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  1. Hi, I have a friend who tells me there is something called white butter. I have tried googling it, but can't find anything about it. What is it and is there a western equivalent. Thanks
  2. I have read that mustard oil must cannot be sold for food use because of its high erucic acid content so has to be labelled as external use only. KTC oil is sold by Spices of India and labelled as external use. There is a mail from the MD of KTC here. with details of why it is labelled as such. He says: "If you have used our oil as a food ingredient I do not believe you will have done yourself any harm; despite the erucic acid legislation, many members of the ethnic community (from the Indian sub-continent) persist in using mustard oil without apparent harm. Indeed many eminent chefs recommend the oil for the preparation and cooking of authentic dishes from India." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mustard_oil I wonder if the blended oil contains a lower concentration of erucic acid.
  3. Could it have been Espinaler? No idea how to order, but there is an email espinaler@espinaler.es
  4. A warm salad with bacon or chicken, mushrooms or whatever you fancey and leaves. Maybe herby dumplings instead of bread with the stew, sometimes called dough boys in Scotland.
  5. Most suet puddings have less suet and no eggs, so I would try to use something like this one. It is not too late to make a Christmas pudding for this year. They can be matured for longer, but "stir up" Sunday is the 23rd of November in 2008. Your antique moulds are for set desserts, a standard pudding basin may be a better option. Pudding basins choices are somewhat limited in the USA, but Amazon have Mason Cash basins and Golda's Kitchen gives the capacity of the various sizes. A 2 pint basin is enough for 6-8 for a normal steamed pudding, a rich Christmas pudding would be more like 8-10.
  6. At the limit of your range is Tyddyn Llan. Pub wise I have been recommended Pen-y-Bryn in Colwyn Bay.
  7. The Telegraph had an articlcle on the liquidation yesterday here. They quote that Macken Bros are owed £50,000. Bloomberg blame it on the closure of the fish and chip place.
  8. and then the recipe was listed using volumes ..........
  9. That would have to be Juri's tearoom. Would the fact that they are Japanese explain the heading on the web page, "The olde Bakaley Tea Shoppe & Restaurant".
  10. I thought salt was only needed as a mild abrasive to clean the surface before the oil is applied. I got an old cast iron frying pan from my mother a while ago, I heated the salt in the pan an used that to scour the surface to remove all the accumulated gunge. then appled oil to the hot pan to season it. Chemistry was a long time ago, but I think as long as there is no water, salt will not react with the surface of cast iron.
  11. I must try to look in at the indoor market when I next go to Birmingham. I have a vague recollection of collecting a Christmas bird from the old market circa 1960. Long lines of turkeys hanging by their feet ready to be sold. Doherty's seem to have a phone so you could try phoning them: Doherty Butchers Stall 122, Indoor Market Trader, Pershore St, Birmingham, West Midlands B5 6PA Tel: 0121 666 7405
  12. Is this the case? I was under the impression that UK butter is generally uncultured whereas in continental Europe it is cultured.
  13. Even though I like a fruitcake, my favourite is a simple teabread that is so easy and good that everyone in my wife's family make it. In fact its about time we made another
  14. broadway

    Foam Recipes

    Earl Grey tea cream and Eccles cakes featured on the Great British Menu. This didn't make it through as it wasn't in the winning menu, but was very popular with the judges. It was presented as a cup of tea with a foam topping and two Eccles cakes on a separate tea plate. It could easily be adapted to other combinations.
  15. An interesting and educational comparison between Nine Elms and Rungis In "Rhubard and Black Pudding", a book about Paul Heatcotes restaurant in Longridge by Matthew Fort. It is recounted how Eddie Holmes, a greengrocer from Preston, started buying from Rungis, in what must have been sometime around 1990, to supply "queer gear" for the restaurant. They have 3 deliveries a week, on a regular delivery run, from there supplier. He also gets supplies form local farmers. If the high quality produce is coming from Rungis Nine Elms will only be catering for the lower end of the market, so in some ways I am not surprised by what I see.
  16. broadway

    Dinner! 2007

    Those meatballs look good, what are they made with? Can't help with sourcing marsala in Tokyo, but have you thought of using mirin instead of red wine?
  17. broadway

    Lamb neck fillet

    When you say lamb neck end do you scrag or best end of neck. I think the fillet is just taken from the the best end of neck, i.e. the lamb cutlets or rack.
  18. broadway

    Dinner! 2007

    Its "Ted" actually The sauce is simply a thickened beef broth with onion. Cornish pasties normally are short pastry filled with diced potatoes, turnips, and other vegetables, usually with scraggly bits of lamb, or no meat at all. They were cheap, convenient fillers for the Cornish tin miners and farm laborers to take for their midday meal. ← The traditional recipe for Cornish Pasty is chopped skirt beef, thinly sliced (not diced) potatoes, swede, onions and salt and pepper. Swede is rutabaga, called yellow turnip in Cornwall.
  19. broadway

    I'm a fraud

    I remembered today that we are right out of custard powder.
  20. The Golden Spurtle, the World Porridge MAking Championship was held last week in Carrbridge, Inverness-shire, Scotland. Incidently one of the sponsors is Hamlyn's of Scotland, even though the winner didn't use their oatmeal. I do a decidely plain version, 1 cup of porage oats to 3.5 cups of water, no salt, soaked, and slowly bought to the boil and stirred until a smooth consistency. Then poured into the bowl, a dessertspoon of golden syrup and a thin ring of milk poured around the edge so the porridge sets into a fine gelatinous disc floating in a shallow film of milk. Off to to Edinburgh next week, so I will be getting some Hamlyn's pinhead.
  21. I don't mind normally mind veg and veggies, but not like this in a menu: Paella Valencia: chicken, prawns, mussels & veggies with saffron rice
  22. Sounds just like what I used to do, n the UK it was just called some something like apricot bitesize shredded wheat.
  23. For a breakfast it would be scrambled eggs, but would I be brave enough to risk it?
  24. From the registered number the design dates from 1905. It is surprising how quickly they have disappeared. I don't rememeber them at all and I was born in 1954. I expect a large number would have been melted down in England during the war.
  25. It will be interesting to see how this develops now the obvious choices have been eliminated. Up to now the the editing has concentrated on the negative aspects for good television, as they have to pick a "star couple" to win, will they start to change the bias? A couple of links for anyone interested in Adowa and Lloyd: This is their website which does not seem to have been updated recently: http://www.jollofcuisine.co.uk/ At Innocent: http://innocentdrinks.typepad.com/innocent...lunch_thur.html Jollof is a rice dish http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jollof_rice.
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