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  1. To those of you that have made the Visitors Cake, do you think it would be okay to double the recipe and bake 2 layers with frosting? Or will it be too much? I'm looking for an easy/fast layer cake recipe...
  2. Thank you! Did you peel the peaches?
  3. that peach tart looks amazing! can you give the recipe?
  4. Randi, Thanks for blogging! I love seeing the PC products in your blog -- finally products I can find in these neck of the woods.
  5. Bacon wrapped shrimp with a mustard passion fruit sauce (from this month's Food & Wine) and Shaking Beef
  6. 2 new flavours yesterday: - Clementine - Blood Orange
  7. Of course I did! I found it way too noisy and kind of... industrial, and ended up visiting Atwater much more often. But I admit - I never tried strolling there. ← I've never heard JTM decribed as industrial
  8. They usually have them at the fish store at the Atwater market. ← Do you think any of the fish stores at JT would have them too? What kind of prices are we looking at?
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    If you are brining in a salt solution, do you wash off the brine and then re-salt / season the turkey?
  10. Daniel, How did the tomatoes come out? Do they taste good? Are they cherry tomatoes? Do you have to use their seeds or can you use any seeds to plant?
  11. That party looked FABULOUS! Ling, I'm sorry if you've discussed this before but how did your love of pastry start? Did you go to culinary school? Are you working as a pastry chef right now?
  12. i'm so embarrassed what is sous vide cooking? is it steaming at a low heat?
  13. Marlene, Please post the step by step process of that incredible pie.......it is just stunning!
  14. This is how we make it in our Gujrati home... cilatro white onion green chili salt ginger garlic lemon juice a bit of a green bell pepper and we blend it all up in a blender till smooth.
  15. Do you guys have any suggestions on what to do with leftover brisket? It was my first time making one and I seemed to have over cooked it (could not slice it well, kind of just fell apart like pulled pork).
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    Thanks carswell!
  17. tryingsomethingnew


    Is a regular sized champagne glass 4 oz?
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