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  1. I finally managed to get to Restaurant Sat Bains a couple of weeks ago.Beautiful rooms , Lovely meal ,enjoyable wines and an all round good night out.Full meal write up is on my Cumbriafoodie blog but heres the Menu that we had on the evening along with a pic from each course. horseradish panna cotta, smoked bread, nettle puree, and a gastrique jus. Duck egg cooked at 62 deg with peas, pea sorbet and Bellota ham Scallops roasted , with chicory, coriander, seasame seeds, pumpkin seeds, shallots, textures of Squash and pumpkin oil. 'Allium', an aromatic bowl of caramelised shallots, a French o
  2. Well another cracking meal at the Berkeley last week.This time it was an Autumnal tasting menu with whatever the market had on offer at that time.As you can see , it was a mini feast with pushing on 15 assorted wines.The food was up there with the best...as you can see. The wine was entertainment and an education in itself.The service is the best i have ever received...Anywhere...ever.The team have cracked the art of service and honed it off to a fine art.....i was treated like royalty as was everyone else in there. Full story on my blog but in the meantime...feast your eyes on my meal. Pig ,
  3. Had a fantastic meal at the Ledbury last week.Was definitely a menu for the guys....full of Game and white truffles , rich , classic , meaty goodness...have a wee look. Amuse Bouche of Foie Gras parfait with Quince. Chantilly of Colchester Oysters with a tartare of Oyster , Horseradish and Dill. Flame grilled Mackerel with smoked Eel , Celtic mustard and Shiso. Native Lobster with Broccoli stem , Natural yoghurt and Indian spices in Brown Butter. Hampshire Buffalo milk curd with Saint Nectaire , White truffle toasts and a broth of grilled Onions. Roast Scallop with Pumpkin , Clementine and Gin
  4. I like the good food guide for reference and ive also bought the AA guide this year....at seven quid on amazon its handy to keep nearby. As for the Michelin guide..........Would anyone actually pay for that load of twaddle ?
  5. I`m hearing very good things about this place.A friend of mine went last month and is still raving about the place.Loving those photos Mr Goodfellow , definitely getting better.Hey...how good does that Seabass dish look ? Amazing. Cheers
  6. Was the annual Michelin results last week and it seemed that all the Lenclume fans were totally pissed off that the team never got that second star.I decided to head there for a nice lunch , its only an hours drive away for me.The lunch was meant to be a light one but ended up as a 17 course feast....with lots of bread.As always , fantastic and cant wait to go back again when they change the menu in the next couple of weeks. Here`s the pics from my meal there , Enjoy. DUCK SCRATCHINGS AVOCADO AND STICHLETON BISCUIT BEETROOT AND MOZZARELLA , CUCUMBER AND DILL COD "YOLKS" AND WILD WATERCRESS
  7. Unbelievable , the Lenclume team...and fans must be banging their heads against the walls in shock....Something very suspect going on inside Michelin HQ.I`ll be eating at Lenclume tomorrow and know only too well that it certainly lives up to its placing of Number 2 in the UK....Thanks to the Good food guide.
  8. Oh dear....you`re all correct , he resigned and is working with his wife Sandia at the Keller pop up in Harrods.I think its a case of "watch this space" , he`s really excited about the next phase after Keller.....should be something to look forward to. Would be nice if Keller has now seen the huge potential in opening a London restaurant and James took the reins there....we will all wait with baited breath for any news.
  9. Ive Twittered him Gary so i`ll let you know when he gets back to me....not good news....but there again where`s he heading to ? somethings tempted him away from MW.
  10. You gotta be joking ,,,,,,,Im booked in again for the 19th November ;-(
  11. PICS......PICS.......PICS.....I WANNA SEE PICS....This is torture , cmon bloggers do your stuff.
  12. Cant believe its sooooooo quiet on this French laundry thing....From reading the foodie blogs etc it really doesnt seem like there`s a lot of interest and judging by the price i really can`t blame people. Personally for me it would be a Simon Rogan at Lenclume / Roganic or a James knappett at the Berkeley occasion instead.Pay the extra on top of the tasting menu and get a few extra courses thrown in...Fantastic.
