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  1. back in the late 80s when i was a teen, i went to korea with my family on holiday. while there, one of my father's friends took us to an upscale chinese restaurant in the 'Yooksum' building [=63 building, as it had 63 flooors]. we had a private room and it was a proper degustation, though we didn't know that at the time.. when the first courses came out, we didn't know what was going on, as the serves were so small! [how was this wierd meal going to sate our appetites?] but by the end we were all full.. i don't remember much about the actual elements of the meal, except that it was extremely tasty and that there were 12 courses in all..
  2. but back to fish and chips, there's a great place in the seaside strip of glenelg that specialises in battered oysters.. really good.. good chips too, served in a cone..
  3. i suppose people said it tasted like chicken at the beginning and it stuck.. wiki says: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicken_salt
  4. chicken salt : http://www.mitani.com.au/cs.htm the 24 bakery in North Adelaide does pie floaters in winter, and there is a small soup shop in the city that does gourmet pie/soup floaters.. i've lived here 30 years and i haven't had one yet.. maybe this could be split into a separate thread?
  5. Adelaide: Penang Hawker's Corner in the mansion's arcade, off pulteney st near rundle mall, good and cheap.. Wok's Happening on Hutt St is apparently very good, though i haven't eaten there yet, it has the same chef from the old Twain's that used to be on Rundle st, which used to be fantastic.. there is another place on gouger where i had a good rendang once but the name escapes me for the moment..
  6. i've been having a chuckle reading this: Steve, Don't Eat It!
  7. here's the thread: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=80586
  8. woohoo! i'm going to HK in about three weeks! have to go back through all the old threads and put together a 'best of egullet HK' haha
  9. excellent! i'm going to HK in january for my honeymoon, and my fiance is semi-vegetarian [she eats seafood and eggs], so this is good info.. cheers! some of the temples also serve vegetarian meals too, if my research is correct..
  10. Tae.Lee

    Lunch! (2003-2012)

