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  1. something like smucker's peanut butter and jelly, the stripy jars..
  2. kangaroo rendang sounds awesome.. my korean mum is starting to think about replacing oxtail with roo tail.. will be interesting to see how it turns out..
  3. i have an addiction to beef rendang if anyone has a good recipe, i'm all ears..
  4. My in-laws stayed on and said you couldn't move later. According to the news that night, apparently they had 35,000 people go through.. I'm glad I went earlier now..
  5. I'm considering raising some boneless chickens, and wondering if it can be done hydroponically. ← Hydroponic chickens - brilliant! ← this idea is in an old [1952] science fiction book by Frederick Pohl called 'The Space Merchants'.. vat grown chicken, from which you could slice off pieces from a room size mass.. http://www.technovelgy.com/ct/content.asp?Bnum=1002 this would probably make an interesting thread in it's own right.. mmm... soylent green...
  6. Went for a walk down to Elder Park this morning for the opening of the Festival, got in early to secure a table under umbrellas [luckily as it got pretty packed later and was quite warm]. Lots of good stalls and things happening throught out the day, demonstrations, bands.. this is pretty early on: Being South Australian, there was of course a good representation from the regional centres, plus a few out of staters.. I've missed it every other time so I can't really compare but it had a very nice family vibe, there was a special tent for kids to try cooking things, with chefs showing them how to cut safely with knives and such activities. I had to leave earlier than I would have liked [young son gets cranky after a few hours with no sleep and too much stimulation].. so I didn't hit the wine stalls The food looked top notch from most places, a major step up from the average food/wine festival, I guess stallholders know the sort of people who will attend as well as competing with each other.. plus there wasn't the drunken 'yobbo' element which seems to turn up at some of the other regional events about halfway through.. [though I left early, you never know] A couple of places had locally grown wagyu beef, as at the stall where I got my main lunch, though I chose the lamb plate, they had a beautiful duck as well. Washed down by a India Pale Ale from the micro breweries tent. Heehee I could have eaten all day.. http://www.tasting-australia.com.au/ I'm not really going to be able to partake of much else of the festival, but there's some interesting sounding events happening all over the place. I was particularly interested in the yakitori degustation [sold out!] and Cheong Liew's degustation.. I also heard that it was going to become an annual event, which would be great, i'll have to prepare better next time.. I'm also sorry I didn't take more and better pictures [and none of the actual food I just realised!] but it was kind of the last thing on my mind [or my stomach] at the time.
  7. when i still lived at my parents, after a long night of clubbing, one of my staples would be a grilled bulgogi/melted cheese/tomato sauce toasted sandwich.. now i'm hungry!
  8. its not wasabi. its that yellow mustard that acts very similarly to wasabi. i think its the same mustard you use in naengmyeon. ← i know the dish you're talking about ,my mum makes it, i've also seen it on menus here in the past. my mum uses [i just asked her]: hot english mustard [i know!], vinegar, sugar, added water to dilute slightly to taste.. not sure on proportions though
  9. the restaurant below my parent's business has this almost unbelievably tasty korean fried chicken dish.. it's called yangyom chicken [meaning seasoned/spiced chicken, if my korean interpretation correct], large pieces fried and covered in a chilli, slightly sweet sticky sauce.. very red, from a predominantly gochujang base.. it is sooooo good! they used to make it really hot [!!!], but last time i had it they had toned it down a touch, which i think was good as before it was too hot to really taste the flavours [and i'm korean!] i've never seen it on any other korean menus and it's not something my mum ever made when we were younger either, so maybe it's a more modern dish or regional. speaking of which, my mum makes a pretty mean fried chicken too.. i'll take some pics of both next time the opportunity arises
  10. i'm really hungry now! looks like dinner has been chosen for me tonight
  11. ha i just got the hot head flush mouth watering reaction just looking at this!
