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  1. Personally speaking , i adore Scallops , foie gras and lamb on a menu , i could eat it until the cows come home. Critical couple have their likes...and dislikes and just report as they find each place.I dont know who they are , never met them but find myself drawn daily to their little blog to read their fantastic reports and look at their amazing photos. Big fans of Lenclume ? Absolutely , they were there last week and their reporting of the place was superb...as was the Elephant and also their photos.As for the war of words that followed on the Gidleigh post....well it made interesting readi
  2. Oh some of those comments made me smile , what a lot of bitches we all are. The series is well underway now ,still believe its a terrible theme this year , just not interesting at all.Seems like we are all recording it and fast forwarding through to any interesting pieces.Ive just been watching fridays programme to laugh at the pompous judges and to learn new words from Matthew fort that ive never heard before in all of my 48 years. I want to see top level chefs cooking at their best and i want to see what theyre capable of putting on a plate , if it looks good then ill be heading to their res
  3. I got some lovely Isle of man scallops straight off the boat last week.Paired them up with cauliflower four ways , some local porcini which i had dried from last year and had a look around the hedgerow.I managed to get some Broom ( gorse bush ) flowers ( which dont have a lot of flavour until mid summer ) and i also got some young Hedge garlic , wood sorrel and field sorrel leaves which have just started coming through up in Cumbria.
  4. Doesn`t look that way Harters , he loves it up here in the lakes.He always said he wouldn`t leave the flagship so fingers crossed eh ? plus he`s got the kitchen gardens and Rogans bistro to keep in order as well.I would guess Simon will be putting in lots of rail and motorway miles commuting between the two places....it`s only 300 miles, that`s `nowt` to us northern folk. Mark Birchall is well capable as head chef in Lenclume anyway so it`ll always be in tip top hands in Simons absence.
  5. Looking like it`s all systems go for Simon Rogans new `pop up` in Marylebone , London. Word on the street`s getting through slowly but seems like "Roganics" head chef to be - `Ben Spalding` is now on a familiarity exercise with Rogans cuisine up at Lenclume in Cartmel. Seems like Ben couldn`t come from better stables , Per Se , Rhodes in the city , Fat Duck , Le Manoir , Ramsay , L`autre pied and Lipp in Gothenbourg ...and now Lenclume....WOW. Opening dates seem likely to be around early May which has created quite a buzz in the Twittering and foodie communities. I`ll post more info as i find
  6. You should watch him on Cookery school then.....just plain irritating and downright rude , speaking to adults like they`re kids...thumbs down from me....He`s gone right down in my book. And same to the new series of GBM....Street party ???? Pah....Watched the first week and that`s my lot.
  7. There are a number of choices on the various menus available in 7 Park place restaurant. Basically it`s one of those menus that`s impossible to pick from and just reads so well from start to finish.Foie gras, scallops , crab , langoustines , truffle , sea bass , turbot , foie gras , foie gras, stuffed oxtail , truffles….and more foie gras…Totally fantastic, where do i start ?. Firstly there`s the lunch menu , no scrimping on luxury here , it`s a 2/2/2 choice menu at £29.50 and starring ingredients like Fillet of veal , Monkfish , Foie gras parfait and fresh crab. Then there`s the serious food
  8. Oh and just for the Camera info - Just to be a bit discreet i bought a Panasonic Lumix LX5 for a carry around.Its lots lighter than my Canon Cannon that weighs half a ton with the lens on. The Lumix came out tops on almost every review website i looked on.Some rated it as the best compact ever made and scored it 10/10.Basically this camera is a "re badged Leica" , its got the Leica Summicron lens and apparently matches the £600 leica in photo quality.I managed to get it for £299 on amazon, it was £280 a week later....bargain of the century. A fantastic camera all around and very highly recomme
