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  1. Thank you Jim D.! I searched for food safe tape but didn't find anything. I would consider this OK to use because it removes easily with no residue. This tape is normally used for fine paint details on metals. It is really relatively fast to apply. But not quite fast enough for my production, I will go back to the hand painted swoosh I have been using, and just use the tape for special occasions..
  2. I found a very thin tape (1/16th inch) on Amazon that works well and removes without residue. Here is the link: http://tinyurl.com/gv3loos I used it for these images posted to Instagram. The result wasn't perfect but the high temps were more to blame that day.
  3. Kerry asked me if he had discussed it in Montreal when I took his ganache course. The description above is not what I remember, but maybe we are talking about a different chocolate. ( I am thinking of the small log with a fairly wide stripe, see image below.) For that chocolate, he mentioned that his assistant used a thin strip in each cavity to block off before spraying, and that it took a fair amount of time. We discussed in the group how this wouldn't be effiicient for production. He arrived in Montreal with all the molds ready to be filled. Here is a picture of both chocolates. The one on the left below was done with a thin strip. We didn't discuss the half dome, which must be the one you are talking about?
  4. Great, will bring cash. You will need to tell us whether we can do Soma. Very excited!
  5. Kerry, sorry to make you redo your list. Please add my mother and me to the Soma tour if possible and Pizza dinner. If Soma isn't possible, what time will you start the master class? I could join you then. If the Soma tour is feasible, my mother would continue the tour of shops with the group while I take the master class. While she is 87, she has the stamina/walking energy of a much younger person. We will need to leave early on Sunday, alas, and miss the last play day. My mother really wants to see the city and that day will be our only opportunity. I am happy to wash dishes on Friday or Saturday to make up for missing Sunday cleanup! How do we pay for the various elements? Is it easiest to bring cash? Thank you, Catherine
  6. Please add my mother and me to Saturday dinner as well. No good allergies. Thank you!
  7. Kerry, I am in Europe till early next week with no email access, so haven't seen the invite. I will be able to sign up for Morato as soon as I return. I assume that won't be a problem? Thanks! Catherine
  8. Kerry, If Morato is indeed open, I will sign up as well, along with my mother. I will have just spent two days with him, but I imagine this will be quite a different demo. Will pay our fees when you post the link. Thanks!
  9. Hello, this is Catherine, new on the list of attendees. I am a long-term reader of the pastry thread, and was a student of Kerry's at Ecole Chocolat. I have a small online molded chocolates business ( chocolatspassion.com ) which I started a little over a year ago. Kerry saw that I was taking a course with Morato in Montreal in early May and suggested I attend your wonderful workshop. I will be coming with my mother, who is visiting from France. We are very much looking forward to meeting everyone, and learning a lot!
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