  12. btw, what exactly is a 'food scene'? i guess it doesn't include producers and people who love and are passionate about fresh local food, cause there seem to be a lot of them around here [in Adelaide that is]. you just won't generally find them unless you know where to look.. haha i'm just being facetious.. you're probably right about Adelaide in relation to other cities [melbourne is a great city [to visit! hah ].. but seriously, if you dig a bit, there are good people and places here, especially, as i mentioned earlier, things are growing down the coasts, particularly the aldinga, pt willunga area.. as i'm not in the 'industry' i wouldn't know the going rates etc but adelaide is generally cheaper to live in than the eastern states.. plus there is great surfing [1.5 to 3.5 hours from city] which sounds like it could be a major factor for you.. good luck in your search!
  13. i was in HK earlier this year and one night i was drunk and got the munchies late at night in hung hom and wandered the streets and found one of these vendors.. lifesaver! i had fishballs and i think some sort of beef ball.. exactly what i felt like at that time..
  14. or you could have a look at adelaide, there's a number of small places opening up down south [along the coastal fringes].. city chefs and hospitality people looking for a change. beaches are 40 minutes away from the city anyway, or an hour/2 hours from the wine regions..
  15. there was discussion on another forum i frequent about eating dog. apparently other dogs can tell if you've eaten dog or not, they become very wary and suspicious [so would i, if i was a dog! ]
  16. naengmyeon is one of those few dishes i've never particularly liked [sacriledge! haha].. i like the noodles and the egg especially as well as the liquid mustard stuff, but i can't handle the broth.. but then i don't like mool kimchi either, something about salty liquids that doesn't so it for me..
  17. tail is apparently really good, really fatty..
  18. if you're up at warrawong in the adelaide hills, the aldgate pump hotel does good pub food, there's lots of nice cafes and organic food places in stirling.. if you're catching public transport, they'll go through these towns/suburbs.. in the city, just walk down gouger st [near the central markets] where kenny suggested t chow.. there lots of good places, most reasonably priced.. my favourite at the moment is BBQ city for roast pork and bbq duck dishes.. other end of town in rundle st, amalfi is always good.. jasmin indian nearby.. penang hawkers corner in the mansions arcade at the end of rundle mall has great malaysian..
  19. i always preferred the 'chunkier' type pies over the 'mince' types, the crust is usually deeper.. and the gravy not so runny.. there are a number of bakers near me that take pride in the quality of their pies which is a good thing. also, since i was a kid this has been my preferred technique for eating pies with fork and knife at home; coat top with sauce, cut around lid, flip lid over.. for some reason it tastes better to me this way.. i also like to have a fried egg on top as well sometimes still haven't tried a pie floater yet though
  20. i always use a kinda feng shui sense.. there's a correct combination depending on the room, placement of table, companion/s etc, energy flow through the room.. there's a spot that always just 'feels' right.. [conversley there is also a 'wrong' spot/combination] when i was younger i used to pick spots with a view to attack angles, defensible positions, viewpoints etc [i was heavily into martial arts and being 'tough' ] my how things change.. though in essence one is really the continuation of the other..
  21. personally i wouldnt know since ive never had dishwater. ← i'm not fan of it either, though my mum loves it.. yes, it did.. there's something synergistic about the dipping of the rice into the broth.. when i just had the soondooboo by itself it was too hot [both temp [from a stone dolsot] and chilliwise], eating the rice separately put the alchemical window back too far or too forward by a smidgen [depending on when the rice was eaten].
  22. i actually had soondoobo a few nights ago, and yes, i dunked my rice in it
  23. i've heard that about the rice in the soup as well, but every korean i've ever known has done it.. i think it's one of those things that say, if you were having dinner with the president or something you wouldn't do it, but otherwise no one really cares..
  24. i laughed at that too ! this is the firat time i've ever heard of a dosirak that needs to be shaken.. my grandma called them bento, but then she grew up during the japanese occupation.. usually a box of foods to take on picnics, wrapped and secured in a square of material [to keep it hot [if needed] or the lid on so nothing spilt].
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