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  1. That's a great question. The outer finish is the same on both pans - and they are both Nordicware. Which is why I suspect the inner finish as the culprit. I'm just wondering if there is any way to get a darker crust with the lighter-interior pain, as I have several of them. (I have a bit of a Bundt pan addiction!)
  2. I made my favorite pound cake (Bishop's Cake from Silver Palate) this weekend and baked some of the batter in a silver-lined mini-Bundt pan and some in a black-lined mini-Bundt. The crust on the former was disappointing - pale and un-crusty. The reason was obvious in retrospect. My question is, is there any way to get a decent crust on a Bundt pan with a silver interior? You can see the difference in the pic.
  3. This is brilliant, and I for one would love to see a video!
  4. Thank you, Jim! I used 3 colored cocoa butters from Chef Rubber's jewel collection -- gold, yellow topaz, and purple amethyst. Gold spatter first, using a toothbrush and a gloved finger. Purple next, swirling with a gloved finger. Yellow last, a few drops in each cavity, then blown with a compressed air canister.
  5. The Meyer lemon tree I bought last spring finally has ripe fruit!! I'm all a-buzz and excited to make some curd, at a minimum, but what else? Any (non-savory) ideas appreciated, as well as suggestions of how to adjust sweetening for Meyer lemons in recipes calling for regular lemons.
  6. I have friends with kids in town visiting. Can anyone recommend a good spot in Chinatown for dinner with a family that includes a 2-year-old?
  7. Egg yolks are significantly smaller than they used to be. I'd add another yolk and see if that helps.
  8. Stunning. How do you find the shelf-life of the mousse-filled bonbons?
  9. Ruth, those marble effects are stunning! I'm thinking white chocolate layered with white chocolate that has been tinted with candy colors. What method did you use for the layering?
  10. I have drawn endless inspiration from the wonderful work on this thread. While I'm nowhere near the caliber of you folks, I am starting to get some effects that please me. Here's my latest (forgive hastily snapped pic while on my way out the door this morning).
  11. PastryGirl, that is INCREDIBLY generous of you. We're test-marketing at my local coffee shop and I was prepared to buy 25 or so to get started, but if you can spare even a few, that would be such a boon. Hopefully things will go well enough to justify a $50 minimum order soon!
  12. Oh my goodness, ChocoMom, I'm so sorry to hear about your fire. How devastating. I hope there were no injuries. I love that box from Nashville Wraps, but with shipping it's over $1.60 per piece, and I'm not doing the kind of volume that would justify a $300+ order, unfortunately. Sweet Packaging certainly has some reasonable options, thanks for that tip!!
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