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  1. SG~ I don't think I've ever tasted merlot in Paso. What do you buy?
  2. OOOOOOHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, here's what to do, a great recipe, easy and almost foolproof ! SILVER PALATE PATE MAISON.
  3. Erin~ I LOVE your writing. Thank you. (I love egullet, too.) Kathy
  4. I can eat a little bit of liver but......7 lbs. ? I guess you could freeze it and eat it little by little, or make some local dogs VERY happy !
  5. Ah, I'd like to do this with brown rice. Should I slightly undercook the brown rice first, then make sure there's a touch of liquid for it to absorb on the oven stint? What would you say, cook it about half-done? Or with pastas that will go into the oven; maybe half-cook them first also? ← Maybe, I'm not sure with brown rice. Probably, and yes, a little liquid but not too much 'cause the chicken throws off some. So yummy !
  6. RE: foil packets I love doing chicken/rice type things in foil that I can pop into the oven for 1/2 hr. Like this: Caesar Chicken 1 chicken breast, uncooked, cut into strips or chunks 1/2 c. cooked rice 2 T each finely diced sweet red pepper and red onion 2 T chopped fresh tomato 1 T shredded fresh basil 2 T Caesar salad dressing ....low fat is fine Salt and pepper to taste Directions: Take a square of foil, spray with nonstick spray. Put cooked rice, chicken, veggies and basil on foil, drizzle with salad dressing. Fold foil tightly to enclose...throw on low grill or 350' oven for about 20-25 min. I could eat this 2x/week! I also do a teriyaki version. They freeze well, just cook a little longer from frozen.
  7. dockhl

    Coconut Flour

    gwendolyn~ thanks. Have you used it alone, or only combined?
  8. dockhl

    Coconut Flour

    Hmmm. Mostly positive reviews. Wow, LOTS of eggs , tho ! I've been searching like crazy but not coming up with much useful for savory, and everyone seems to indicate that working with it is very hit or miss--you cannot just substitute it for anything else. It seems to retain a lot of moisture. Might be good to mix with almond flour. I know you can use it w/ almond flour for breading on chicken, etc. I have some on order. We'll see.
  9. dockhl

    Coconut Flour

    I am eager to try coconut flour as an alternative to wheat but only seem to find sweet recipes out there. I am looking at it as both a gluten free and low carb choice. Does anyone have any experience working with it? I love the taste of coconut oil in savory applications (scrambled eggs !) so I am open.
  10. Under the circumstances, I'd recommend long and slow so you don't have to worry about time. Cook's Illustrated Slow Roasted Prime Rib thread I never make PR any other way---I love it.
  11. Maggie~ more posts, please ! You are one of the few whose posts I read, regardless of topic............
  12. dockhl

    Pork Tri-tip ?

    Or, maybe not..................
  13. dockhl

    Pork Tri-tip ?

    sounds like something to pass up, no matter what the price ! Thank you all for yur input---I'll stick to shoulder
  14. dockhl

    Pork Tri-tip ?

    I've recently sen pork tri-tip at our local groc stores, can't get a good look to see if it looks like the beef tri-tip or not. Is anyone familiar with these? Can you cook them the same way or are they better cooked long and slow like other pork this size? Any input would be appreciated !
  15. I thought I was alone. I love the act of cooking, find it theraputic---end of busy hectic day with people talking at me? Low music, glass of wine and a complicated recipe---it all fades away. Do I want to eat it? Not so much, a nibble, a taste........better to have someone to eat it and say how good it is ! Almost all food falls into this category............
  16. I like simple shortbread to munch on but I do a variety of non-traditional types for use with desserts (brown butter, peanut butter, cornmeal, etc). I'll have to see what I can come up with, this sounds fun. ← I think I'd make sick with brown butter shortbread. I can't think of many pure flavors that are more seductive. Against my (much) better judgement, can you point me to a recipe?
  17. Inspired by this thread, I took some short ribs out of the freezer this AM and have had them braising with red wine with porcinis. I also had some chuck in there so threw it in (chunks, large) . I browned them in the oven (inspired !! Thx!) and they have been cooking at 300' for hours. Just tasted them....both yummy and tender but the short ribs MELT...........chuck is just good.
  18. Try this: http://www.kidsacookin.ksu.edu/Site.aspx?p...&Recipe_id=5601
  19. Don't know about Napa/Sonoma but in Paso Robles Harvest has been in full swing for the last week or two............someplaces more.
  20. Hi Sara~ Are you looking for lunch and dinner? Will you be staying in SLO? Big Sky~ I always like what is on the menu ....until I get it! Usually seemed underseasoned to me, needing at least a little salt, but the concepts are great. Nice ambience. Firestone~ college place, burgers and beer, might be crowded since school will have just started Cracked Crab~ expensive but fun. big bunch o' crab dumped on your table, messy but tasty Kathy
  21. Shal~ I am sure you've made the BOUCHON CAULIFLOWER GRATIN in the past. Is is not quite right (with the addition of potatoes, of course) ?
  22. don't know how it would work with thta type of roast but I PREFER to cook my tritips from frozen ! THE FROZEN BEEF TOPIC http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=112634&hl=
  23. I really wanted to see something on that nut with the super-complicated menu who wanted to franchise. I believe the restaurant has changed hands but it would have been fun to see it before that happened.(Sebastian's, Toluca Lake.........that was it!)
  24. Ditto. I love presalting (Russ Parsons had some good observations in that thread, IIRC) and even do it to steaks and tritip before I freeze them. (You might find the COOKING A ROAST FROM FROZEN thread interesting. I love doing tritip this way.)
  25. dockhl


    Holy Crap. Why does this make me want to eat one? I must be very sick.....
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