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  1. Nightscotsman, I'm soooo impressed with the looks of your cake. You obviously work with a bunch of philistines. You'd get way more satisfaction if you brought your cakes to a homeless shelter. My most frustrating foodie moment was while eating at a wonderful restaurant in Ogunquit, Maine this summer called Arrows. This place has an incredible organic garden, smokes their own fish, makes their own prosciutto etc. The couple next to us seemed nice enough but just did not appreciate what they were eating. The husband ordered the cedar planked salmon and when he finished it the wife insiste
  2. I agree...Freelance rules. My absolute favorite place in the area, including all of Westchester as well. Xaviars next door is also wonderful. I was lucky enough to have my Birthday dinner there last year. So great for a special occassion. Has anyone ever gone to Bully Boy up in Congers. That's another one of their places. That's quite good also. It's quite a large place with a bustling, fun atmosphere. If you can't get into the other two place on the spur of the moment...try that place.
  3. Do yourself a favor and get "How To Bake", By Nick Malgieri. I reach for it at work on a daily basis. He is the best Baking teacher ever.
  4. Stellabella, How did you like "The Corrections". I thought it was terrific! I just finished "Running with Scissors" by Augusten Burroughs (very amusing) and have now picked up for the second time "Red Dragon", by Thomas Harris.
  5. I agree with Snowangel. All the relatives in the old country (Italy) use this method. It's great....You can just run to the freezer and plop one into your soup or stew etc...and it just disolves. So simple.
  6. I just love Mark Bittman's books, like "how to cook everything", and also the ones he's done with Jean-Georges like "Simple to Spectacular". The recipes are relatively easy to follow and when you taste the results you're wowed. I also love "Naples at Table" by Arthur Schwartz (the radio food show host). It's great, not only for the recipes, but also for the lovely stories about Naples.
  7. Have any of you heard of a place in southern Maine called "Flo's steamed dogs?", I'll be going up there this summer and wonder if it's worth stopping in for lunch....or should I just stick to Lobster rolls? -PaulaZuchef
  8. La Petite Auberge is nice (supposedly haunted)
  9. Paulazuchef

    Pulled Pork

    The Pork is ever so slightly bathed in a delicious barbeque sauce and comes in a 32oz plastic container. They don't say if they use a rub. We had it last night on potato rolls with some slaw on the side. I must say it was devine. I would reccommend this product without hesitation. If anyone wants to order, here is their website: www.smokehouse.com , or phone# 1-800-624-5426. Thanks for all you input!
  10. Stagis, I think the family might like "The Lobster Claw" in Orleans and also Clancy's, I think it's in S. Yarmouth, the Marshside in East Dennis is family oriented and everyone will find something they like. Cobie's (a great clam shack and great ice cream too, in Brewster.) Swan River Seafood in Dennis port. Have a terrific time!
  11. I agree with Polly. Use some good quality chocolate and it really doesn't need tempering. Just dip the berries and let them dry on some parchment or wax paper in the frige. Then, when they are dry, melt some good white chocolate and with a fork drizzle a little back and forth on each one. It makes a pretty pattern and gives them a "finished" look. Good Luck!
  12. Bushey, Have you ever been to Chillingsworth in Brewster? The first time we went 3 years ago, we were blown away, but I'm afraid it hasn't lived up to its rep. ever since. Perhaps we just caught them on off nights the last few years. I heard very good things about Brewster Fish House, Let me know how it is if you go there. Also, have you ever been to Hallets in Yarmouth for Ice Cream or a quick sandwich & some chowder for lunch? If you happen to be in the area at lunch time it's a cute old general store type place, very charming and unspoiled and a fun thing to do, if you've had eno
  13. For my husband's B-day his Mom gave him several pounds of Pulled pork from Burger's Smokehouse in CA. What would be the correct way to serve this? What Type of rolls? Are Potato rolls O.K.? Should the slaw go on the side or directly on the roll with the pork? Do any other condiments come in to play here? .....I really want to do this right guys! Thanks for your input. Paulazuchef
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