  9. Erm....Hummmmm.....what can i say ? Well ...We started off a little early so ended up with a couple ( as in 2 ) of Mojitos in the piano bar (£36)we went for the Truffle menu ( house recommended )£180 plus select wine flight at £95....The wines were wonderful . 2 champagnes ,2 whites ,2 reds and 1 dessert. Im not going to bitch too much about the menu , it was very enjoyable to eat.The truffle was 100% undetectable in aroma and taste on every course...until we came to the cheese.It was explained to us that this is because the Truffles are at their best in december and january but now in March t
  10. Thanks Malo , they just managed to squeeze me in for dinner on friday , ill bear the discount in mind next time....would think itll make quite a difference to the bill. cheers
  11. North West Lisa Allen - Northcote, Lancashire Jason Birkbeck - The Samling Hotel, Windermere Johnnie Mountain - Mosaica, London South East Tom Kerridge - Hand & Flowers, Marlow Tom Aikens - Restaurant Tom Aikens, London Phil Thompson - Auberge du Lac, Hertfordshire North East Tim Bilton - The Butcher's Arms, Hepworth Andrew Pern - The Star Inn, Harome Stephanie Moon - consultant chef Ireland Chris Bell - The Longridge Restaurant, Preston Contestant No2: TBC Contestant No3: TBC South West Andre Garrett - Galvin at Windows, London Paul Ainsworth - Number 6 Restaurant, Padstow John Hooker - B
  12. Got a table booked for 25th march for dinner at Ducasse.Quite a few menu options ive noticed.Ive been asked if i would be interested in the "Menu D hiver" and to experience the subtle flavour of the Tuber Melansporum ( £180 )and the wine flight to match (£ 95 ).Theres also the "Tasting" menu to consider.( £115 ) and the a la carte ( £95 x 4 courses )...choices choices choices. Any pointers , tips or anyone had the truffle menu ? would appreciate some feedback. Thanks. Oh and William Drabble at St James next day for lunch. Camera batteries fully charged n raring to go...Pics to follow.
  13. Ahhh , the BBQ pork cheek has somehow gone to the top of my pics ....and i dont know how to get it back into place....soz. The back to front Risotto , was really good , the squid was chopped finely and incorporated into the creamy base, which on first impression looked like the rice...but wasnt.The roasted squid consomme was then poured into the dish....Now that was an amazing flavour and finished the dish perfectly.Was a great night and the thing that really impressed me was the matching drinks...white , red and dessert wines , beers , cider and fresh veg juices.
  14. Fantastic 15 course dinner at Lenclume , Cartmel ,Cumbria hosted by the Good food guide team.Simon Rogan and Guest chef Jason Atherton. ( Champagne Billecart salmon Brut nv ) Pickled ‘Purple Azur’ with fresh curds, Rocket and hazelnut (Carrot juice and fennel seed ) Smoked Fowey oyster and chicken royale With cabbage pesto (Semillon 2007 vasse felix ,Margaret river , Australia ) Salt and vinegar crispy rice, cod ‘yolk’, watercress, Cream of egg and garlic (Sauvignon blanc , Gewurstraminer viognier 2008) Cornish crab, various radishes, Brown bread ice cream (Reisling grand cru kitterie 2005 , A
  15. My manager went to Edinburgh last weekend , dined at The Witchery , Kitchin , Martin Wishart and the Plumed Horse. He said that Martin Wishart was by far the best meal he`s eaten in a long long time.I must try it next time im there.
  16. I`ll echo Harters "bought the t shirt " comment.Nice meal but been there n done it. Just to throw the cat amongst the pigeons ,My manager turned up on the doorstep last week and got straight in for lunch , done the same at "Dinner" last sunday lunchtime. The fact that he`s 6 foot 5" , 22 stone and dressed in Kilt and full Scottish regalia either impressed them or put the S***s up them.
