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  1. Harry91, if you want to cook, CIA. If you want to manage and can possibly swing it, Cornell -- especially if you want to manage, oh, a Ritz Carlton or Marriott-type place. Ivy League guarantees nothing but debt (unless you're broke to begin with). Don't ask me for examples; I could fill a book with them. What it does, is what the CIA does -- gets a notice. I've not done my homework on the part of Cornell that includes the Hospitality school, but there's certain colleges within Cornell that are public. Liberal Arts undergrad is great if you intend to go into banking or law, but if you want to do be a biologist, a chemist, or a cook, I'd suggest studying bio, chemistry or food as an undergraduate.
  2. As promised -- more fabulous fotos! We are finally beginning the phase where people can actually see things happening. Foyer tile is in now, and the wood flooring was installed today. No more white tile! Woo hoo! That thundering sound is me doing the Happy Dance. Wood will be stained to match the Ipe outside. Here, you can see the wet bar/pass-through area. Next week: Drywall and ceilings, light placement, and then the finishing work begins. Have I said WOO-HOO lately?
  3. Oh, Bekki, I can't wait to see your finished mosaic wall! Those are beautiful. LOL about fondling your appliances. Know what you mean. My cabinets are being installed September 17, and then the countertop templates will be shot. The contractors are saying 5-8 weeks for them to be delivered and installed. What kind are you getting, again? BTW -- nice call on the KWC faucets! They are a client of my husband's, and have become close personal friends. We are getting KWC faucets and the bar sink will be KWC as well. nice stuff! What is the dropped circular part of your room? Is that for lights, or a fan?
  4. Cali, I'm coming in late to this -- I see you've already made your decision (and I love it!). I am having a double-bowl sink made, integrated into the stainless countertop. One side will be gi-normous and deep, the other about 3/4 the size. I have tried the single-bowl sink and just don't like it. The shorter side will have a garbage disposal. I'd have a three-compartment sink if I could. And phaelon, I am putting in a pull-down faucet which also has a regular spigot with handles, and I canNOT wait to use it.
  5. Thanks, scubadoo. (This kid isn't the one who lives for diving; his brother could dive every day.) Firstborn looked at UCF and even applied there; all bets were off once he was accepted at Tampa. It's his place. When we go to visit, we expect to see him for, oh, about as long as it takes to pick up the check! We'll be spending a bit of time with the friends in Belleair as well, and another friend on the West Coast (also a native midwesterner) has a condo on Siesta Key, that's going to see some action. We'll be all over the place but want to stay close to the water. Another friend of mine who lives on the other side of Florida tells the most amazing Old Florida stories -- she's in her 60s. I love to hear them. The kitchen is being chronicled on a thread here, and a daily blog that you can reach under my signature. Now that all the structural stuff is done, things are speeding up.
  6. In our case, shrimp smelled the house up so much that we kids shrieked whenever Mom could cook it! And that was rarely, because we were (a) broke, and (b)living in Ohio in the early 60s. Not much in the way of fresh fish then; sometimes my dad would bring it back when he traveled. I really hope the kid eats better than the Einsteins' Bagels in the rec center, where his dorm is. I just hope he eats!
  7. Where I grew up, everyone vacationed on the Gulf coast of Florida and we kept it up when we lived in Atlanta as well. That whole side is a favorite, from Destin to the Keys, and a place where we all feel comfortable. We have lots of friends who live there year-round and part-time, and some have sent their kids to school up our way. We have a reciprocal "no bailing out" agreement! Even though I expected casual, especially in that heat last week, I was still a little surprised that Bern's (who says "no shorts, no jeans" when you reserve), had customers that looked like they strolled in off the beach -- gym shorts, sandals with socks, and undershirts, and a couple of muffin-top women showing their whale tails. Ick! I think it's more the Ohio in me than the New York in me that is taken aback by that. Keep the suggestions rolling -- one person whose taste I question suggested "mis en place" across from the campus, in the Grand Concourse (?). We didn't have time this trip, but it would certainly be convenient. And with so many kids from the Northeast there, I'm sure they'll be showing us some good pizza when we go back for a visit.
