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  1. Nonsense. ← Dirty trick? She's right. It's kept me from contributing more often than not.
  2. Have there been any cases of a blog or internet writer not attached to a print publication being sued for slander or libel?
  3. Anyone hear about that 5.2 earthquake in the Bay area the other day? They felt my Happy Dance all the way out to the Left Coast! Yes, the floors are redone and beautiful (though covered with paper to protect them), and my appliances are being installed. Fireslate countertops arrive tomorrow and will probably go in on Monday. Lookie! The range ... The Speed Oven and Coffee Center And as much of my Sub-Zero as I could get! Workers are still adjusting, and hopefully I'll have better photos soon. It took six men to bring in the BlueStar from the Garage (had to go outside and up a long hill, and around to the back of the house), and six to move the SZ from the foyer to its home. Yow! Woo hoo!
  4. I know SO many people who are doing just that, Genny -- they start out wanting to redo the kitchen and end up with a new house. (I will be removed from this house by court order, and not a second before! Seven is enough, don't you think?)
  5. What is it with the floors in our renos? We've been watching the stain dry for a whole week, but there's a big push on for getting things done next week. Or so I've been told. I feel like I've got my nose pressed up against everyone's kitchen windows. Whine! I also feel like a brat because there are a lot of people on the Left Coast who don't have homes to complain about. Thank goodness for this safe haven
  6. EEEK! Where is that "gouging my eyes out" emoticon? That's horrible! And you can't just return it, can you? Is it like driving a car off the lot, where it loses value immediately? Crap, that really stinks. Have you said anything to your KD yet?
  7. Update: After a couple of weeks of progress culminating in the staining/sealing of the floors, we were about ready to start with large appliance installation this week. Happy dancing? No! the last coat of sealant went onto the floors on Friday morning. Today, I took a little stroll through and found that the area under the island wasn't done, at all (the island is on legs). There's an 18" strip completely untouched. No biggie, I thought; they can fix it and since it's out of the traffic area, it won't hold things up. The stain on the floors looked great before the sealer was put on, but now it was looking like water damage -- thin in some spots and heavy in others, and very uneven. The verdict: A disaster, and a do-over. We hope it won't set us back too far. The frustration is that we were soooo close to putting the big stuff in. I was so looking forward to having photos of my range for you-all. Soon, I hope. Thanks for hanging in there with me!
  8. Cans of bread crumbs. Bags of bread cubes.
  9. thank you so much, Risi and Sam. My dream is to be able to spend more than a week somewhere; I'm already running out of time and I'm not even there yet! We have reservations at The Cliff but the rail is already booked
  10. I'm reading this thread again and want to be absolutely clear about something: Am I seeing that when guests are invited to dinner at your house, they tell you what they will/will not eat? When did an invitation to dinner at someone's home become a "have it your way" experience? To me, it's the ultimate in rudeness to expect someone to cook to your specifications when you are an invited guest. FWIW, I also don't get pissed off or offended when a guest doesn't, for example, eat their peas, or picks out the mushrooms from the salad. We don't have a clean plate club here at Casa de FoodBabe.
  11. Okay, I think I'm crazy and alone. I don't make special meals when I invite people over for dinner. I don't ask if there are any food aversions or allergies; I don't care much about the former (more for me) and as for the latter, it is up to them to tell me. If it's a group I know well, I already know who's deathly allergic to shellfish. If it's not a group I know well and they don't tell me, I'm sorry and we'll figure it out. If someone would like to sit and not eat, they are welcome to. I also don't get upset if someone doesn't drink the wine or alcohol I'm serving. Granted, I don't go out of my way to gross people out. If it's a group I don't know well, for example, I wouldn't make sweetbreads a part of the main course or even plated app.
  12. One of my friends got addicted to the Costco tapioca. She can't get it at her Costco (Ft. Lauderdale). Whenever she travels, she goes to the local Costco, and if they have it, brings a couple of tubs home in a cooler.
