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  1. Nick Soapdish

    Oatmeal Stouts

    lost coast out of califorina makes 8 ball, and it is quite nice. st ambroise oatmeal stout is the best I ever had, rogue shakespear is nice too. I love stout ns
  2. Nick Soapdish

    Lawnmower Beer

    after work denison's weissbier is my quaffer of choice. at home I usually go for a bitbuerger or a pilsner urquell. I drank a cold paulaner salvator once when I was thirsty. I'm never doping that again. ns
  3. Nick Soapdish


    I love the begians so I go for the corked bottles. I prefer bottles in general either way, unless is cask conditioned. ns
  4. if I buy chocolate for cooking or whatevfer reason I need to hide it from my wife. any chocolate is fair game for her. ns
  5. Nick Soapdish

    NA beer

    I've never tried a NA beer I thought was good. not surprising as beer gets a lot of it's flavour through the fermentation. NA beers are generally severely under-hopped too. ns
  6. last night I had a rodenbach grand cru. damned tasty. ns
  7. this is a bunch: http://www.toronto.com/search?type=grid&fl...link=cs_filter1 ns
  8. Nick Soapdish

    suckling pig

    thanks for the helpful link alexp it's going to be a 20lb'er roasted in a convection oven. now I need to decide what to serve with it. ns
  9. Nick Soapdish


    thanks, I'll post what I do. ns
  10. anyone ever done a roasted suckling pig? I'm looking to do one soon and any advice or pointers would be great. thanks ns
  11. Nick Soapdish


    having a themed tasting and need some suggestions of foods/cheeses to pair with amarone. any help is great. thanks ns
  12. kraft makes an "extra creamy" version of their peanut butter. I use it at work to make peanut butter mousse and it works beautifully ns
  13. st ambroise oatmeal stout and denison's weissbier ns
  14. hi all, sort of new on this site, and it's nice to see a forum for my neck of the woods. thought I'd put in my two cents: over the past few years I think that while creemore is a good tasting beer, it's leaned more towards and ale character. a quality beer, but a little fruity and sweet for a lager. this means one of two things to me, either that it's being done intentionally to suit the brewer's/owner's taste or the beer is being fermented too warm for too short a time. the creemore guys could have been getting tired and looking to sell. I also think that with the decline in sales of rickard's red(molson is re-vamping it as "rickard's pub ale"), molson needs something to be their "faux premium" beer like labatts has keith's ns
  15. does anyone have or know where to find top 50 lists from 2003 and prior? thanks NS?)
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