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  1. Anyone else noticing a shortage? No limes at Costco for the past month, and I got a lemon in my pho. Any explinations out there? I haven't checked the grocery store lately to see the stocks there.
  2. Been a while since I've posted in this thread, has anyone else picked up Star of Bombay gin? I think it has a bitter note from the bergamot, was nice in a G&T, but not to my taste in a Martini. It seems to me that a lot of new style gins tend to the sweeter side, and this is quite different than those.
  3. Amazon Canada doesn't. I ordered a copy back in May and haven't recieved it yet.
  4. Ok so not exactly at the liquor store, but at the local Farmers Market. BC has started letting craft distillers sell at Farmers Markets. Most of the small distilleries products have been fairly good, I usually buy gin, not much of a vodka drinker, since craft distilling is only 2-3 years old in BC there isn't much aged product available yet. But, this weeks bottle was so bad. My husband smelled it and thinks it smells like lacquer thinner. I don't disagree. Couple sips in to G&T and a headache starts. Anyone else experienced terrible bottle? And how does it end up so bad? I don't understand distilling enough to know what went wrong.
  5. Got my hands on some Amontadiilo sherry and tried out the Flor De Jerez. Was quite lovely, even though i used Appleton 12 rather than the Reserve called for, it doesnt seem to be available locally. It's quite raisin-y.
  6. choux

    Oozing/Cracking Chocolates?

    The fruit puree is probably fermenting. Need to work on your recipe to reduce the water activity.
  7. choux

    Cocktail Books: The Topic

    Got 'Liquid Intelligence' for Christmas, I find it quite fascinating. Not really sure how much use I will get out of it just for home, but am enjoying reading it nonetheless. The subtle humour is fun, Daquiri instructions of 'blend,drink,repeat', and 'I associate a warm martini with sadness', made me laugh.
  8. Only somewhat related but can't think of anywhere else to ask: Looking at the website of a new local-ish distillery, for their gin cocktails they say to keep the gin in the freezer so you don't need to add ice. Recipe simply states to put ingredients into shaker, shake, strain and serve. No ice. Now i know I'm still new to cocktails, but I thought the water dilution was also considered an 'ingredient'. I am very disinclined to buy their products after reading this on their site.
  9. choux

    Drinks! 2014 (Part 2)

    Tried the Grey Lady this evening, a nice martini variation with a touch of floral from the Violette and Maraschino. I liked it very much.
  10. Really? Where would one look? I know you can't sell liquor on ebay so I had no idea what to do. I just thought it was amusing that my dad had kept so many mini bottles for so long. Also that my brother didn't drink it all in high school. I sent the six pack of mini crown royals with hubby to poker night.
  11. There was a receipt in the Disaranno box from 1985, $14.85. Grand Marnier has been opened, but should be ok, right? Canadian Club with a 1984 tax stamp, so only 30 years!
  12. Since i cant figure out how to do more pics in one post... Mini bottles, no stamps
  13. So my father is moving and found a bunch of bottles and thought he would bring them to me. I will post some pics for amusement. Tax stamp of 1974!