  13. Anyone else remember "The Anal-Retentive Chef" show on the old SNL? Oh, how I miss Phil Hartman. I can't stand to watch my FIL load a dishwasher. Drives me insane. Granted, the man is 75 now and only started "helping with the womens' work" a couple of years ago, but for god's sake, man! Mr. Foodbabe can't slice bread either, Chris Hennes. What's worse is him taking a serrated knife that needs one pass through a tomato, and sawing at it. AiyEEE!
  14. Sugar Pops became Corn Pops Sugar Smacks/Honey Smacks were always wheat. There has never been a sugar coated rice cereal ← Yes, and thank you -- I remember Quick Draw McGraw on the Sugar Smacks boxes (not his alter ego, El Kabong). Also, that frog that sang, "dig 'em.) Sugar Pops packages, I can't recall, except for the yellow. For a while you could buy Rice Krispies Treats Cereal. It was ... okay. I haven't seen it for a while.
  15. This is all very interesting to me -- I can recall P&G trying to market a "fruit and vegetable wash" product. Both times it either tanked or just didn't sell well enough for them to keep producing. Most recently Michel Nischan was in the ads. Fit was the name, I think, and it claimed to also brighten green vegetables. Lemon oil was an ingredient, which I guess would brighten the green. I've always used water with salt for vegetables and water with baking soda for fruits. When I feel like something is really dirty, I just put a few drops of Ivory dishwashing liquid in (the original stuff). Never tried Palmolive for anything but my nails
  16. Very interesting, hathor. I think at the highest levels, you can't. At the less skilled levels, you can. And not only from the extra testosterone boys sprinkle into the food.
  17. OMG, Lilja. The first time I saw Mr. FB attempt to make his own mojito, my head nearly exploded. I also can't stand to watch anyone use a knife. Anyone. MIL consistently grabs my best one and, index finger carefully guiding it, uses it to cut a sandwich ON THE COUNTERTOP. I am not going to make it through Thanksgiving this year.
  18. Along those lines, aren't Sugar Pops now Corn Pops? I loved Sugar Smacks. It was my first choice whenever we got the Variety-Pak of little cereal boxes. My little box-bowls always leaked, though.
  19. I've already told the booking agent that our cook will not work on Christmas Day (and maybe Eve), so I'll be cooking for us, and will keep your reply on hand. Traveling during the high season can be less relaxing than I'd like, but it's the only time the kids have, and they like being able to find lots to do and lots of people to do it with. Should be an interesting week. It doesn't seem like so long ago, that we traveled during quieter times because the boys (a) weren't in school yet, and (b) liked being with US more than anyone else. Not any more! Oh -- we will eat at The Cliff one night as well. Royal Pavilion, hm? We'll check it out.
  20. Thanks, Sam! The first question Google asked me is, "did you mean falernum?" Are the Bajan hot sauces anything like Marie's (Belize) hot sauces? I am addicted to the grapefruit.
  21. I still have 20-year-old Toroware stockpots and huge sautee pans that I got from a restaurant supply store in Stockton, CA. If your oven can hold half-sheets, they are usually cheaper and much sturdier than cookie sheets you can get at a department store. I also buy all metal spoons, wooden spoons, and other small utensils there. Besides being less expensive and wearing well, restaurant supply equipment also makes you look like a total pro.
  22. You must be in the middle of the teardown now. I can't wait to see yours unfold.
  23. Bekki, KWYM about the disruption. You have a youngish kid or two, don't you? My son has been entertaining at home a lot lately, which drives me nuts -- the house is ripped apart, dusty, and most everything is in boxes. Anyway, the break in installation is nice sometimes, isn't it; it's not the same as having the place back to yourself but at least it's a little calmer. Looking forward to more photos. What will your first meal be when it's all up and running?
  24. Yes they do think alike, don't they? I wish I could do pendant lights but that'll ruin the line, even thin little ones. My island is 4'x10', and will have a raised ledge on steel legs, on one long and one short side. We're hoping to seat six comfortably at it, but five will be fine. I'm going to look at your thread now.
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