pickling, and just this morning I bought some little onions to pickle. I might try an Indian style carrot pickle I made up a while ago, and as it is winter here in Australia, maybe something with cabbage, cauliflower or fennel. I'm getting excited now, it's off to write down some ideas...
  16. Also, I don't understand the reasoning behind it, but once I asked why the Metropolitan Bakery stand at the Reading Terminal Market doesn't donate the unsold bread at the end of the day rather than discarding it. I was told there were liability concerns. Maybe they could be sued if someone choked on the donated bread? ←
  17. Dumpster diving has had quite a bit of press here in australia recently. There are quite a few people who do it not only because it saves them money but also to make use of some of the apparently huge amounts of food that supermarkets waste. To tread a little more lightly on the earth... I think its a fine idea. If i were after a little more adventure with my food I'd probably be doing it too.
  18. polly

    Freezing coffee

    Wow, thanks Phaelon56 for all that info and the link. I live near a shop that roasts every day so i have been buying ground from them but you write convincingly for the home grinder. It'll go on the list... Thanks again
  19. polly

    "raw" tea

    Thanks for the link sanrensho.
  20. Does freezing ground coffee help it to stay fresh for longer? or is this a myth? What is the best way to store freshly ground coffee?
  21. polly

    "raw" tea

    Are tea leaves ever used straight off the bush, without drying or curing? Literally green tea... and i think i remember reading about fresh tea leaves being used in cooking, is this correct or am i imagining it? Thanks
  22. polly

    Baking 101

    Thanks Kerry, it seems blindingly obvious now...
  23. polly

    Baking 101

    OK, Here is possibly the silliest question on the thread, and not entirely to do with baking but what does ISO mean when used in relation to a recipe? I keep seeing it and can't figure it out. thanks, polly
  24. Yeah it's pretty early isn't it? don't know where they came from but they worked beautifully in the dish because they held their shape and texture.
  25. I was wondering if anyone could share their experience of the dinner David Thompson did at Longrain Melbourne. I didn't get to go, but my partner works at the restaurant and he brought some food home for me to try. There was a lovely gentle and quite sweet dish of braised Murry Cod with eggplants and pine mushrooms and a hot hot curry of beef with chillies, pepper and galangal, but that's all i got to try. Anyone go to the dinner?
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