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  1. I dined for lunch on tuesday. for a restaurant open less than two weeks it was a very smooth experience. I had the steak tartare, suckling pig tart, and the crumble; my friend had the tuna tartare, the hanger steak, and the chocolate tart. I couldn't fault anything. everything was seasoned perfectly and presented in a clean and unfussy manner, yet still appearing stylish. service was professional and friendly. I would definitely return for dinner ns
  2. mention in this week's now http://www.nowtoronto.com/food/story.cfm?content=163985
  3. just got back from caplansky's where I had one of the best smoked meat sandwiches in my life. it's a weird little location, basically cooking out of the tiny kitchen at the monarch tavern at 14 clinton. I can only describe the sandwich as jewish deli meets southern barbeque. if you like brisket get your ass down there. ns
  4. I've heard good things from a few people, I'm looking forward to trying it out ns
  5. I know the area you're staying in richmond hill so I can't assume you're hotel is all that great, and you went to two crappy chain restaurants and you're surprised the service was bad? I wouldn't think places like that hire for people who would give attentive and professional service as they're more inclined to hire for looks and really only care about getting people in and out for the lowest cost/highest profit the chinese restaurants in that area are supposed to be excellent, or you might consider getting on the 404 and coming to toronto. there are some nicer casual places with great food and great personal service like the niagara street cafe, the citizen, starfish and jamie kennedy wine bar. hope the rest of your experience in ontario goes better ns
  6. it's because pickles and barbeque go together like champagne and doggy-style ns
  7. #12 Cluck Grunt & Low #13 Jacobs & Co Steakhouse #14 Prime (at Windsor Arms) - from Chatto's blog. ← cluck grunt and low? I love barbeque and and I really wanted to get behind them but this is piss poor barbeque, imo. had meat not cooked enough, tough and sticking to the bone. cold ribs, stale cornbread, tough beans and terribly slow service I know it's only chatto's opinion be he really needs to wrestle thuet's wang out of his mouth. if thuet was rolling sushi at atelier chatto would declare it amazing ns
  8. I've been to amaya, colborne lane and lucien. I would say they all deserve to be there. ns
  9. Nick Soapdish


    I've had scot's food at habitat and lucien and both are top notch. I'd recommend anyone go there. great bunch of guys in the kitchen ns
  10. not in 2008 either way there's probably only a handful of restaurants that would get a star let alone multiple stars so at this point it probably isn't worth michelin's time ns
  11. I agree about the calamari. I was there a couple of weeks back and it was the best meal I've had in toronto in a long time. probably since avalon was around. ns
  12. I'll be visiting new york and dining at gordon ramsay next month anyone have any recent reviews or feedback? ns
  13. whitehouse meats usually has fresh foie ns
  14. well don't let the sunshine spoil your rain I'd like to see what happens before we crap on it ns
  15. went for brunch yesterday and had a very nice meal. not one, but two bacons.... ns
  16. went to lola last weekend and had a great meal. the new space looks amazing, very well done and worth the wait. ns
  17. I don't know about lai wah heen, but mistura's truffle menu is very good. if they're doing it this year it should be coming up soon ns
  18. holy crap, that food jammers show is so stupid and contrived it's not funny. it'll probably go on for 5 seasons though... I have to agree with xtal about alton brown, I've been loving good eats for years
  19. iron chef, not iron chef america ns
  20. not that I have a great opinion of foodtv canada to begin with, but I just checked the schedule and it looks like they're not bringing iron chef back this season. I know they're all re-runs but it was the best show on the network, imo. what's the deal? did they have to make room for another rachel ray show? ns
  21. I used to sell $1500 guitars while making $7/h and 2% commission. I don't think any industry is different that way. I havn't worked at susur, but I have staged there. there were a bunch of cooks who were all there because they wanted to be there. they didn't seem bitter to me, they were actually a pleasant bunch of guys to work with. I'm sure working under susur pays more in experience than what $300 a week is worth. I also know that the ones who had stuck around for awhile were making considerable more than the others. I'm sure the cooks who apply to work for susur or any other top place know what they're getting into. if I could afford it I'd do it too ns
  22. I remember 10+ years ago licks being great. I don't know if my tastes have changed or if quality has gone down since they've expanded so much, but they're not the same anymore. ns
  23. monsoon on simcoe street is within walking distance and quite good if you like the asian thing www.monsoonrestaurant.ca ns
  24. Oro is: ororestauraunt.com (Elm st. between Bay and Yonge). Celestin has no web address, but is at 623 Mt. Pleasant Rd (at Manor Rd E). I hadn't heard of them either. ← I've eaten at Oro on a number of occasions... it's always been rather good. It seems to be an under-appreciated gem. Try their calamari appetizer - fantastic. ← I'll second the under-appreciated gem bit and the calamari recommendation. oro is a great place ns
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