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  1. I could be mistaken but weren't Salt & Vinegar Munchos available at one time? There is no problem in finding Munchos in Ottawa. I think the difficulty in finding Munchos in Canada is in the west where Frito Lay has less market share due to Old Dutch's popularity.
  2. It reminds me of a cross between ginger ale and cream soda.
  3. I just picked up a Staub set from a Canadian Costco store for $40 off the regular price. It included a 5 quart round, 2 quart round and a spatula, all in red, for just under $140 CDN.
  4. I'll second the OC Grapefruit over the PC version. I've grown fond of the PC Raspberry-Cranberry soda. I haven't tried the Our Compliments version yet to see how it compares though.
  5. Wild Pegasus


    I prefer to take whatever frozen fruit I can get at Costco and mix it with fruit juice, preferably some kind of tropical mix, and occasionally vanilla or plain yogurt. The best fruit mix I've got at Costco was a tropical mix that included mango, papaya, and blackberries but it isn't available in Canada anymore. The berry mix is good and can usually be found at there. I've also found strawberries and a mango/peach combination.
  6. Oops! My mistake. Mistook Brockville for Belleville. Guess I should look a little closer when I'm surfing late at night.
  7. Could the same thing occur from Canada since, I believe, Coke and other soft drinks in Canada use sugar instead of corn syrup?
  8. Have you tried Hendrix Equipment (http://www.hendrixequip.com)? They have a store in Belleville.
  9. Bella Vista at Bank & Alta Vista is probably the best in the city. Others rave about Johnny Pizza on Laurier near Ottawa U but I haven't been there in a long time. When I lived in the south end, I found that the 1 item medium pizza from Shwarma Hassoon ( right on the corner of Bank & Albion) for $8.03 (including tax!) was an awesome deal.
  10. Wild Pegasus

    Canadian Beer, eh!

    It's still available and it is my favourite as well. You can even get it in a standard size bottle now, as well as the traditional 500 ml bottle.
  11. I thought that there once was a flavoured version of Munchos produced. I'm thinking it was Salt & Vinegar but it could have been BBQ.
  12. A Canadian cookie company named Leclerc also makes knock-offs of the LU Schoolboy cookies. They're pretty good and much cheaper (especially when bought at Costco) although the quality isn't quite as high considering that the chocolate can come loose from the biscuit.
  13. Wild Pegasus


    Liberty Méditerranée yogurt is the best that I've had. Liberty is based out of Monteal but has some products available in the US. Their website is available at http://www.liberte.qc.ca/html/home.asp
  14. Kostick is by far the worst food personality I've ever encountered. My wife used to intentionally torture me by changing the channel to "What's for Dinner?". I can't even imagine how god awful his solo show is. For Canadian shows you missed Rob Rainford. His vocabulary is limited to about four or five different phrases. Every ingredient he uses "brings it all together" and every thing he makes is "absolutely perfect" while he's always "letting the grill do the work". There's some interesting information on the show but the obviously fake friends, brutal premises behind the "friends" coming over, and the worst sidekick on a food show, that guy that brings the fish over (he makes Rooney look like the Fonz), that the show is barely watchable.
  15. There are actually two in Ottawa (Market & Bells Corners) and there used to be a third (St Laurent & Industrial).
  16. The Maxi stores aren't really like the new Loblaws Marketplace stores if the Maxi store I shopped at in metro Toronto is any indication. Maxi stores felt like a store that was half grocery store and half Zellers/Wal-Mart. The new Loblaws Marketplace stores are more like grocery stores that have expanded into non-food lines. I don't think that Metro-Richelieu will be taken over by any Canadian corporation. The only options would be Loblaws or Sobeys both of which have substantial interests in Quebec already. The government forced Loblaws to sell off the Provigo-owned Loeb stores in Ottawa when Loblaws purchased Provigo. Sobeys supplies groceries for IGA stores throughout eastern Canada. In Ontario they appear to be attempting to move away from the IGA name towards Sobeys for their bigger stores.
  17. Try http://www.flyermall.com/flyers/store.php which has all the major Ontario chains - Loblaws, Sobeys, Loeb, IGA, A&P, etc. Also, Ottawa area chains Farm Boy, MarketFresh and Produce Depot all have their specials online.
  18. I think that in Canada, America's Choice has been renamed to Equality.
  19. I got my palm sugar at a local Asian market in poker chip sized pieces. They had it in a tub as well but I had heard about the problems breaking it up. Anyways, my microplane went through the poker chip sized palm sugar like a knife through butter.
  20. Reviving this old topic to wonder if this restaurant ever opened. Anyone know? He's got a website at http://www.beckta.com. There's also an article in today's Ottawa Citizen available online.
  21. Just outside of Ottawa is a restaurant named "The Garden of Eat'n".
  22. Heritage Premium Lager Bought a six pack on the weekend to support a local business. Ending up realizing I bought a $10 bottle opener (included in the case).
  23. http://www.greatcanadianbagel.com ? I really miss the Bagel Oven that was on Greenbank. I've never been tried a bagel in Montreal but I imagine that the Bagel Oven's bagels were pretty similiar since the owners learned their craft in Montreal.
  24. Still haven't seen the coffee Kit Kats but I noticed at Costco on Merivale Road yesterday cases of Orange Kit Kats.
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