  8. Update: Well, we just topped 30 days of work, and I've decided not to post boring photos of it (you are all welcome!). While we were gone these past days, the white tile foyer disappeared (woo hoo!), revealing 1/8" plywood subflooring, also not nailed to the floor beams. CE has no idea why the tile held up for so long; no doubt because so much of the traffic comes in through the garage level and back yard. New subflooring is in, and Brazilian Multi slate-tiles (18") will be installed next week, as will the wood floors. The electrical and plumbing both passed inspection, all the windows are in, and next week begins what CE calls "closing it up." Cabinets will be installed in mid-September, then the appliances, and while we're waiting for countertops, the last little bits will be finished. As the whole thing is framed and taking shape, I have to say that it's exactly what I wanted. The outdoors and indoors flow together. The work space is nice and tight, just the way I like to work. I'm very, very excited. I'll have more to show in a week.
  9. Actually, he's there now -- we just got home from moving him into his dorm. He's at University of Tampa, along with half the Northeast! We were only there for a couple of days, and ate at Jackson's (on the water, a quick walk from our hotel). It was so-so, but we were so pooped from the long drive from New York, that we didn't care. The view was lovely, the room was comfortable, service was nice, the caesar was decent, and we had a nice relaxing time. Bern's, of course, was amazing, and we've already got reservations for Parents' Weekend. Husband and sons were too stuffed for the dessert room, and I'm still steamed about it. Next time, I'll go it alone if I have to. We were surprised at the number of people in jeans, shorts/t-shirts and sandals walking around (men) -- I'd thought the place was a little more businesslike? We drove into Belleair one night for dinner with some friends, and went to Frenchy's -- the kids loved it, and it was just a nice rowdy casual meal. That crab soup is a winner, and I ordered a Grouper Reuben (because our host was so enthusiastic about it). It was okay, but not a Reuben. Grouper disappears under the other flavors, but the meal was about more than that. Any other must-do things in Tampa/St Pete?
  10. The Ohio State Fair used to have a huge butter sculpture of a guy golfing in a meadow, with a butter cow next to him. I think it was Jack Niklaus? We used to stare at it for hours. And SB, too funny! I'll add to your list: Sandra Lee - Philadelphia Lite Cream Cheese Paula Deen - Pimento Cheese
  11. Bingo. I'm grateful for those kids who've been forbidden food; they come to my house and take care of the leftover Oreos and Halloween candy. And most of their parents claim that their kids "don't like that stuff." Hoo boy.
  12. When my sons were little-little, we lived in Modesto, California. Such good food coming out of the earth, and most of the women I knew refused to make it for their kids. My oldest, now 19, loved the McDonald's that his friend's mother took them to because of the trains that went by hourly. My younger had a Chicken Nugget there once, got hold of a nasty piece of clear filler-gunk, and to this day, remembers how horrified his 3 year old self was to find such a horrible thing in his beloved chicken. They never really liked going to birthday parties at Burger King, either, and refused to eat the food, which made more than one of the Modesto Moms angry -- "such picky children." They make me proud (snif). (BTW, they were never rude about it -- just said, "no thanks, just a drink.") When we lived in Atlanta, it was Chik-Fil-A or Sonic, once a month; Sonic really is good stuff, and I used to get cravings for Chik-Fil-A. They really can't stand McDonald's food, or Burger King, and together hit a Wendy's a few months ago to see if it was all they remembered (it wasn't). They'd rather eat at a diner, or sushi, or at one of the delis here. As we get ready for our road trip to take the Firstborn to college (University of Tampa -- Bern's -- Warm weather -- woo hoo!), he's asked that we find Sonics along the route. He said we can wait until we get there to eat at Chik-Fil-A, since there's one on campus. Funny thing is, the times I've tried to eat fast food, it doesn't taste like it did back when I was a teenager. It tastes fake to me.
