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    Thuet cuisine

    No sorry, a good friend who happens to be one of my suppliers called me and asked if I had heard anything. I figured this was a good place to pose the question. As i said before i certainly hope it is not true. It seemed like a pretty straight forward question.
  2. My favourite is butter, sugar flour eggs I beleive the title is. By Gale Gand Also Sugar by Anna Olson
  3. Jamie will be exec chef and Walker will be chef de cuisine. Also Jamie will be very involved at the beginning just like he was with the wine bar but once it is up and running he will be around a lot less.
  4. Why would a restaurant opening be on the QT?
  5. Jeebus

    Thuet cuisine

    Look I am a chef in this city as well and the more fine restaurants the better for the culinary scene in this city. As I stated, I hope that this was not true, I certainly never salivated over the restaurants demise.having said that since who you are talking to are people who have dined at your restaurant and potential future guests the attitude that you have displayed will assure the restaurants demise. Perhaps if you were a little less condescending buisness would be better ?. Nothing like serious attitude with a fine meal.
  6. I picked up a copy of Larousse in pretty rough shape. still not a bad deal for $3
  7. Jeebus Crickey! You singlehandedly are plunging us toward the six-figure mark! A hearty welcome to you, my well-organized and -libraried fellow member! Those who are about to cook salute you! ← Thanks, I have started a program that any of my cooks, waiters, managers or any one else for that matter, after signing a small legal document (to make sure my books will come back) are welcome to borrow any book for a wek at a time, no charge to them.
  8. This can not be done as a blanket thing. I have a daughter that is now 11. She has been a foodie for years now ( and my apprentice ) . She has eaten with me at some of the best restaurants in North America starting at age 6. We have dinned at the French Laundry, Trotters(at 7 she finished the grand degustation menu and ate everything placed in front of her), Tru just to name a few and have never caused any form of nuissance. However she is a particularly well behaved child. You can not just exclude someone over age any more than sex or race. it is unacceptable. The restaurant staff needs to step in and very politely ask the parents to reign in their children or ask them to leave if it does not solve the problem.
  9. Jeebus

    Thuet cuisine

    Did anyone else hear any rumors about thuet cuisine going under already? A friend of mine who knows an awful lot of people told me this today. Has anyone else heard this? I certainly hope this is not true.
  10. 1247 I have a lovely little spread sheet helping me keep track. I have started a culinary library where I work.
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