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  1. cheese boutique should have both truffled cheese and truffle honey www.cheeseboutique.com ns
  2. dinetz or nikolaou probably have them ns
  3. not consistently, but sometimes at Mendel's Creamery in Kensington (on Kensington St, S of Baldwin). They also have great (and inexpensive) smoked fish, salted capers, some good cheese and lots of east european cookies, jams, pickles and such. They make awesome sandwiches too but only on weekdays. is there a white anchovy season or does the preservation tactic negate that? ← thanks I'll check that out this week ns
  4. anyone know where to find white anchovies in toronto? ns
  5. I was in montreal last summer and had a wonderful lunch on a monday at decca 77. $25 for the lunch prix fixe. excellent food, very reasonable. ns
  6. I've seen it, it was quite interesting. it's bound to be on again sometime soon, just check the schedule on foodtv.ca. anyone else ever notice that michael smith talks like a kindergarten teacher? ns
  7. Nick Soapdish


    I was in nyc earlier in the week and it was open. didn't eat but took a quick look inside and it looked beautiful. ns
  8. a tie. better than losing to bobby flay but I thought susur would have smashed him. ns
  9. Nick Soapdish


    you're thinking of the patrician grill. a great diner with great food and a cheap breakfast. I used to go there 3-4 times a week when I was in college and I still try to go once every few weeks or so. I maily go for the breakfast but the burgers, fries and grilled cheese and bacon are all great too. ns
  10. I used to work at splendido and from what I remember they charged tax, and the waiters got tipped so.... $170 + tax and tip = around $230 ns
  11. I went to habitat on the word of a friend and I've been twice in the last week for dinner and had great meals and great service both times. if anyone hasn't been yet you should check it out. the pork belly is holy crap good. ns
  12. hair of the dog in oregon made a beer called "dave" that was 29% ns
  13. I'd check out the patrician grill at 219 king e, just east of sherbourne. nice greasy spoon and good prices. they open saturdays at 8am I think and they're closed on sundays ns
  14. Nick Soapdish


    Just curious ... what is the price of Bavaria? (If it's under 10 bucks, I'll buy it.) ← ooops... prince, not price ha ns
  15. one of the things I've ever tasted was colston basset stilton with 1997 and 1988 jw lees harvest ale. beautiful beers with beautiful cheese. seared foie with pineapple compote with unibroue edition 2004 aged victory storm king with flourless chocolate cake ns
  16. Nick Soapdish


    if you ever come to toronto find a bar with densons's weissbier. one of the best I've tried, the brewer got his yeast strain from the price of bavaria. ns
  17. this book is awesome. the desserts look complicated, but piece by piece the recipes are fairly straight forward. absolutely stunning pictures ns
  18. I'm drinking an 8.5% fullers vintage ale right now and it's very good. ns
  19. Nick Soapdish

    50 Best Brewers

    this is the world best beers as voted by the members of ratebeer, not the concrete absolute best beers ever. chill out folks. ns
  20. cafe au lait is half brewed coffee, half steamed milk cafe latte is espresso with steamed milk coffee with milk(hold the sugar) is exactly as it sounds ns
  21. those are big ones for me too. I hate it when I hear people and especially chefs say chipolte. I've even had people try to correct me when I say it right. I hear lot of people say "harbaneros" and "marscapone" and "parpadelle", all pretty annoying too. ns
  22. cheese boutique has my vote too. afrim, one of the owners, is one of the most passionate cheese people I've ever met. great customer service. I can't go in without spending at least an hour ns
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