  17. Pick the date you would like to eat at the Fat duck Phone them up 2 months prior to that date…Exactly 2 months prior , not even a day before because theyll just tell you “sorry sir , 2 months isnt until tomorrow” Phone them up at precisely 10am…. Not at 9.45 , Not at 9.50 or even 9.55 , you`ll just get the answering machine telling you to phone at 10am. So phone at 10….on the dot , you will then find that its engaged….Hang up and redial…..then redial again……and again……and again……Carry on doing this until you get a ringing tone ( in my case this was 45 minutes ) WOW….I`m through…..To Alice in W
  18. Lunch last friday at Northcote, Lisa Allen at the stove.Was very enjoyable and fantastic value at £25 for 5 courses with a good choice.Must return for the tasting menu next time. We had 1, Dips in the lounge 2, Goats cheese / Beetroot salad and Treacle salmon with morecambe bay shrimps. 3, Roasted Mackerel / Beetroot and Wild wood pigeon , wild mushrooms , fondant potato 4, Manchester tart with coconut ice cream and Pineapple roasted , macerated and Eccles cake ice cream 5, Coffee and Eccles cakes.
  19. I got the 7D with a 50mm 1.4 but was horrified with my first batch of pics...All blurred due to the tiny depth of field. So i then got a 17-70 macro...perfect for the food pics, I`ve just got to learn how to use the bleedin camera now.Still having trouble with focus issues. Check my Northcote pics , slowly getting the hang of it....very slowly. As for the bulk...its huge and sounds like a gun going off, certainly not discreet. Gourmettraveller blog pics are good , she uses a Leica d lux2 , theyre small , decent quality and about £300.
  20. A very attractive £75 for the 12 courses ;-)
  21. Had a wonderful dinner at Le champignon sauvage , well worth the long journey from Cumbria to Cheltenham.We ended up being fortunate enough to be "cooked for" by David which really got us both excited.Menus were handed back to the staff and we were left in the hands of the kitchen team to do what they do best. All in all it ended up at 12 courses and we were both struggling badly as we waited for coffee....and petits fours....all 10 of them.I forced myself with all my energy to clean them all up but failed on the fifth.I ended up with the little golden box and packed my treats into it to finis
  22. Ill post my own review after Thursday nights trip.A five hour drive to get there isnt too appealing but the forum reports and other diners pics and blogs make it a trip that im very much looking forward to. As for the bright lights....For me thats just what the doctor ordered , perfect for quality pics....i really can`t wait.
  23. Ill always remember up at Michaels Nook in Grasmere, I was watching Billy crumbling Foie gras in his fingers up and whisking it into a cream sauce.Then to make it even richer he threw in a handful of the worlds tiniest Morels, stirred it all up and then gave me a spoonful to taste......i died and went to heaven. St James is on my list for my next trip to London , ill be dropping a hint before i go to try and get this chicken dish on the menu when im there. Love the photos by the way.
  24. Treated myself to an early Spring lunch at Lenclume over the weekend.As always, Simon creating new and very interesting dishes using well sourced ingredients from around the Cumbrian area. Black pudding and Roasted Leek in bread . Salt and vinegar crispy rice , cod yolk , watercress and cream of egg and garlic Potted Char , radish , fresh cream , dill and Rye toast. Artichoke flesh and skin , Crosnes , fresh goats cheese and tarragon oil. Lemon sole and chicken skin , smoked yolk , coastal herbs , pink fir and clam juices. Grilled sea kale and golden beetroot , wild flower honey and salte
  25. Pics were taken during Sunday lunch yesterday. A very enjoyable bargain 7 courses..Appetiser , Starter , fish , sorbet , Main , pudding , coffee n treats for a very respectable £45.00. Our appetiser was a mini Shepherds pie.Minced lamb topped with creamy mash. Starter of Seared scallops on Thyme and fondant potato , Roasted shallot puree and Noilly prat and Lemon sauce. Salad of Smoked Duck breast , Spiced poached pear , Cashel blue cheese , Walnut dressing. One of Chef Mark Teasdales signature dishes , Dressed crab , Tortellini of Lobster , Caramelised scallop and Scallop veloute Roasted B
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