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  1. Mental note, when making baked beans, don't add any Calcium Chloride to it. It makes the beans seem uncooked even though they are soft inside. I read in the book that adding 1g of CaCl2 per 100g of water will firm up beans and prevent them from splitting, so I decided to play around with it. It did indeed make a firm bean, not the texture you want in baked beans, but I can see it working in other applications.
  2. I haven't but that was next on my list. The only correction I see in their errata list is: On pages 3·323 and 6·160, the recipe for Pommes PontNeuf should call for 0.75 g of baking soda with a scaling of 0.15%.
  3. If you want to not make your own bars, it looks like you can order a 12" t304 grade stainless 1/2" square bar online for about 7 bucks a piece here
  4. Thanks for the reply. I can't believe how expensive little bars of aluminum are. After seeing the prices I went to Lowes and bought a 1" x 48" square aluminum tube and cut it down to four 11.5" pieces. Now I have caramel bars and they only cost me $20. Sure they might be hollow, but for the money I can't complain. I did the sane thing a few months ago. However I filled the tubes with sand and filled the ends with epoxy to give the bars some more weight. Works pretty well.
  5. Not sure if I am missing it or something, but on 2-425 in the puree table for onion puree it references page 2-426, but that only have two recipes on it, broccoli and hazelnut puree and creamed watercress. Not sure if it is supposed to reference something else or not.
  6. I have a few big drawers that I store sautee pans in that I have lined with Dri-Dek. It prevents the drawer from getting knicked up. I also have it lining my cabinets that I store glasses and mugs in.
  7. The former. Usually it is when you get a slew of orders, and it is just a clarification/update; e.g. (I will use bar speak :-) ) if a table orders a 2 manhattans and another table orders 1 manhattan, it would be I need 3 manhattans all day.
  8. Chris how did you find the salt level in your soup?
  9. I luckily can do most of my shopping at the Red Hook fairway, but I do have a Associated food market about 2 blocks away that is great to pick up odds and ends. I would never buy any of their meats, but they do have a good selection of mexican products, specifically dairy and produce.
  10. Yes, I did. The soup gave me about 5-6 dinner size potions and I think the garnish was the right amount for those if I recall. I actually had the first 2 bowls without any garnish.
  11. Somewhat odd article about the book, again from someone who hasn't seen the book except for other press clippings. What is odd is she claims she prefers "good old fashioned kitchen wisdom" and "Bringing science and systematic thinking to bear can ruin the fun." While it by no means is a negative article about the book, it is interesting because to me it seems all over the place, especially in this passage: She mentions 3 actions she knows that have a better result that if she did it another way, but doesn't seem to care why or how it is, or even it there is a better way. All for the purpose of it being romantic. Anyway, I will give her props for she did manage to get Rocky and Snooki mentioned in the same article
  12. Here is the salt gel pucks, going to grate these and use them on some grilled prime shell steaks tomorrow. /monthly_04_2011/post-22527-0-67172900-1302469065.gif' class='ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image'>
  13. The applications I've noticed it in are more related to emulsification/stabilization (e.g. the "bulletproof beurre blanc"). From johnder's link it looks like the protanal ester version would be best for those applications. "bulletproof beurre blanc" buy a thermomix LOL I think the idea is you can refrigerate it, freeze it, etc. then just heat it back up and you are ready to go (i.e. still have a nice emulsion). It looks similar to the reheatable brown butter hollandaise in the Ideas in food book. (Which I made the other day, worked really well. However, I would leave the lime pickle out of it next time, it kind of overtook the flavors a bit)
  14. I found these today No idea how much they are though, looks like you need to call.
  15. You can request a sample of PGA from FMC Biopolymer. They have information on their product here There are two types depending on application, either Protanal or Protonal Ester, differences here.
  16. Thanks! Forgot to search for the generics, duh.
  17. Has anyone found a source to buy Kelcogels yet? I am almost out of my sample.
  18. The higher end PolySci chamber sealers come with a built in HACCP label printers on them. The labels from my experience would stay on for a few hours, but the longer cooking processes >48 hrs, they would start to come off. At least on the version I have used.
  19. I have a couple of smaller recipes in process now: Salt Gel (5-9) Alsatian Mustard (5-35) Will report back with pics in a bit on them.
  20. I just used straight carrot juice. I also just used straight unsalted plurga butter as I couldn't make the carrot butter either. I was a bit worried about the liquid level in the pressure cooker but a ridiculous amount of liquid came out from the carrots. You start with 80gr of butter. I weighed the liquid after pressure cooking and I had almost 140gr of liquid post 50 minute cooking. Carrots before cooking: /monthly_04_2011/post-22527-0-12219400-1302372608.gif' class='ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image'>/monthly_04_2011/post-22527-0-17554200-1302372613.gif' class='ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image'>
  21. I am actually making this soup now. Unfortunately my centrifuge is out at the repair shop so I will not be centrifuging the juice needed for the second part of the recipe. I figured I would try the recipe without the CF juice first and then pay a visit to Dave Arnold at the FCI with my 645 gr of juice and have him spin it for me and try it again to see the difference.
  22. I have been looking through it for the last hour or so and I have to say I am pretty overwhelmed. Of course the first chapter I opened was the infusion and juicing one and I fell down a rabbit hole after that. At this point I was looking to find something to maybe quickly make for dinner from it, but I wouldn't even know how to start without getting distracted.
  23. Woo!!! Happy day! Although I will believe it when I see a tracking number. Shipping Soon Delivery Estimate: April 6, 2011 Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking Nathan Myhrvold, et al Sold by: Amazon.com, LLC
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