  13. Here`s the pics from my August 18th visit to The Ledbury. I won`t go into elaborate descriptions as it`s all been written already on here....and i agree, it`s bloody fantastic food....Nuff said , heres the pics.( oh and the full report is on my Cumbriafoodie blog )and the full set of pics on flickr. Apologies for not knowing the names two of the courses ( Amuse and pre dessert )...too much vino. Amuse of Foie Gras tartlet with gooseberry puree and gingerbread crumb Amuse Bouche 2 Salad of Heritage Tomatoes with Goats cheese with dried Olives and Herbs. Flame grilled Mackerel with Celtic Mu
  14. Possible a relation of the Cotswold "White" chicken ha ha.Well spotted Margaret.
  15. Ok...so quite a few of you emailed me and recommended Galvin @ windows , how could i not try it after seeing those pics and visiting their website , the place looked awesome.Unfortunately Andre Garrett was away on holiday but the guys in the kitchen done him proud.All round thumbs up for the food , wonderful service , great Sommelier and the general relaxed atmosphere.Didnt get to meet Fred Siriex either so next time maybe.Ive written the full report up on my blog so wont parp on anymore. Here`s some of the pics from the Summer tasting menu.The rest are on the blog and my flickr page. Amuse bo
  16. Sounds like a big success MaLO ,it really is a treat isnt it ?. I was a bit tormented over this Keller at Harrods pop up at £250...without wine and service.After eating that meal at The Berkeley ive decided my money would be better spent going back there for another beautiful meal. The service was fab , they all seemed so bloody happy...why can`t i be like that at work ? Thanks for the nice report.
  17. Was a birthday treat prawn , Tasting menu with a "couple" of extras thrown in....Im eternally grateful for the wonderful experience. Was a tad warm in my " Anorak " though
  18. James Knappett was going to be cooking my dinner at the Berkeley , Marcus Wareing was elsewhere so James was leading the kitchen brigade as the head chef.James has an amazing pedigree and when i read the impressive list of restaurants that he`s worked in i was really excited at the thought of what he would be cooking for us.Thomas Kellers "Per Se" in New york , Gordon Ramsay , Rick Stein and 2 years in the kitchens of the `worlds Number one` restaurant - Noma in Copenhagen...WOW , i was wondering what James was capable of whilst in charge of the Berkeleys kitchen team. I had already been stu
  19. David.... i was lucky , the chicken with red leaves was replaced by Grouse with red leaves....Ohhhhhh dear , it was one of those memorable moments and down as one of my top 3 main courses of all time.I got my number one best main the following night off Mr James Knappett@Marcus wareing. All in all the Ledbury was a very delightful experience , Four stand out dishes , Heirloom tomatoes / The truffle toasts / The grouse / and the brown sugar tart....Amazing. Ill post my pics up on here in the next week or so once i get through them all.
  20. Simon Rogan at Lenclume , surely has to get 2 stars this time around. Seems like Sat bains is along similar lines and worthy of 2 stars. Marcus Wareing...after my 22 course meal there this weekend is 100% a Michelin 3 star restaurant , best meal in a long long time. Ducasse....downgrade to 2 stars.
  21. WOW , food looks amazing, i cant wait until Thursday ive already started the countdown.Cant decide what to eat so ill probably go for the tasting menu with wine flight.Do you always get that assortment of desserts ? My fave part of the meal. So my 4 day trip to London kicks off with Ledbury , followed by the tasting at Marcus wareing and tasting at Galvin @windows.Saturday evening still left spare for a last minute "walk in" .....possibly Hestons "Dinner". Camera battery was charged up last night....Raring to go. Pics from my last London trip are all up on my blog now with reports. Cheers.
  22. Congratulations to Simon Rogan and the whole team at Lenclume in Cartmel - 9/10 and Number 2 in the 2012 edition of the Good food guide....Heads down now for a 10. Well done guys.
  23. Sous vide them ??? Kind words cheekymunkey....My thoughts are a tad stronger than that.I`ll be there next thursday for my tastimg menu "whatever the weather"....I`ll go down fighting with the kitchen brigade, no hiding in wine cellars when it comes to handing rings , phones and wallets over to that pile of shit.
  24. WOW , Opportunity of a lifetime here , but as for the price...Whoaaa scary , but surely im thinking that this must be inclusive of matching wines. The reason behind my thoughts is that the Tasting menu - the "Real deal" at Kellers temple in Yountville is put out at $270 dollars which equates to £165.48p....and that also includes service. So im thinking that the £250 price tag at Keller@Harrods must include the wine flight...and the service charge.Correct me if i`m wrong folks ;-) I`ll be on the phone to join the queue on booking day.
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