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  1. Went to DiFaras with my daughter last night and got a porcini and wild onion pie..........he never fails to amaze me. Absolutely astounding as always. Not sure why this deserves a post except that I just had to share my joy.
  2. Susur and Lee are not Chinese and more fusion. That said, downtown, I think that Lai Wah Heen will fit the bill for you. Most of the other very good chinese places that I can advise on are up north in Markham. ← Lai Wah Heen looks great. The menu is listed in five courses/symphonic movements. Any idea on an average price per person? I am guessing $60-$80?
  3. I am looking for the best Chinese in Toronto. Perhaps one notch below Susur or Lee?
  4. tell me more kent! experiences?
  5. Thank you for moving this thread Kristin. The web info I can find on the stuff is quite weird and typically asian/english semi-nonsense. The company website/websites is very peculiar, claims to cause no liver damage, and be a health food. While another site says it kills cockroaches on contact. Hmm? can it remove stubborn stains from my whites? The only site I could find that sells it was charging $121.00 a bottle. It smells like sherry and sorta tastes like Soju with a dash of soy sauce.
  6. I recieved two bottles of Moutai Liquor as a gift. Does anybody know anything about it? Apparently made from Sorghum, but thats all I know. Kurt
  7. I think I may go back to my mellita as well. I have a french press, Mellitta, vacuum pot, turkish pot, and a Cusinart auto drip (not a great machine). You are right, the pour over is better coffee, & simpler. Maybe I need to let go of the idea of an auto drip and join the slow food movement. Perhaps its testosterone fueled logic. I'll time myself auto vs. pour over. Most likely not much difference. However the Clover certainly satisfy my gadget needs! Now I just need someone to sell one on Ebay for 50 bucks.
  8. I have been looking at brewing machines for a while and noticed a lot of thumbs up for Technivorm. It seems to get high marks for brewing temperature, like a commercial machine. So, I was wondering why no one seems to favor commercial machines like Fetco http://www.fetco.com/extractor.htm They have smaller models that seem reasonable for a home setup. Is price the only drawback?
  9. Seemingly Indeed! I tried these beans and had one of the tastiest cups of coffee ever.( using there Costa Rican Terrazzu beans) I had bought two bags and the second bag of the same coffee was absolutley horrible. Not anything like the first bag. This level of inconsistency eliminates them from another purchase. Too bad though, because that first pound was wonderful.
  10. Unique Coffee Roasters offers seemingly good beans at a rather inexpensive price. Has anyone tried them, like them, dislike them?
  11. kguetzow

    Argan Oil

    The oil reminds me of a cross between almond, sesame and macadamia. Its quite expensive. He's a great friend. I showed him Paula Wolferts Baqqula herb jam recipe and his mom sent me some! Yay!
  12. kguetzow

    Argan Oil

    I recieved a bottle of Argan oil and some Amlou from my Moroccan friend. Does anyone have a favorite use for the oil?
  13. I always loved WIshbone for breakfast, http://www.wishbonechicago.com/ Haven't been there in few years though.
  14. I always go to Ten Ren in Manhatten, and when I lived In Chicago I went to Ten Ren. They're the best when it comes to Asian teas
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