  13. Take the hit for someone else. If Chef yells at you for doing something and you didn't do it, just say "yes Chef," and go on. They'll figure it out as they watch you work, your co-workers (the good ones) will appreciate it, and you won't get a reputation as a whiner. Work tight and focused, and clean up behind yourself. Lend a hand, but don't be a wuss about it. If someone is in the weeds, help them out. If someone wants you to do their sh*t work so their time is freed up for something more interesting, just say 'nyet.' Unless they're the Chef. Give the dishwashers a little food every so often, and fill their water if you're getting yours.
  14. We learned very quickly that when someone described a restaurant to us as "a bit of Manhattan up in Westchester," we should avoid it.
  15. Not judging or complaining about the taste -- I just think some things should be left alone. Why do we need Oreo Cakesters? Why do they have to be Oreos? They even rolled out a "chocolate creme filling" type along with the standard white filling! At the same time! Now that irritates me a lot as well. Anyway, I got some today. Just like Hest88 said, they have a texture like Hostess cakes. Flavor: eh. Filling: more body than a Twinkie, but not Oreo filling. My kids won't touch them and Mr. FB sighs at little at what's been done to "his" brand. I'll leave them for the carpenters tomorrow, I think.
  16. Janeer, since I started my career at a food corp and Mr. FB has worked with or for them for 25 years, I've got a whole shelf of these types of book. They may not be the most creative or fun to use, but they make for great conversation pieces. Plus, they are tested until they beg the home economists to stop! Still, I'm a little embarrassed to have them.
  17. Oh, what a wonderful story -- foreign lands, daring and creative careers, food and romance! And food! Are we able to listen to your singing online?
  18. Put me in the Nielsen-Massey column, but when I need something fast, or that tastes good for the price, I buy Master's Choice at the local A&P.
  19. I don't know what bugs me most: that they've done this to a noble American brand, or that they named it Cakesters. Why would anyone buy one of these instead of a Drake's or Little Debby? What were they thinking? Has anyone eaten one? I'm torn between wanting to know what I'm griping about, and being worried that I might like it.
  20. Mr. FB and I wound up at Restaurant One in Irvington last weekend, and thought it was wonderful! It was one of those places we'll go back to again and again. Anyone else been? The riverfront area there is being developed and has a great view; you can see all the way down to the Chrysler building.
  21. When I need something, I generally stay away from celebrity-branded items because I don't trust how they're made. I have no reason for believing this. That said ... I absolutely love my Graham Kerr bash'n'chop.
  22. I have a Kitchen Aid Architect Series dishwasher, and I love it. We have a hidden control panel, which drives Mr. FB nuts because he can never tell if it's running or not, and invariably opens it during cycle. It's efficient and looks good, and I'm keeping it for the new kitchen -- we're simply having a stainless panel put on.
  23. *shrugs* eh, not much of a debate. ← I gotta agree with this. Considering what the thread title is, though, maybe you should start a new one: Food Miles Is undefined A Crock! Nika, I admire your passion and what you are doing.
  24. Thank you! I'm thrilled with the way it's coming together and honestly, the construction process hasn't been bad at all. KWYM about the brick wall -- the last kitchen I did required the hood blower to be mounted on a brick wall, and it was NOT fun getting there! I salaam to you (and Coquus) for doing so much on your own. Mr. FB and I did a minor remodel in our first house, 20something years ago, and decided to never do it again, and just stay married and on speaking terms! Seven houses later, and we stick to it. Should be in inspections next week, and drywalled soon after. The CE is getting very excited about the electrical work. So am I.
  25. Thanks, Coquus! Can you believe how long it took to get this started? Contractor Extraordinaire told me today that he thinks the kitchen should be in, completely, in early September. Then we have to shoot templates for the countertops (and since two of the sinks are integrated into the countertops ... sigh). Anyway, Thanksgiving will be Casa Fabby, and you're all invited! The hood is a Prestige Proline. 1200 CFM (or do I mean CPM? I'll check, but you know what I mean). Get this: the subflooring in this house wasn't glued down. Can you imagine?
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