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  1. We did this a few years back on a trip to Chicago. We had 2 1/2 days to dine on the company ticket. The first night we went to one of the big steak houses whose name escapes me and then Topobolompo (sp), the second night Avenues and Tru for the full tasting menu and the third nght we just hit Trotters. It was a great time but the last couple dishes the first 2 nights werea little lost by the end.
  2. Jeebus

    Making Butter!

    Even the butter from 10 years ago seemed to brown differently. There seems to be a much higher liquid content in todays butter.
  3. Jeebus

    Making Butter!

    I ended up rewhipping the cream a second time and what it turned into is basically mild whipped butter. It still never separated even after chilling, so I threw it in the fridge and it sets like butter not like whipped cream. It was milder in flavour but the texture was excellent.
  4. Jeebus

    Making Butter!

    I cultured it with some of the butermilk from yesterday buter. The not chilling it first I guess may be the problem. Will room temp cream not split I take it?
  5. Jeebus

    Making Butter!

    So yesterday I took 4 liters of cream, turned 2 into butter and put tow out to culture overnight. So I put the cultured cream on today and whipped it and whipped it and whipped it and it will not break. It resembles a soft buttercream and has a mild butter flavour, but after 90 minutes I can not even get it to start seperating. Any ever run into this? I used the same equiptment, cream, mixer and speed setting etc? any ideas? EDIT I just went back to the kitchen and it has now gone from fluffy to looking exactly like cream? I swear it looks like it did before I even started whipping it and it still never seperated?
  6. I have been cooking for 15 years, I have a shellfish and certain fish allergies (not fatal). While it can be a pain it will in no way stop you from acheiving anything.
  7. We had such a problem with this that I started ordering GFS lowest grade vegan stuffed green peppers. Shut them up pretty quick.
  8. Thats how I have been doing it for years. Only 1 set of cuts and it works perfectly
  9. I am about to turn 34. I have 3 kids 17,13, and 3, a 1 year old grandchild and two teenage foster daughters. Between professional lives and home life there really is no other time. I am slightly fortunate that I work for a large hotel and while I do work nights they will not allow any of their mangers to work more than 55 hours a week(they are too worried about getting sued for overtime later). Having had kids and starting cooking at a young age was a huge challenge to balance the two, also once the family is there, taking on that dream job for the experience goes right out the window, along with trying to stage wherever you might like. With me we decided that it would be best for my wife to stay home. Better to have one parent all the time than her working as well, being raised by a babysitter
  10. Having spent 5 years at the Air Canada Centre, we had just about everyone you could imagine through there. We did takeout for all hockey and basketball teams after the game, as well the directors lounge had every Canadian polititian, A, B and C list celebrity and wannabe through there. We did most meals for concert performers, so over the years that was just about everyone. The best though was when Andrea Bocceli and his entourage of about 20 came in to the restaurant after his performance and just asked us to cook for them, family style We just kept cooking and they just kept eating. They ate until 2 am. The worst was Paul Mcartney the vegan nazi, who tried to demand we serve a completely raw, vegan menu in our 3 restaurants as well as remove all leather furniture from the entire building, it wasn't good enough to just be moved to another part of the building he actually wanted it moved of the premisis. It was nice to tell one of the beatles (well one of his people anyway) to go stick it.
  11. Our pastry chef kept having his truffles swipped. So for payback he rolled little truffles with a "refreshing" wasabi centre. It served 2 puposes, truffles never went missing and you had no problem spotting the theives.
  12. Jeebus


    How many do you need? You could really impress people and make them your self? They really arent that hard.
  13. We were discussing the "not an accident" aspect as well yesterday. One of my cooks recently left there and he was the one who suggested it. The place was dodgy IMO and had some shaddy business practices.
  14. Not sure if anyone was paying attention to the news today but Sasafraz in Yorkville was completely gutted by a fire today. I was watching it on the news, I don't see them being reopened any time soon.
  15. Jeebus

    New Places

    but rain is nowhere near Yorkville.
  16. I know you can buy unpasturized cheeses but from what i understand they all would have to be aged a minimum of 60 days. however Goat, sheeps and Ewe milk all seem to be pretty much unregulated. I was just trying to find out exactly what the wording is as we are putting a big push on our cheeses right now and i want to make sure I am giving out the correct information.
  17. I read that article and that is what prompted me to ask the question. I look at several of the sites but could not find what I was looking for. Thanks for the help though
  18. I was looking at several sites but have been unable to find the exact laws regarding unpasturized cheese in Ontario and or Canada. Does anyone have a site they could recomend? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Lobby is in fact closed for renovation until Wednesday the 6th it re opens for the film festival, with a brand new chef.
  20. Azure restaurant in the Intercontinental hotel has 2 private rooms that can be combined to accomodate up to 60.
  21. We had a group into the hotel I work in who wanted an extravagant breakfast dish. So we took a 6 oz tenderloin, topped it with a hollandaise sauce in which we have removed half of the clarified butter and replaced it with foie gras renderings and topped it with a poached egg, then we took our homefries and sauteed them in duck fat. One of the best things I have even eaten but I swear I could actually feel my heart slow down.
  22. Jeebus

    La Maquette

    I worked there 15 or so years ago, it was good but has steadily declined over the years IMO. It has become a try to please all people type restaurant now, and the menu is a complete mismash. Other than the busy summer months when the beautiful patio is open I have no idea how the place stays in business.
  23. thanks alot guys, i was on one of those sites I just missed the info I was looking for.
  24. Can anyone provide a link to a site that discusses this topic. I am specifically looking for average times that most of these take before onset.
  25. Having worked for the rubinos I always found their food much more flash than substance, and their food has grown more complex over the years. I can not imagine that hot food is ever served with the plating style they do. The show has some value but the food is definately not my style. And yes they very well may be aliens.
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