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  1. David , please post Hillbark menu links on here if you can as i forgot to get them when i was there.They`ll probably be on the website when its up and running anyways. Im sure Aiden is cooking at Hillbark monday - friday then back at Church green on the weekends.
  2. Here`s the photos from last friday at Hillbark , an amazing experience in food and hope to return very soon....and if this food doesnt please then theres something going sadly wrong.
  3. On Thursday i ate at the Fat duck in Bray On Friday i ate at Aiden Byrne , Hillbark It was hands down better than the fat duck and one of the best meals ive eaten in my life, 9 courses of Pure unadulterated luxury. Pics of the full meal to follow this week....Here`s a taster
  4. Have posted the link up in another couple of London threads so please excuse if im repeating myself again. http://www.flickr.com/photos/24726943@N06/sets/72157624597463977/detail/ Had lunch yesterday , 3 course set at £29.50 with an appetiser and pre dessert thrown in. All in all the food was good value.....However , 2 "very small" glasses of fresh orange horrendously priced at £10 somewhat rocked the boat a little.
  5. Pied a Terre lunch at £29.50 for the 3 courses plus 2 freebie courses thrown in. Check pics out here - http://www.flickr.com/photos/24726943@N06/sets/72157624597463977/detail/
  6. Had Lunch at Pied a Terre yesterday , £29.50 for 5 courses so good value....plus £14 for an a la carte pudding.Enjoyable food but was really peed off having to pay an unbelievable £10 for 2 "small" glasses of fresh orange. Check out the pics. http://www.flickr.com/photos/24726943@N06/sets/72157624597463977/detail/
  7. Lenclume last week Pied a terre tomorrow Fat duck next thursday Aiden Byrne next friday ... Im a very happy chappie.
  8. There`s 4 menus saladfingers Menu 1 - 15 course vegetarian = £80 Menu 2 - 15 course meat and fish = £80 Menu 3 - 8 course mixture of the above , not sure how much this is but ill guess at £55 - 60 and the lunch menu priced at £25
  9. If Aidens food looks as good as it does in his cookbook and GBM then ill be a very happy guy.The menus sound fab so after i do the double next week ( Hillbark and church green )Ill let you all know how it tasted and went.Cheers
  10. Im doing Pied a terre on friday for the set lunch , ill report back with photos next week.
  11. Hipping hall looks great , its on my "to do list" Gilpin lodge , my parents ate there last week , great food , chef from the Roux stables Sharrow bay , my manager eat there last sunday , classic food in classic location , never really changes there. Samling , Holbeck ghyll and Linthwaite house ( Roux chef ) all worth a try. Lenclume for something special Jerichos in windermere All the above , well worth a try out , all michelin 2010. cheers Sped
  12. And no sooner said Harters.... ha ha , im holding you to it now mate. Booked today for 5th november....wow theyre sooooo busy there. Would appreciate a password if possible so i can suss out this 18 courses. Oh and if you read this marc , itll be well dark by november so please make sure you stick me near a light...Need to take decent pics to stare at when i get home again....Saddo ;-) Cheers Sped
  13. Thanks for that "prawn" , my camera isnt anything flash and most of the pics are with a little casio compact , i crop and adjust brightness/contrast on photoshop and not much more to em than that really.Oh and i usually get a nice window seat so i can use available natural light if i can.I guess im very lucky because Cartmel is only an hours drive for me , perfect for a quick fix whan i need one.Ok so heres my fave 3 courses and funnily enough...All veggie Aaaaarrrhghhhhhhh ( must be old age) Roast Herloom tomatoes , our sheeps milk ricotta, garlic mayo and borage flowers ....Simplicity its
  14. Nice to see he`s going for it , good luck to the lad. Im gonna give it a whirl on the 20th so ill have my trusty camera at the ready and post the link to the pics on here. Anyone managing to get a copy of the menu then please post it so we can all get to see whats going on there.Ive searched on the net but found nothing yet. Cheers Sped.
