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  1. Had a great dinner at Eugene at the beginning of April. Great service, excellent food. Small plates, enough food to make both of us happy, bottle of Gruner Veltliner for $97 (!!!!) before tip. Loved the duck, she crab soup, maitake mushrooms. I'd go back in a minute.
  2. I love the Marine Room, esp high tide breakfasts............. Spice Rack............GONE!?!
  3. dockhl

    Liquid diet

    I like a combination of tomato juice or tomato water with strong chicken or beef stock (consomme even). Might even try that cold.
  4. dockhl

    Dinner! 2009

    Suzanne Goin's recipe. Click. I've heard the Zuni Cafe version is good too. ← Thank you ! I love Melinda Lee. Is she still on the radio?
  5. dockhl

    Dinner! 2009

    HappyLab..............that risotto is a thing of beauty ! Soba............your congee is, too, esp the crispy skin bits! Your ricotta gnocci look lovely and firm. What recipe are you using? Mine always disintegrate !
  6. Wow, thanks for the update. I am exhausted just READING it ! Sounds like you did a fabulous job ! Rob, what other pastas did you serve other than the tomato sauce? How did they rank in popularity?
  7. Haven't heard anything new but saw they they now have a website PROFILE, SAN LUIS OBISPO
  8. I try to eat as low carb as I can (usually) and last night had an Asparagus Souffle (flourless) that was awesome ! Base of egg yolks and cream cheese with seasonings, to which was added pureed asparagus (cooked) and shredded cheese (cheddar), folded into the soft peak whites. so good, so easy and adaptable to most anything.............almost foolproof !
  9. Maggie, sounds great ! I make a similar dish that adds shrimp and begs for good bread and people who don't care if you are sopping up every bit of juice................. Toasted Shrimp and Tomatoes
  10. dockhl

    Dinner! 2009

    Here's the recipe for the salad and the dressing. Hope you like it. ← Thanks, Kim. Looks perfect !
  11. I love me some Peter Green travelogue !!! ................... Carry on.................
  12. dockhl

    Dinner! 2009

    Kim~ that salad looks right up my SO's alley (hmmmmmmmmmmm.............sounds a little risque ! ) "paprika sweet & sour dressing" Can you tell me about this? I love anything paprikash, so you have hit my sweet spot tonight
  13. Flip on Sunday sounds like a great idea. Where is my hotel (the Hyatt Regency) in perspective to the above suggestions? Eugene sounds good. I was also checking out Aria, sounds like good food and they have a private wine cellar table for two......... (can you tell I really MISS this guy?) Any fun suggestions, other than food? I need to look at a map and get an idea of neighborhoods and where everything is.............
  14. I am so happy I stumbled upon this thread. I'll be in Atlanta, staying at the Hyatt Regency from Apr 4-7. I'll have my sweetie with me for Sat/Sun nights (we'll be getting in late afternoon) and hoped to find out as much as I can before we get there. No car, so we'll take cabs, I imagine. Since we'll be pretty tired Sat night, I was thinking fairly casual (Flip, maybe?). I was disappointed to see that Blais had left Home. Is it still good? (I have no idea where it is relative to where I am staying.) So much great info in this thread........... During the day Sunday, we'll want to be out exploring, and then a romantic dinner on Sunday night. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated ! One caveat..he hates sushi Oh well, if that is the only thing to avoid, we're in pretty good shape ! Thanks in advance for all your help.
  15. dockhl

    Cheddar Cheese Sauce

    maybe add some cream cheese to make it a little thicker? Cream/cream cheese/cheddar? Sounds good to me!
  16. Susan~when I was in undergrad in Pennsylvania, I was really really poor. My Dad and brother both got deer that year........and my Mom hates venision ! It was the only meat I had for a year..............ask me for a recipe, go ahead !
  17. Mary, wow, nice to see you ! Count me in.(Jessica , too) Would you be interested in me iputting the word out to some local Chowhounds, too?
  18. I miss Blais and Stephanie................
  19. Is anybody interested in trying to get together? We haven't done that for a long time, and Brigit's visit is a great excuse ! syrah girl, when are you coming up?
  20. I had pork this way (3 lbs of shoulder) browned and plopped in a pot with the broth et al. Cooked for 2 hours until very tender, serve over rice with cucumber, mint, cilantro, green onions. Broth poured over............ OMG, so VERY good that after I ate the entire bowl I got more rice and broth............. I may eat this every day for a week ! Kathy
  21. OK, rice is cooking and the pork has been on for 1 1/2 hours. I just tasted a little.............wow, that is exactly the taste I have been missing ! So good. It did smell a little like a meth lab..............how do I know that? You are right, you just know. Andrea Nguyen suggests that it be the color of black coffee. That is what I shot for. Now I have a lovely jar of this , to use as needed. Steve, thank you so much for introducing this topic !
  22. So, Brigit, do you want more of the south county recs? Or north (Paso, Templeton)? or both? Good fish in Morro Bay.....Giovanni's is my favorite. San Luis has a good farmer's market on Thursday nights. NZ Ranch.......Edna Valley, pig farm Fair Oaks Ranch, http://www.forbeef.com/, Paso Robles You may be able to get these at the farmer's markets, too. Kathy
  23. I think this trick was originally posted in either a discussion about spatchcocking or cooking Thanksgiving turkies by eGullet member slkinsey. And it is a great tip, indeed. This is perhaps my single greatest contribution to eGullet (originally appearing here as part of an offhand comment in a discussion about chicken skin). ← We MUST preserve this as the KINSEY TECHNIQUE from now on. So be it.
  24. Hey Brigit~ Where will you be? Paso? There is a nice fish store in Templeton (Pier 46) in the Trader Joe's shopping center and Templeton has a good farmer's market on Sat AM in the park. Give me more specifics and I am sure we'll get you some recs. Maybe even a meetup, if you are interested? Kathy
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