    fresh roll with bocconcini, semi dried tomatoes, roast beef and olives
  11. when i was younger, i went with my family to visit relatives in Korea, as well as being an opportunity for my father to catch up with some old friends, one of whom took up to an exclusive chinese restaurant in the '63' [yooksam] building. having never heard of 'degustation', we were surprised by the tiny portions of strange and interesting combinations served to us by the waiters in our private room, but by the end of the 12th course we were all full and very satisfied.. unfortunately, i remember little about the actual meal [except that it was delicious!], but i would presume that a meal like that would be quite expensive..
  12. here in south australia, home brewing is still going strong.. it helps that cooper's is a local company and produces fine kits and products.. http://coopers.com.au/homebrew/
  13. kangaroo island [off the coast of Adelaide, South Australia] has the only pure strain of ligurian bees left in the world, brought in sometime in the 19thC, and kept under quarantine conditions [no bee products from the mainland are allowed].. this means you can get raw [unprocessed, untreated] honey.. the best is from small local organic producers, the taste is so deep and luscious that it just keeps going and going in the mouth.. http://www.pir.sa.gov.au/pages/agriculture...D=376&tempID=11 this isn't the producer i'm thinking of [supplies are even hard to get here, dependent on whether there's enough to ship to the the mainland]: http://www.goodfoodkangarooisland.com/midn...honey/index.asp http://www.zingermans.com/Product.pasp?Cat...ProductID=P-WSG
  14. i think this butcher in North Adelaide may be able to help you [not 100% certain though]: Tynte Street Quality Meats 48 Tynte St North Adelaide SA 5006 ph: (08) 8267 2603
  15. Amalfi's is great.. it's little cousin Nano on hutt st is also good for a quick bite.. we used to go to ying chow a lot but found it sometimes too busy and inconsistent with the food at times, so we started going across the road to east taste, similar menu, a bit 'crisper' and cleaner feel.. recently went to wah hing [also on gouger, next to lemon and lime [sp?]].. a slightly more expanded menu than ying chow, but still very cheap, around a dollar more per dish.. nicer ambience too, not so rushed.. a friend of mine recently experienced the the current degustation menu at the grange and said it was fantastic.. looking forward to trying it out as i've never eaten there. penang hawker's corner in the mansions arcade is great for quick SE asian lunch.. my current quick lunch favourite at the moment though is BBQ pork and rice from BBQ city [also in gouger].. in terms of the markets, i like the produce from barrossa fine foods, they sometimes have a great organic bacon [so greasy! ], and their german style smallgoods and sausages are excellent.. as you'd expect coming from an area settled by germans. of course the asian supermarket in the actual markets proper with the old lady and the boxes of asian greens.. does anyone have any recommendations for good local olive oil? providore had a nice cleanskin from port germein and i'm keen to try something else.. for the first time in my life i have my own kitchen, so it's been heaven trying new things..
  16. i like the mae ploy brand thai curry pastes, they seem very fresh and natural
  17. congratulations! foodie52: i'm glad you enjoyed our South Australian hospitality!
  18. organic ligurian bee honey from kangaroo island - unprocessed honey from the only pure strain left in the world..mmm.. http://www.organicchoice.com.au/pg.php?id=102 haighs chocolates.. adelaide based boutique manufacturer with stores in melbourne, i think they recently opened one in sydney.. they are one of the few manufacturing retailers in the world still making chocolates from raw cocoa beans.. they also have a selection with australian flavour centres.. http://haighschocolates.com.au/ my younger cousins from new york went mad for the stuff
  19. one of my favourite dishes that my [korean] mother makes is a chilli/soy oxtail jjim [braise].. i've been dreaming of it last two weeks so i'm going to ask her for the recipe next time i see her.. i'll post it here when i get it i love eating the large meaty pieces and the smaller fiddly bits, different techniques required for both.. i always need to floss afterwards though!
  20. my favourite would probably be oxtail [kkori] jjim, oxtail fried [? not sure how jjim translates] in a pot with onions, garlic, soy sauce, chilli, and i'm not sure what else, till all the liquid is reduced and the meat has a nice sticky glaze.. my mum does it with chicken and kalbi, but the oxtail one is the best, so fatty and tender.. other than that my other favourites would be my grandmother's bindaeteok [mung bean pancakes], and my mum's bibim gooksu [spicy mixed noodles].. but probably my all time favourite is my mum's cucumber kimchi.. small cucumbers sliced through the middle but not through the top and stuffed with kimchi mixture of julienened radish and chives, spring onions... great in summer..
  21. cork vs stelvin vs procork recently, here in australia, a new way to seal bottles has been researched and developed by an local company. the Procork has a synthetic top and bottom, and ensures that the working effectiveness of their corks is the same as the top 20% of premium grade traditional corks. in an article i read recently in our local paper, they claim that it performs better than the stelvin, while almost 100% removing the possibility of cork taint. Mt Avoca wines is the first winery to adopt the procork commercially. article by Avoca proprietor and winemaker: http://www.grapeandwine.com.au/2003/oct/06.htm it'll be interesting to see how this pans out.. procork homepage: http://www.procork.com.au/home/
  22. lamingtons are still pretty prevalent here in SA.. had some over the weekend actually! [homemade though..]
  23. it's going to be interesting to see how the Lion Nathan bid for cooper's brewery pans out.. being a family run business [the only family run brewing company left in aus] i think they're chances are slim.. every new member of the family gets shares at birth.. and they're pretty aggressive about their ownership [indeed it's one of their advertising points].. cooper's drinkers, too, are pretty loyal and would be fairly disappointed [to the point of switching brands] if this goes through. http://www.smh.com.au/news/business/lion-n...5302685653.html http://www.theadvertiser.news.com.au/commo...255E913,00.html
  24. Tae.Lee

    Pork Belly

    thanks Ben Hong! i did a small test with your recipe tonight.. i took a small length of belly, marinated in said sauces, in the oven, 40 minutes later, beautiful roast pork belly! i left it in the hot phase a little too long and had a tiny bit of burning on the skin, but it was still delicious.. and looked great next time i'll do it with a larger piece and take photos.. thanks again!
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