  15. WOW WOW WOW , The place looks perfect for me...and the menus are right up my street.To be honest , ive never heard of the place until tonight , a bit like lenclume in cartmel...tucked out of the way.The menu sounds very exciting and the chef Marc....well its nice to see he`s having a go at the food i like to eat...food i cant do at home. I done 30 courses at lenclume on friday My link so im definitely gonna add Fraiche to my list of places to go.....and very soon too. Keep up the good work Marc and hope to get down asap. Alan
  16. Well i took the challenge and made it through unscathed... 15 course veggie lunch followed 4 hours later by the 15 course meat and fish...The 2 new menus that started this weekend at Lenclume. Here`s the link to my photos of the food on flickr , was a really enjoyable treat while the kids were away on holiday. My linkhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/24726943@N06/sets/72157624628686330/ and while im on here i may as well share the new menus. Menu 1 - Vegetarian Burnt cream of english wood mushrooms , spring lisbon , caraway and leek shoot Roast heirloom tomatoes , our sheeps milk ricotta , garli
  17. Special day for me tomorrow.....and a definite Man v Food day....Birthday challenge to try both the new menus at Lenclume. 15 course Meat and fish based menu for lunch....Then... 15 course Vegetarian menu for dinner....WOW , a 30 course treat and a half....With a long walk in between. Camera at the ready as always and pics to follow
  18. Here`s lunch from last week , Lenclume , 11 courses.....click the link.... My link
  19. "When El Bulli closes for two years in 2012, L'Enclume will be the world's best restaurant". WOW What a quote...I would reckon Mr Rogan will be wearing Britains biggest smile after reading this. http://www.time.com/time/travel/article/0,31542,1983771,00.html
  20. After almost a year away , i had the pleasure of dining at L`enclume on friday evening....backed up by my reliable camera. So here`s the pics from beginning to end. http://www.facebook.com/ext/share.php?sid=...&u=Ghc50&ref=mf Loved every bit of the experience.
  21. Here`s the new Winter menu for those wishing to add a bit of excitement to their christmas. The Gourmand Return of the slate, flavours on a whim, take it as you want Pea and cassia cream, almond froth jabugo on toast Glazed pork cheeks as seen previously but in a new way Foie gras, cubism to realism, lemon cake star anise and verjus reduction Razor roll reversal, multi coloured organic egg Sqaub breast less than 60 . blackcurrant and Darjeeling Beetroot juice, oyster virtually extra, white balsamic and reblochon Diver-caught sea scallop, buckwheat and bacon flavour, hot violet mayonnaise Fri
  22. Latest news from Lenclume. Fantastic new interactive website to play with has just gone online.All the latest menus are on there and also a couple of pics of the food too. For those ( like myself) wishing to pick up some of chefs secrets there`s a new cookery school opened up at Bluebell house in Cartmel village. Jean christophe Novelli flew over from Ireland for the grand opening a couple of weeks ago.I was one of the lucky ones that attended and managed to get a quick chat with chef Rogan , and he`s going to be demonstrating some of his fantastic creations at the school. At £ 279 for a two d
  23. Hey , it`s been really quiet here of late .Anyway ,here`s the latest 20 course Gourmand menu from L`enclume to get your tastebuds going. Five contrasts, ‘Right end of the stick’ * Chilled agastache soup, Jerusalem artichoke, crunchy cumin * Warm glazed pig cheeks, shallot and sweetcorn, love parsley squirt * Cubism in foie gras, two cold, one hot, cantaloupe, fragrant myrrh, almond cake * Half soft and scrambled eggs,grenouilles, hyssop, cabbage cream * Crab praline tart, borage tzatziki, green mango, Summer purslane * Cepes polenta french fries, arugula cocktail * Gingerbread croquant,
  24. Eggs Benedict , who mentioned eggs benedict again ?must be a new addition to the 3 course breakfast menu, I`ll look forward to that next time I stay the night. As for the new menu that you all seem to be looking forward to , I`ll hopefully have wind of a few of the new additions soon.You`ll all be the first to know of course. My good lady wife had the pleasure of the l`enclume 8 course lunch yesterday and kept me up to date with text messages of each fantastic course whilst I enjoyed the wonderful food in the Sellafield works canteen
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